Secondary Weapons in Modern Warfare 2: A Guide to Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Handguns & Launchers

Secondary Weapons in Modern Warfare 2: A Guide to Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Handguns & Launchers
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Machine Pistols

Machine Pistols are not used a regularly in Modern Warfare 2 as they were in Call of Duty 4. In my opinion many people are swapping them for rocket launchers because of how much easier it is to take down enemy aircraft in Modern Warfare 2. Machine pistols will suit you if you plan on being close to the enemy and need something powerful. They also offer high mobility stats if you are looking to make a quick getaway.


The PP2000 is a strong gun with great range(for a machine pistol) and is fully automatic. It’s your default weapon in this category and not a bad one to start with.



The G18 (A.K.A the Glock) is unlocked at level 22 and is probably the machine gun I use least – not that it is a bad weapon it’s just that the rest are better than it. It has a really high fire rate stat so beware that you could find your bullets used up pretty quickly and need to reload while your ta and is also fully automatic target shoots you down or charges you.

M93 Raffica


The Raffica is unlocked at level 38 and, for me, it gets honoured as ‘the best of the bunch’. The Raffica fires in 3 three round bursts. Like I said in my article on Primary Weapons – three round bursts aren’t for everyone so beware. The Raffica also has a great accuracy stat – couple it with the red dot attachment for even more accurate shots. Hit a target with all three bullets and you almost definitely have yourself a kill.



The TMP is unlocked at level 58 and is fully automatic. It has good all round stats and takes the cake when compared to the Glock and PP2000. I have a feeling the only reason I prefer the Raffica is because I am a three round burst kinda gal – but if you’re not then the TMP is a good choice.


Shotguns generally have low range and high damage stats – that is why there was so much controversy over the Akimbo Model 1887 range – It was just unrealistic. But even though the Akimbo Model 1887 range has been reduced having akimbo shotguns – even the Ranger is always fun, especially if you always find yourself surrounded y enemies.



The SPAS is the default shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 – and its a pretty good one too. For a shotgun its stats are all in the right places.



The AA-12 is unlocked at level 18 and has a higher fire rate and range than the SPAS. With such a good range it seems great but don’t forget to factor in its low accuracy rate. Basically, even if a shotgun has a great range stick to the close range shots otherwise you’ll only wound your target and leave yourself open.



The Striker is unlocked at level 34 and it just looks and feels powerful. It’s stats are pretty close to the AA-12’s aside from the range which is smaller. If you have a target close enough the Striker packs a punch – but then again so do most shotguns.



The ranger is arguably the most used shotgun on Modern Warfare 2. The Model 1887 used to be until a couple of months ago when a new patch cut down its range, so now a lot of players are using Akimbo Rangers. Using Akimbo Rangers is fun but not necessarily very productive. All of the Ranger’s stats are relatively low except for its damage stat – this means you need a target to be pretty close so you can pray that one of the two shot you fire will be a kill. The Ranger’s accuracy and range is so low that I would prefer to use a different type single shotgun instead.



The M1014 is unlocked at level 54. It has the highest damage stat of all the shotguns in Modern Warfare 2. It;s range and fire rate starts aren’t bad either so I don’t know why players overlook it so much. If you don’t want to use Akimbo shot guns the M1014 is a good choice.

Model 1887


The Model has lost a lot of the following it once had since its range has been cut, but it is still a great weapon. Its most worrying stat is its fire rate which will leave you an open target if you don’t kill your target with that first shot. Akimbo Models are still a good idea – my advice is to try firing separately as if you fire both at once ans miss there is a long pause between shots that leaves you wide open.


Handguns are generally powerful, small and best used at close range. A lot of people like to pull them out if they are on Last/Final Stand as we all once did in Call Of Duty 4. Some of the most powerful handguns also tend to have wicked recoil making your following shots more and more inaccurate.

USP .45


The USP is not extremely powerful but it also does not have that ridiculous recoil associated with some hand guns. It’s probably my least favourite weapon in this category as I’d rather use a Machine Pistol until I unlock a better handgun. If you have good aim you could try take out your target from a distance as when your up close thy tend to take you out before you’ve had enough time to shoot enough bullets.

.44 Magnum


The Magnum, unlocked at level 26, is a powerful handgun so expect a lot of recoil. Its stats are all pretty decent for a handgun. If you want a powerful handgun this is the one to start with until you unlock the Desert Eagle later on.



The M9 is unlocked at level 46 and is very similar to the USP .45. I don’t really see much difference between these two weapons so once is just as good of a choice as the other.

Desert Eagle


The Desert Eagle is unlocked a level 62, and if you like powerful weapons it’s well worth the wait. The Desert Eagle’s main issue is its recoil – it literally swings upwards after each shot. But if you can get used to the recoil and learn to use the gun to your best advantage its great. Its stats indicate it has good range but don’t try taking long-shots with it as the recoil will almost totally ensure that you miss.


Launchers are mainly used to take down enemy aircraft – which Modern Warfare 2 has made much easier than in any of the previous Call Of Duty games. Certain Launchers can also be used to take out enemies from a distance – but they tend to be somewhat inaccurate and difficult to aim.



The AT4 is the default launcher and its definitely my least favourite of all the launchers in Modern Warfare 2. It has a lock-on feature but its rockets can be easily put off with flares which will drive you crazy unless you have scavenger on as it only has one rocket. The AT4 is not very good at taking out UAV’s or any other small aircraft.



The Thumper is unlocked at level 14 and uses the exact same aiming system as the launchers attached to primary weapons. Because of this aiming system a lot of players find it hard to take out aircraft with the Thumper. It also come with two rockets which is very helpful. The weapon’s main benefit is that it is great for taking out enemies. Put on Danger Close and fire into a trench full of enemies for maximum effect.



The Stinger is unlocked at level 30 and it very helpfully locks-on to your target for you – be careful though as firing into certain aircraft head-on will mean your rocket is easily distracted by the aircraft’s flares. The disadvantage of the lock-on aiming is that as it locks on it beeps and if you are trying to take down a an aircraft being manned by another player e.g. Chopper Gunner they also hear beeping so they have time to locate and exterminate you before you fire.



The Javelin is unlocked at level 60 and comes with one rocket. It can lock-on to both vehicles and locations. Locking onto locations can be tricky to get used to so practise if you intend on using it. When you fire the Javelin it rises into the air and then falls onto its target so it usually catches enemies by surprised, but beware in case your target moves before the rocket impacts. The Javelin is great for taking out enemy aircraft except for the same beeping problem as the Stinger.



The RPG was a very popular weapon in Call Of Duty 4. In Modern Warfare 2 it is unlocked at level 65. The RPG is notoriously inaccurate and since most of the other launchers are a lot more accurate it is rare to see anyone using the RPG in Modern Warfare 2. I really do not understand why this is unlocked at such a high level since it is so inaccurate. If you really want a challenge try completing all the challenges in the barracks for the RPG – if not I recommend sticking to the Thumper.

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