Modern Warfare Strategy Guide: Using The Riot Shield

Modern Warfare Strategy Guide: Using The Riot Shield
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Protecting Your Feet

Using the riot shield in Modern Warfare 2 isn’t as hard as people might think it is, but it also doesn’t make you invincible – so don’t depend on the riot shield entirely to protect you, while using it you also have to be aware of your surroundings, any nearby frequently used routes and enemy spawn points.

Using the riot shield properly means holding it properly. A lot of people complain that as they are crouched and charging towards someone with the shield that they are killed by being shot in the foot. To avoid this simply tilt your shield downwards to cover your feet as you charge someone, and ideally when you are using the shield in general, and remember crouching is key.

Avoiding Noob Tubes, Rockets and Grenades

A lot of players first reaction when they see a riot shie


ld is to throw a grenade, whip out their RPG or use their rocket launcher attachment. Avoiding these can simple if you know how. Having the blast shield on also increases your chances of survival immensely and is invaluable if you plan on taking on a lot of explosions.

Regular frag grenades are easy to avoid, just face them before they explode and protect yourself with the shield. Make sure you are facing the grenade directly though as your sides are vulnerable if you are turned even slightly.

Semtex can be a bit more difficult. If a Semtex sticks to the ground in front of you just face it and take the explosion as though it were a normal grenade. Avoid being stuck at all costs! This is much harder said than done though as the riot shield makes you a larger target therefore making it easier for enemies to stick a Semtex to you. If you get stuck there’s nothing you can do other than trying to take down the guy who stuck you either before the explosion or using it.

Noob Tubes and rocket launchers are tricky to counter at times, as in-game lag can mean that you could be lucky and take the rocket head-on and survive or be unlucky and die. Try not to be too close to the enemy. Back away and try to get the rocket to land in front of you so you can face the explosion with your shield. Be wary of RPGs as they are notoriously inaccurate – they can easily veer off and hit a completely unexpected target making them harder to defend against. If at all possible try to guess where it will go and face the explosion.

Sharp Compliment: Throwing Knife


A lot of people use the throwing knife with the riot shield. If you are using throwing knives you need to have Scavanger on so you can constantly resupply yourself. Using throwing knives can be difficult as potential targets tend to move very quickly in Modern Warfare 2’s online mode, which means you need to be throwing even quicker.

Using throwing knives also leaves you vulnerable as you obviously have to put the riot shield on your back when using them. If an enemy knows you are using throwing knives they will often wait until to switch to your knife so they can shoot you easily. To avoid this you need to be sneaky and try to kill your targets from behind, also make sure your not in a crowded place as another enemy may easily kill you as you switch to your knife.

Using the Tactical Knife

USP .45 tactical knife 6

I highly recommend using the tactical knife in place of throwing knives. The tactical knife can be unlocked for handguns and allows you to stab almost twice as fast as when you are using a regular knife.

Using the tactical knife with the riot shield is pretty straightforward, either take your target by surprise or stab your target as they attempt to reload – most people will empty a clip into a oncoming riot shield and then reload giving you an opportunity to strike. When you are using the tactical knife switch to your secondary weapon, stab and switch back as quickly as possible – often you will find that if you press the buttons in the correct order your character will follow through at a slightly slower pace, just try not to keep pressing buttons or you may not stab your enemy straight away and leave yourself open to attack.

A lot of people will try to counter a riot shield by strafing to the side and stabbing you, this is difficult to counter with a regular or throwing knife but if you are using the tactical knife you have the advantage of a faster stabbing motion and if you are quick enough you can usually take your opponent out before they stab you.

Using C4


C4 has become a very overlooked piece of equipment in Modern Warfare 2. This is unfortunate as it is extremely useful if you learn how to use it to your advantage with a riot shield.

When using C4 and a riot shield you will need to treat it as a primary weapon – Scavenger and Danger Close pro are crucial here.

The best way to use C4 with a riot shield is to use yourself as bait – most of the time if an enemy sees you they will follow you as a natural reaction, use this to your advantage by placing a C4 behind you and have the enemy walk over it. Never use the bumper or trigger button to detonate – always use the reload button to detonate by pressing it twice. If you use the bumper or trigger to detonate your character will switch the shield for the C4 detonator and leave you as an open target, using the reload button detonates the C4 behind the shield.

When baiting an enemy into a C4 trap be aware of your surrounding and pick your trap spot carefully – don’t find yourself backing into another enemy. If you have been continuously camping in one spot and baiting enemies you will need to change tactics after a few kills to avoid a group of enemies overrunning you.

Another helpful C4 tactic is to have an enemy empty a clip into you and then throw and detonate a C4 when they are reloading. Remember to detonate it as soon as you throw it so your target doesn’t have time to evade.


riot shield 02

Choosing the right load-out for your riot shield class is a matter of personal preference and playing style. Use the fact that most people expect you to try melee them with your shield to your advantage and surprise them with a tactical knife or C4. Use melee as a last resort as it does take two hits to kill a target.

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