Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations Act 1

Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations Act 1
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There are 45 intel items in total to be found throughout the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Their locations range from the ridiculously obvious to the ingeniously well hidden. Find them all to receive two Xbox 360 achievements worth 10 gamer points each.

If you’re specifically playing the campaign in order to find all of the intel items do yourself a favour and set the difficulty on recruit and avoid the stress of dying on your way to an intel location.

Act 1


1 intel item

#1 - When you’ve finished teaching the recruits the ropes head towards the Pit as you’re told to. When you reach the entrance to the Pit turn around and face the tower behind you. The intel is underneath the tower.

Team Player

2 intel items

#2 - Just before you leave the school there is a classroom on the right with desks along the right hand wall. Enter this classroom to find the intel on the desk.

#3 - Directly after you leave the school there is another intel laptop on a crate beside the yellow taxi.


3 intel items

#4 - When soap tells you to go on alone head towards the guard tower ahead of you and climb the ladder to find the intel at the top.

#5 - After you plant the C4 and are on your way to meet Soap turn around and head in the opposite direction. Look through a the window in the warehouse on your right and you’ll see the intel. Shoot out the window and grab it.

#6 - This one is really difficult to find. When you’re racing through the snow on the snow mobile stay to the right until you see a house which is then hit by a missile. As you’re approaching the house there should be a fence on your left turn left here and head for the trees. Drive over the intel to collect it.


4 intel items

#7 - Keep on the lookout for a motorcycle leaning against the wall near the start of the favela. The intel is in the building beside this.

#8 - During the chase you’ll come up to a red-brick building with a ladder leading up to it. Climb the ladder and the intel should be on the table inside.

#9 - Almost directly after you pick up the intel in the red brick building you should see another red brick building on your left with a wooden staircase leading up to it. The intel is in here on the first floor beside a bed.

#10 - Towards the end of the chase you should be faced with a burning car down an alleyway, turn into the house on the right hand side of the car and the intel is between two beds.

Act 2


4 intel items

#11 - When you reach the gas station head inside and find the intel on the counter.

#12 - As you’re going towards the Burger Town to clear out the enemies look in the dumpster on the right of the Burger Town to find the intel inside.

#13 – go inside the building ‘Taco To Go’ and the intel is on one of the tables.

#14 – Go to the bank and find the intel in a cubicle.

The Hornet’s Nest

4 intel items

#15 – After the initial shooting at the start of the level there should be a blue car in a garage on your right, go into the garage and enter the kitchen to find the intel.

#16 – After you’ve cleared the lot filled with old appliances and other junk don’t follow the others up to the right. Instead go towards the red building and go to its left where the intel is in a small hut.

#17 – When you start making your way up the sloped street with cars parked on either side enter the building by the blue car. The intel is on the second floor.

#18 - Before you start making your way to be picked up by Nicolai you should be in an open lot with a goal post. Go to the building behind the goalpost and the intel is in the window.


3 intel items

#19 – This one is in the office on the right, the intel is on a desk inside.

#20 – The intel is on a desk inside the toll booth at the arch.

#21 – After going through the arch enter the second house on your right go upstairs and the intel is on a couch.

The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday

3 intel items

#22 - After you’ve breached the first room check the walls for a metal rack before you leave through the double doors at the end.

#23 - After planting the C4 go into the room on the right and the intel should be at the right-hand wall.

#24 – When the helicopter appears and you run into the warehouse to take cover check under the staircase for the intel.

The Gulag

4 intel items

#25 – At the beginning of the level, just before you enter the Gulag go up the stone stairs on your right and the intel should be at the end of the room.

#26 – The intel is right behind the monitors in the first tower you enter.

#27 – When you grab the riot shield follow the others and check the prison cells on your right and you’ll see the intel on a desk.

#28 – When the cut scene ends don’t run after the other characters – instead turn around and pick up the intel on the desk behind you.

Of Their Own Accord

2 intel items

#29 – Once you’ve cleared the lobby follow the others down the hall – check the open elevator on the left an you’ll see an intel laptop on the floor.

#30 – As you enter the balcony with the missile launcher turn left, shoot the Russian that jumps out the door and collect the intel inside.

Act 3


3 intel items

#31 – When you reach the over-ground pipe Price should ask you to either kill or spare the two patrol guards. Kill the and search the area to their left for the intel.

#32 – Notice that the buildings are numbered. Find building ‘33’ and check inside for the intel.

#33 – Head north to the helipad the intel is in a the far corner.

Whiskey Hotel

2 intel items

#34 – Check the black couch outside the door of the oval office.

#35 – Towards the end of the mission you will run up a flight of stairs with a hole in the wall on its right, go through the hold to pick up the intel.

Loose Ends

3 intel items

#36 – Go around the outside of the house until you see the boathouse, enter it to find the intel inside.

#37 – On the top floor of the house go into the main bedroom and the intel is on the desk.

#38 – Enter the weapons room in the basement of the house and the intel is on your right-hand side.

The Enemy of My Enemy

2 intel items

#39 – Turn right as soon as the level begins and pick up the intel in the plane in front of you.

#40 – Approximately half way through this mission, after you climb the hill you should another junk plane pointing in the direction of the road with the intel inside it.

Just Like Old Times

4 intel items

#41 – After the patrol has passed kill the remaining guard at the monitor and go down the tunnel to the right to find the intel.

#42 – As you approach the exit fro the caves (the room you’re in is red) turn left before you exit to find the intel.

#43 – After you have dispatched of the riot-shield guards turn right and follow the passage to the intel at the end.

#44 – Breach the room and check the desk with the empty cans on and you’ll see the intel.


1 intel item

#45- On top of the box on your left before you board the raft.

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