Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Kill Streak Rewards Tips UAV Care Package Counter UAV

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Kill Streak Rewards Tips UAV Care Package Counter UAV
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Kill Streak Rewards

Modern Warfare 2 introduced a new kill streak reward system for its online multiplayer mode. You can unlock kill streak rewards at different levels as you rank up. Each time you reach a specific number of kills without dying you can use the kill streak rewards you have selected. Using the Hardline Perk means you need one less kill per kill streak. If you find it very difficult to achieve a kill streak Hardline might be a useful perk.

Using the kill streak rewards to your advantage can ultimately lead you to getting better scores and enjoying your online experience even more. There is no right or wrong kill streak rewards to choose – it depends on how you play the game. In order to make the best decision for yourself you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each kill streak reward and also whether or not you will be able to reach the required kill streak.

3 Kills - UAV

Sends out an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that will show

the enemies position on your radar for 30 seconds.


  • Shows enemy position.
  • Works on entire team’s radar so it is very important if you’re playing with a team.


  • Can be shot down very easily.
  • Enemies using the Cold-Blooded Perk won’t show up on the radar.

4 Kills - Care Package


Car Packages are air-dropped to wherever you place your marker (the red smoke).


  • Can drop any kill streak except Tactical Nuke, Emergency Airdrop or Care Packages.

Intentionally acquiring an air-drop for one of your friends and sharing it with them gives you bonus points


  • Kill Streak Rewards gotten from Car Packages do not count towards your kill streak.
  • Care Package positions show up on everyone’s radar so the enemy can steal them.
  • Care Package positions indicate your position to them enemy team.

4 Kills - Counter UAV


Scrambles enemy radar even if there is no UAV in operation.


  • Scrambles enemy radar so they are unaware of your position.
  • Enemy cannot see your position when directing an airstrike.
  • Will hide your position if you open fire without a silencer.


  • It becomes useless on smaller maps e.g. Rust where the radar is not being used much by the players.

5 Kills - Sentry Gun


Sentry Guns are airdropped to the position of your choice.


  • Can fire downwards so placing them on a high building etc. is a good idea.
  • Regular weapons don’t do much damage to them.


  • They can be stolen by enemy (or team-mates) when they are dropped.
  • Sentry Guns are disabled easily by a melee attack.
  • They don’t detect enemies using the Cold Blooded Perk and can be temporarily disabled using flashbang/stun grenade.
  • It will overheat if firing for too long.

5 Kills - Predator Missile


A remote controlled missile.


  • Use speed boost to fire missile quicker and surprise enemies.

  • Take down enemy helicopters and harriers using the Predator Missile.

  • Even if you are killed you can continue to control the missile.

  • The radius on the missile’s explosion is pretty good so you don’t need to hit the enemy directly.


  • Controlling the missile leaves you vulnerable on the ground.
  • Enemies using the Cole Blooded Perk don’t have a red box around them and are harder to spot.

6 Kills - Precision Airstrike


Controlled airstrike.


  • If you are fortunate enough to be able to place the airstrike near the enemy spawn you could be in for a multi-kill.


  • It seems pointless to use this when a harrier airstrike is only one kill more and has the added bonus of air support afterwards.

7 Kills - Harrier Strike


An airstrike with air-support from a harrier afterwards.


  • Harriers generally get a lot of kills.
  • They can also take down enemy helicopters.


  • The remaining harrier only stays in one area so its easy for the enemy to target and shoot down.

7 Kills - Attack Helicopter


Deploys an attack helicopter to shoot down enemies.


  • Circles the map so it targets more enemies and becomes a harder target to shoot down.


  • The Harrier Strike tends to get more kills.
  • Helicopter is easily destroyed with one missile.

8 Kills - Emergency Airdrop


Airdrops 4 care packages to the position of your choice.


  • At least one of the packages generally has a pretty good kill streak in it.


  • Emergency Airdrops tend to be less accurate than care packages so there is a higher chance they could be dropped off the map.
  • If you’re not fast enough someone will steal what they can.
  • The enemy team will swarm you as the drop gives away your position and also means the rest of your team will probably be there trying to steal from you.
  • Any kill streak rewards you get do not count towards your current kill streak.

9 Kills - Pave Low


Deploys a more heavily armoured attack helicopter with more fire power.


  • Pave Lows really pack a punch so they are almost sure to get you some kills.
  • It will set off a flare to knock off the first missile fired at it.
  • Circles the map to target the most enemies possible and become less of a target.


  • Other players generally try to shoot down Pave Lows as quickly as possible because they know how dangerous they are.

9 Kills - Stealth Bomber


Bombs the selected area.


  • You can control of the direction of the strike.
  • The area bombed id much larger.
  • Very effective on smaller maps.
  • Doesn’t show up on enemy radar.


  • Not very effective on very large maps.

11 Kills - Chopper Gunner


Become the gunner of an attack helicopter.


  • Sets off a flare to knock-off the first missile launched at it.
  • Change guns for more effective targeting without having to reload.
  • Take down any enemy helicopters and harriers.
  • Even if you die you can still use the kill streak.


  • Enemies using the Cold Blooded Perk don’t have a red box around them.
  • Using Chopper Gunner leaves you vulnerable on the ground.
  • Enemies will tend to stay indoors if possible which can leave you with no targets on a map with a lot of buildings.

11 Kills - AC 130


Become the gunner of an AC130.


  • Sets off a flare to knock off the first two missiles fired at it.
  • Take down enemy helicopters and harriers.
  • If you die on the ground you can continue using the AC 130.


  • Enemies using the Cold Blooded Perk won’t have a red box around them.
  • Using the reward leaves you vulnerable on the ground.
  • Enemies will usually try to hide indoors do you can’t kill them making it an ineffective choice for maps with a lot of cover.

15 Kills - EMP


Deploys an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily disables enemy electronics.


  • Removes HUD, electronic sights (e.g. red dot, holographic and thermal) heartbeat sensors and sentry guns.
  • Stops enemies from using any new kill streaks while EMP is active.
  • Any active enemy aircraft will drop out of the air.

25 Kills - Tactical Nuke


Nuclear Strike that kills all player and ends the match.

Beware: if the host leaves during the time the nuke is being deployed it may cancel the nuke out – there is no nuke and the game continues as normal.

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