Modern Warfare 2 Delta Spec Ops Hints and Tips

Modern Warfare 2 Delta Spec Ops Hints and Tips
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The further you go through the Spec Ops in MW2, the more you unlock and the harder it gets, especially if you are flying solo. In the Delta Spec Ops section you’ll find some fiendish missions. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can be tough and these are some of the hardest challenges you’ll face in the game.


This is a fairly gentle introduction to the Delta missions. You’ll need to download files from three houses in a suburban estate but there are a lot of enemy troops looking to stop you. On the plus side you do have Stryker support and there are plenty of claymores and a few sentry guns. With two players this is fairly easy, on your own it is a bit more challenging but it can still be done.

The first house is on your left and as you approach you’ll see a group of enemies run from the garage and round the far side to take up firing positions. Drop as many as you can before they find cover. Jump the wall and go through into the garden, ignore the garage entrance. You can climb in a window here and grab some claymores, plant one behind you at the window entrance. There’s a single guy in the next room and then a bunch in the kitchen across the hall.

The laptop sits on a hall table. Don’t start to access it until all the guys in the house are dead, once the fire fight starts just be patient and let them come to you. When you access the laptop you’ll spawn a load of enemies to storm the house so before you do plant claymores in the garage and the entrance. Access the laptop and paint the front door as a target for the Stryker then fall back into the pool room you entered through and shoot anyone that makes it through.

If the laptop download gets interrupted you can restart it by pressing F again and it resumes from where you left off, so don’t worry. Once you’re done, head to the next house and paint the front door for the Stryker then enter through the garage. There are only a few guys to finish off in the kitchen and lounge area. This one is easy, set up the sentry gun at the end of the counter angled so it can hit both entrances, plant claymores in the garage and the front door. Sit behind the counter and start the laptop download and then pop up periodically to paint the front door as a target for the Stryker and focus on covering the side door from the garage.

The final house is the toughest challenge. Once again paint it as a target and then enter through the garage. You need to clear it out before going near the laptop. Once you have, make sure you plant loads of claymores covering the back of the house and round the bar area. Set up both sentry guns, lay a few more claymores in the garage and start the laptop transfer. Immediately paint the front of the house for the Stryker. Use grenades and flash bangs on the guys as they pour in and cover your sentry guns. You can always restart the laptop transfer so don’t panic if it is interrupted.

Once you have the final download the Stryker will retreat and as you emerge from the house you’ll be swarmed by enemies. For this reason you might prefer to do the houses in reverse order, it certainly makes things a lot easier at the end. Otherwise just take your time working your way down the street in cover. There should be plenty of guns on the corpses everywhere to choose from so you’ll have no shortage of weapons.



This is surprisingly easy whether you are playing co-op or solo. Set up the sentry guns to take out the enemies and then blow up all the vehicles on the bridge. The level is exactly the same as the Suspension mission. The easiest way to complete it is to take out all the enemies first, advance slowly and use the sentry guns. Once they’re gone you can run back and forward blowing up the vehicles with gun fire, grenades and C4.

Acceptable Losses

This is tough if you are impatient like me. You need to proceed slowly and cautiously to plant explosives in three spots on this airfield. There are enemy guards and patrols all over the place and if you catch their attention you’ll be swarmed from all directions. The best approach is to swing round to the right by the hangar and take out the guard then use the heartbeat sensor to navigate the airstrip to the furthest away target. Plant the explosives and head for the next target on the airfield which is a chopper. Use the heartbeat sensor to avoid enemy guards and go prone if you have to.

acceptable losses

The second target is trickier because of a jeep that drives round. Just listen to the reports on your radio and go slow. Once planted you should head back the way you entered the level and up the snow covered hill to the third target. Take out the two patrolling guards and the guy inside the hut sitting in the chair. As you come round to the right you’ll find another guard standing smoking on your right. With him out the way you can plant the explosives and head for the extraction point.

Don’t get too excited, once again go slow and pick off guards only when you’re sure no one else is the in the line of sight. You can crawl under one of the huts to hide if you need to and then sprint for the green smoke to escape.



You’ll need to advance through the airport terminal and take down waves of enemy soldiers. Some have riot shields and others will just fire at you. This is really tough on your own but easy with two players. If there are two of you then one should take a riot shield and act as decoy to draw fire while the other mops up the enemies.

If you are on your own then proceed slowly. With each new wave it is vital you drop the non shield guys very quickly so you can focus on the riot shield enemies. You can shoot exposed feet and even hands and get them to drop the shield for long enough to drill them in the head. You can also use explosives or, simplest of all, you can stay in tight behind some cover and force them to come to you. You can always get a shot in as they come round to turn the corner. Remember that you can retreat to buy yourself some time and space.

Estate Takedown

estate takedown

The big finale for Delta Spec Ops is the Estate Takedown where you’ll face snipers, soldiers and Juggernauts. Once again this is much easier if you partner up with a buddy. You’re really up against it if you go it alone. The starting boat house is a safe fall back position so use it if you get into trouble, especially if you need time to snipe a Juggernaut.

Storming the first house is standard gameplay with soldiers posted around in a few rooms. There are loads of weapons in the house and an ammo crate in the basement so you have no worries on that score. You can lay claymores at the doors and then snipe from the upstairs window, just watch out for Juggernauts cornering you. You won’t set off your own claymores so don’t worry about blocking entrances and exits.

The snipers glinting in the sunlight provides you with the usual warning and you can pick them off fairly easily. The enemies seem to come from different positions every time so you’ll need to stay alert constantly. Do not venture into the open or too far into the woods, it’s best to stay near the building. Towards the end as the enemy count goes down they will rush you so be prepared for a final flourish. It can be a good idea to lay claymores on the approach to the boathouse and run back there if things get really busy. Remember that the cabins walls and even floors are not bullet proof and you can take out loads of guys by lobbing grenades through windows.

If you play this co-op make sure you stick together and agree a fall back point. Using one player as a decoy to draw fire can be a good way of finding snipers and getting a decent shot at Juggernauts. You’ll need to fight well to survive this one but it is one of the most enjoyable Spec Ops missions.

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