Echo Spec Ops Guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Echo Spec Ops Guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
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Echo Spec Ops

In order to unlock the final batch of Spec Ops missions you’ll need to amass 40 stars. The Spec Ops are really designed as a co-op challenge, although you can complete most of them solo. Echo Spec Ops are the last challenge to overcome in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and make no mistake, they will test you. Get ready for plenty of Juggernauts. Damn you Juggernauts!


You are going to be breaching two rooms full of hostages and enemies on an oil rig. The aim is obviously to rescue your men and shoot all the bad guys. You’ll remember a level like this from the single player campaign - The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday. The first room is easy enough and you get the usual slow motion moment when you first breach the door. If you’re playing co-op obviously make sure you sync your attack. You can afford to fire from the hip if you just look for the crosshairs going red so you know an enemy is in sight but it is better to aim.

MW2 Oil Rig Breach

After the first room some guys will attack as the gate opens, so be ready. Throwing a grenade over the top as it opens can be a good idea. The next batch are waiting for you at the top of the stairs so proceed with caution. There are quite a few guys in this section and a pesky helicopter off to your left. If you are going to try and shoot the chopper, wait until it fires and then aim carefully and let it fly. You can also just ignore it and run through and then duck into the room on the right. You’ll need to take out more guys inside but then you can flank the guys out on the deck.

There are more waiting for you around the next corner. If you are playing co-op, then one of you should take the stairs and the other can sweep around the bottom. Try to grab the thermal sighted gun for the next section. You should each take a side as you approach the final room to be breached. The map ahead will fill with smoke so use your thermal sight and grenades. The final room will have eight bad guys and a bunch of hostages and the easiest thing to do is just learn their positions, divide them between you and shoot them in sequence.

High Explosive

High Explosive

You have to take out ten Juggernauts using only explosives and a knife. This is a really tough prospect and very difficult on your own. You’ll find yourself back in the favela map for this one. Move fast, duck in and out of cover and don’t get pinned down and you might make it through. It’s unlikely though and this can be a really frustrating mission. It is probably the toughest mission in the game.

If you are playing co-op then there is an exploit you can use to complete this challenging mission. Here’s a YouTube video which shows you how. If you turn right from the start and enter the shack at the end. You basically need to get one team member to lie behind a dresser in one of the rooms in the shack and the other lures a Juggernaut in and gets to within reviving distance. Just keep stabbing away until the Juggernaut dies and when you die your teammate can revive you. You’ll need to repeat this process a lot but all of the Juggernauts will find you eventually and it works every time.

Armor Piercing

Kill 15 Juggernauts on an oil rig. This is the last place you want to be stuck with 15 Juggernauts and you’re going to have to be on your toes to beat them. Take the Intervention and the Barrett and head up the stairs to find an ammo crate. This is the same oil rig again so you should know your way about by now. You’ll probably meet the first Juggernaut on your way up, remember to listen for the musical cue that will alert you to his presence.

Armor Piercing

You can use flashbangs to stun Juggernauts and it is a good idea to lay some claymores down. If you head up to the helipad at the top then you can both cover the entrance and just blast away at the Juggernauts as they approach. You will probably need to kill a couple on your way up so don’t run blindly. It gets tougher after you kill the first five because they start to turn up in pairs. The Juggernauts will always find you, it may take a while but they will always come to you so don’t worry about luring them.

Hitting them as they climb is always good because they lower their weapon and their vulnerable heads are exposed first. This isn’t as tough as it sounds if you have two players. It is a lot tougher on your own but if you pick a good spot and use claymores on the approach it can definitely be done. Good luck.

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