Modern Warfare 2 Perks and Pro Perks Tactics Guide Marathon Pro Slight Of Hand

Modern Warfare 2 Perks and Pro Perks Tactics Guide Marathon Pro Slight Of Hand
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All About Perks

Modern Warfare 2 offers its online players the option of picking 3 Perks to use per class in its multiplayer mode. It also allows you to gain the addition of Pro Perks for each Perk. To get a Pro Perk you must complete Perk related challenges while playing online. The majority of the Pro Perk challenges are easy as they require you to just keep using the Perk but some of them can be difficult to achieve.

Picking the right perks to use depends on a few different factors: the weapon you’re using, how you play the game and how you intend to play the game. In order to make a good decision on which Perk to use it is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of each as well as what they do.


Marathon gives you the ability of unlimited sprinting. It is automatically unlocked. Marathon Pro allows you to climb ladders and get over objects faster, it is unlocked by running 26 miles.


  • Very useful for large maps if you want to sprint to the enemy spawn and surprise them.
  • Using Lightweight and an SMG can make you very mobile and if used effectively this can be great for objective based games.


  • When sprinting there is a lag when you pull up your gun to aim. This can make it very easy for an enemy to kill you if they have surprised you. Note: you can combat this lag by using the Lightweight Pro Perk.
  • If you are not using Marathon a lot getting the Marathon Pro Perk can be difficult.

Sleight Of Hand/Pro


Sleight of Hand allows you to reload weapons faster. It is unlocked automatically. Sleight of Hand Pro speeds up ADS (the time taken to aim down the sights) and is unlocked by getting 120 kills while using the Sleight of Hand Perk.


  • Faster reload times is great when used with most weapons but is is especially useful when used with an LMG e.g. The RPD and shotguns with longer reloading times e.g. The Striker.
  • The faster ADS that comes with Sleight of Hand Pro is perfect for snipers who like to quick-scope.
  • Using Sleight of Hand Pro with Lightweight Pro allows you to aim very quickly after sprinting.


  • Using Sleight of Hand with weapons that have small magazines e.g. SMGs and the SCAR-H can actually allow you to waste even more ammo than usual.



Scavenger allows you to replenish your loadout each time you pick up a blue scavenger pack. Scavenger is unlocked at level 13. Scavenger Pro allows you to spawn with full ammo for the weapon you are using and is unlocked by resupplying 100 times using scavenger.


  • Scavenger is very useful for anyone using claymores as you can pick up a second after you have planted a claymore. Note: You can only have two claymores active at once – putting down a third will cause one of your previous claymores to disappear.
  • It is also very useful for anyone using throwing knives as you can replenish your knives by running over a scavenger pack instead of having to search for your original knife and pick it back up.
  • Having scavenger on is a good idea if your chosen weapon doesn’t have much ammo anyway e.g. the SCAR-H.
  • If you are planning on ‘noob toobin’ (using the rocket launcher attachment or Thumper) having scavenger on is a good idea so you can have a constant supply of rockets.
  • Scavenger Pro is a very helpful perk for snipers who need a lot of ammo and can’t run around picking it up.
  • Scavenger is also helpful if you are using another perk instead of Stopping Power as you will be using more ammo.


  • If you are sniping and don’t have Scavenger Pro you will have to run into the battlefield to resupply.
  • Certain secondary weapons can only be resupplied when they are equipped e.g. The Javelin.



Bling allows you to have two attachments on your primary weapon at the same time. It is unlocked at level 21. Bling Pro is unlocked by getting 200 kills while using a weapon with Bling equipped. Bling Pro allows you to also have two attachments on your secondary weapon.


  • Bling is a very useful perk to have on a LMG as it allows you to have the all important grip attachment as well as an attachment of your choice.
  • Having two attachments on can significantly increase the rate of completing attachment challenges.


  • Certain secondary weapons do not have attachments e.g. Launchers so Bling Pro becomes useless.
  • Some attachments can not be equipped at the same time because they take up the same space on the gun e.g. the rocket launcher and masterkey shotgun.

One Man Army/Pro


One Man Army Allows you to change classes at any time during gameplay. It is unlocked at level 45. One Man Army Pro is unlocked by getting 120 while using One Man Army.


  • Using One Many Army Properly means that you can change you weapons and tactics at any time during a match in order to combat any new tactics the enemy team are using.
  • If you are using a class with claymores, C4 or the rocket launcher attachment you can keep resupplying yourself using One Man Army.
  • If you have two classes set up – one with claymores and one with C4 you can plant a claymore and then change to the C4 class and plant one at the claymore for a more effective explosion.
  • Switching classes is faster than reloading an LMG.


  • Without One Man Army Pro the class changing time is 5 seconds.
  • While changing classes you are extremely vulnerable as you cannot even fire a weapon.
  • Using One Man Army means you cannot have a secondary weapon.

Stopping Power/Pro


Stopping Power increases the bullet damage by about 40% (this means one less bullet per kill). It is unlocked at level 4. Stopping Power Pro is unlocked after getting 250 kills using Stopping Power. Stopping Power Pro increases bullet damage against enemy aircraft e.g. Harriers.


  • Needing one bullet less for each kill can make a huge difference for most guns.
  • Using Stopping Power with a silencer will cancel out the silencer’s negative impact on most weapons' damage stats.


  • Stopping power doesn’t have any effect in Hardcore games.



Lightweight allows players to move faster. It is unlocked automatically at the beginning of the game. Lightweight Pro allows players to shoot faster after running and is unlocked after running 30miles with Lightweight.


  • When coupled with Marathon the Lightweight Pro challenge is very easy to get.
  • Used with an LMG the difference in movement speed is very obvious.
  • Using Lightweight and Marathon with a SMG will give you ultimate speed and movement with can be very useful for objective-based games.


  • Whichever weapon you use should be quiet strong as Lightweight will replace the Stopping Power Perk.



Hardline allows you to gain a kill streak reward with one less kill. It is unlocked at level 9. Hardline Pro allows you to gain a Deathstreak with one less death and is unlocked after getting 40 Kill Streak Rewards using Hardline.


  • If all of your chosen kill streak rewards are on the higher end of the scale then Hardline could make it a little easier for you to get them.
  • Hardline can be very helpful in Search and Destroy where longer kill streaks are hard to come by.


  • Hardline replaces Stopping Power which can have a huge impact depending on which weapon you are using.

Cold Blooded/Pro


Cold Blooded makes you invisible to thermal optics and all kill streak rewards. It is unlocked at level 25. Cold Blooded Pro stops the red cross-hairs and name appearing on the enemies screen when they target you and is unlocked by destroying 40 enemy kill streak rewards while using Cold Blooded.


  • Cold Blooded is very useful for anti-air and stealth classes.
  • Cold Blooded is very important if you want to plant or defuse bombs stealthily.
  • For Snipers Cold Blooded Pro can be important, especially if you are hiding out of sight as the cross-hairs and name won’t give you away.


  • Cold Blooded takes the place of Stopping Power Pro which can be annoying if you;re not a naturally stealthy player.
  • On snow maps using Cold Blooded will make you show up as grey instead of glowing white which will actually make you more visible.
  • If you stand near a team-mate who doesn’t have cold-blooded on you can be killed or injured by enemy aircraft so you have to consciously stay away from team-mates.

Danger Close/ Pro


Danger Close increases explosive damage. It is unlocked at level 33. Danger Close Pro increases air support damage and is unlocked by getting 100 kills with explosives using Danger Close.


  • Danger Close increases explosive damage on Martyrdom also.
  • Using Danger Close and a stealth bomber on Rust is almost entirely sure to wipe out the entire opposing team.
  • Danger Close Pro has a great effect on the AC-130, Stealth Bomber and Harrier Strike kill streak rewards.
  • Using Danger Close and One Man Army to switch to a rocket launcher attachment class can be effective but is ensured to annoy the other team.


  • Takes the place of Stopping Power, although this shouldn’t be a problem if you are focusing on explosives.



Commando increases melee distance. Commando Pro is unlocked by getting 20 melee kills using Commando, this includes kills using the tactical knife or riot shield. Commando Pro allows you to fall from any distance without damage.


  • Using Commando Pro with Marathon on maps such as Quarry can allow you to manoeuvre yourself around the map much faster than your enemies.
  • Commando allows you to melee enemies through light cover and waist-high walls.


  • You can still be killed during a melee attack while using Commando.
  • If your target is moving fast the speed of your movement during a melee attack may cause you to miss them.



Scrambler jams the radar of any enemies near you and is unlocked at level 17. Scrambler Pro is unlocked by getting 50 close range kills while using Scrambler. Scrambler Pro increases the detonation time of enemy claymores allowing you to run past before they explode.


  • Having one player use Scrambler on a small map e.g. rust will cover nearly all the other players on the team making their movements invisible to enemies.
  • Using scrambler in multi-levelled buildings will confuse enemies as to which floor you are on.
  • Scrambler can be used to lure enemies into an ambush as most enemies will try to locate the position of a player using Scrambler based on the Radar.


  • If only one player is using Scrambler it can give away their position entirely making a stealth class useless.
  • Using Scrambler will often draw enemies to you directly.



Ninja makes its user invisible to heartbeat sensors. It is unlocked at level 29. Ninja pro makes its user’s footsteps silent and is unlocked by getting 50 close range kills while using Ninja.


  • Ninja is useful in games where players often use Heartbeat sensors e.g. Sabotage.
  • Ninja Pro is extremely important if you are using a Turtle Beach Headset as your own footsteps could potentially block out the sound of other players footsteps.
  • Using Ninja pro is also important if you know an enemy is using a Turtle Beach Headset as having your own footsteps silent will stop them from locating you by sound.
  • Using Ninja Pro, Cold Blooded and a silenced weapon will make you only visible by direct sight.
  • Having Ninja Pro on while sneaking up on a Sniper or a camping enemy will stop them from turning around at the sound of your footsteps.


  • Enemies using SitRep Pro can hear players using Ninja Pro slightly better.
  • The majority of players on Modern Warfare 2 have stopped using Heartbeat Sensors as they are more of a distraction than helpful, making Ninja unnecessary.



SitRep is unlocked at level 37 allows you to see enemy explosives and tactical insertions more easily. SitRep Pro makes enemy footsteps louder and friendly footsteps quieter and is unlocked by destroying 120 pieces of enemy equipment while using SitRep.


  • SitRep Pro is one of the most important perks you can use if you are using a Turtle Beach headset as it allows you to locate enemies even better.
  • SitRep is useful for locating enemies that are camping by locating any equipment they have nearby e.g. Claymores or tactical insertions.


  • Using Ninja Pro to locate enemies by sound can take some practice as the louder footsteps make enemies seem closer.
  • Actually getting SitRep Pro can be a nightmare as not a lot of players use equipment online.

Last Stand/Pro


Last Stand is unlocked at level 41 and allows player to survive a normal death by staying on the ground for a short time. Last Stand Pro is unlocked by getting 20 kills while on Last Stand. Last Stand Pro allows you to use equipment while in Last Stand.


  • Being able to crawl slowly means you can head for cover if you’re lucky.
  • If you’re feeling selfish you can use a grenade or flashbang to commit suicide so the player who injured you won’t get the kill.
  • Using Last Stand Pro to place some claymores nearby is a good way to protect yourself and get some kills.


  • Last Stand is not as desirable as Final Stand (a Death Streak) which allows you to use a primary weapon when down and to stand back up again after a certain period of time.
  • Most players are fast enough to kill you just as you drop to last stand.
  • If you are killed by a headshot, knife or explosion you will not drop to last stand.

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