Modern Warfare 2: Special Ops Strategy Guide: Complete in it Veteran!

Modern Warfare 2: Special Ops Strategy Guide: Complete in it Veteran!
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Special Operations is the newest mode introduced in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is essentially an arcade mode where you have to defeat enemies in order to unlock higher levels. Each mission has three levels of difficulty; normal, hardened and veteran. Stars are awarded based on how well you complete the mission and/or what difficulty you completed it on e.g. completing certain missions on veteran will result in three stars.

Some of the missions can be completed by one person in normal mode, achieving three stars, however, it usually takes two players. Modern Warfare 2: Special Ops can be played by two people either online or via split-screen, and its a hell of a lot easier with two people.

Alpha - The Pit

The Pit is an assault course and the stars are awarded based on the time taken to complete it. It is possible for one person to acquire three stars on their own – just run the course enough and you’ll know it well enough to get the time. Having someone do it with you though really lightens the load.

Before you begin the course decide which targets each of you will take; its a lot easier if one person takes the right-hand targets and the other takes the left. Assign one person to take the targets on top of the building and the other person should take the targets in the window. If you’re doing the course using the SCAR-H (the gun you started with) you’ll start to run out of bullets around now so switch to your handgun, I would advise picking up a gun with a larger magazine before you run The Pit – there is a weapon dump at the entrance. Don’t even think about lading your weapons while running the course because switching to your secondary weapon is much easier – this means that you will be using your secondary weapon on all the targets in the building and for the rest of the course so don’t spray because if you have to reload before you finish you won’t be quick enough to get three stars. Lastly – don’t spray; use one or two bullets per target and you should do fine.

Sniper Fi

This mission is really easy if you have two people. Again you will have to decide who does certain duties. One of you will have to take the claymores in the corner and plant them at the top of the ladder (directly in front of you when you begin) and the staircase behind you. Both of you should switch your handguns for one of the weapons beside the claymores. When the first wave begins one of you should take position behind the block at the top of the ladder and take out the oncoming enemies. The other player should take out any enemies that try to make their way to the staircase.

Before the second wave hits you will be given a predator missile; whoever was manning the staircase should take this. When the second wave begins take out the Jeep with predator missile and continue as before. Try to replace and claymores that explode. Continue this strategy for the following waves and it will be easy – don’t freak out if one of you gets injured because you can revive each other.

O Cristo Redentor

Time doesn’t factor in this mission so take your time clearing the area. Both of you will need to stick together in case you need to revive each other. There is an ammo supply crate on your right when you begin so make sure to stock up before you head into the favella. The best route to start with is to run to the building on your left and climb in through the window, you can use this building for cover and take out surrounding enemies. Try to use various buildings for cover and have someone on lookout for RPGs on the roofs of the buildings. Avoid killing civilians if you want to get three stars!


This mission is all about stealth so rush through it or you won’t get your three stars. Sticking to the right side of the map does wonders for a lot of the mission. Let the first patrol of enemies pass you and continue on. You will meet a guard and a dog, wait for them to stop and take them out – one person takes the dog and the other takes the guard. The next patrol you meet will have three guards and a dog. One player will have to take out two guards while the other has to take out the guard with the dog. These shots need to be taken at the same time and all the targets must be taken out quickly, but this shouldn’t be too difficult because the targets are close together and there is always a second of pause before they react.

You will see another large patrol as you continue up the map – there is three guards and two dogs. One dog and its handler will walk ahead of the rest of the patrol – take them out quickly and neutralise the dog and the guard before they get out of sight. Make your way towards the ramp (your destination) and take out any guards in sight (silently of course). Slide down the ramp to complete the mission.


This mission is unbelievably easy with two players, especially if you take one side each. Make sure you both pick up a weapon that is either a sniper or has an ACOG site attached to it. One of you will need to pick up an RPG or another type of rocket launcher if possible. As the player on the left moves forwards a line of enemies will rappel down onto the bridge, wait until they all land to line them up for an easier target. Both f you will need to work together to take out the enemies landing on the left as they’ll be using the abandoned vehicles for cover. Don’t spend too long taking them out or they’ll begin to charge you.

Shepherd will announce the arrival of a gunship as you make your way up the bridge. The player with the rocket launcher should take out the gunship as the other player covers them and takes out nearby enemies. Take out any remaining enemies and walk to the finishing point.

Bravo - Overwatch

This mission requires two players, you simply cannot do it alone. If you played Modern Warfare 1 you will recognise this level. One player will spawn on the ground while the other will find themselves in a C-130 gunship – this player basically has to cover the other as they make their way to the finishing point. Pick up a weapon (there’s a lot scattered on the ground where you spawn. This mission is set at night so choosing a weapon with a thermal scope will be useful. Press the left directional button on the D-Pad to use your laser. Make your way up the path and wait for the other player to take out the oncoming enemies, use your laser to point out any strays. The gunship will take out the majority of enemies, the player on the ground really only has to wait until the enemies are cleared and search any buildings along the way and clear them of enemies.

Body Count

Body count is a pretty straight forward mission – you need to kill enough enemies to complete it. Pick up the M14 EBR – 14 with the thermal scope because the enemy is going to be popping smoke in your direction and without thermal you’re blind.

If you have two players one of you should pick up the Intervention sniper while the other uses the EBR.

All you have to do is take out thirty enemies – maybe less if you’re quick because you get bonus points for quick kills. Ignore the enemy BTRs (tanks) that are circling the building, there are worth 8000 points each but you will have to take them out without leaving the building.

Bomb Squad

This mission is really easy if you have two players. Just avoid the temptation of trying to make your way to each bomb separately. You need to stick together and take out all the enemies in each area before you defuse a bomb. The weapons you start with are okay – akimbo (dual) handguns and a shotgun. The enemies are using various SMGs and some assault rifles if you want to pick one of a new corpse. The first bomb you should defuse is down the path slightly to your right just as you begin. The other two bombs are at the other side of the map, but they’re clearly marked on your radar so you won’t miss them. Each bomb only takes about 10-12 seconds to defuse – which can be long enough for an enemy to kill you on veteran. Stay together and revive each other and this mission is simple.


This is, by far, one of the easiest missions. It is what it says it is – a race. The right trigger acts as your accelerator – pull it and race through the snow and avoid the trees in under seventy seconds to ear three stars. You probably won’t get under seventy on your first try – you’ll have to learn the curves and bends of the track first. To make it in under seventy seconds you’ll have to avoid taking your finger off the trigger at all costs while avoiding the trees at the same time. Most people seem to have the most trouble with the slope at the end of the track – stick to the centre of the slope and work your way through the gaps in the trees until you hit the finish line.


Big Brother, like the Overwatch mission, requires two players. This level also requires very little effort for the ground player. Simply wait for the player in the gunship to take out the enemies and walk through.

Charlie - Hidden

Pick up a silenced weapon when the mission begins and silently kill the soldier on the left. Two more soldiers are standing together talking on your right, walk around the empty container where you killed the first soldier to line them up for a double kill. If you’ve don this fast enough you should see the first sniper in a Ghillie suit walking to his position. Take him out with your silenced sniper. There are more snipers in Ghillie suits hiding in the grass as you make your way through the field. Use one player to draw their fire while the other takes them out. A glint of light off of their sniper rifles is also another give-away.

Hide in the grass and take out the soldiers around the church from a distance. Climb the church tower and snipe and nearby patrols while the other player watches the door. Make your way to the second house and take out any enemies near it. Draw the fire of the hiding soldiers and kill them in the final field before making your way to the end of the level.

Breach And Clear

Just like in the campaign there will be a few moments of slow-motion directly after the breach. Use this time to take out as many enemies between you as possible. Next one player needs to take out the snipers while the other takes out any ground troops. Don’t rush this mission as there are a lot of enemies to deal with here. Move to the next room and make sure to kill off all the enemies in there before the riot shield soldiers make their entrance. Use the noob tubes on the M4A1 to take out the shields. Throw some frags and flash grenades before you make your way to the exit hole to clear the crowd of enemies, drop into the hole to finish the mission.

Time Trial

This is more about collecting flags than about time. Having two players really makes this a lot easier – the second player can pick up any flags the first player misses.

Homeland Security

Having two players for this mission means you’ll also have two sentry guns. Pick up some weapons – one of you should take the Intervention sniper while the other takes the M14 with the thermal scope. One of you will also have to grab the RPG to take out the BTRs and Helicopter.

Set the sentry guns down in front of the building so they can take out any enemies that get too close. When the first wave hits the player with the M14 should try to take out as many enemies as possible before the smoke clears. You should both work together using the Intervention and thermal scope to take out enemies from a distance while the turrets take care of the closer ones. There’s no refill for ammo so don’t leave the building unless you want to be targeted by the enemy’s predator missile.

Snatch and Grab

This mission is really difficult and really needs two players – especially on veteran. This is the first mission where you get to meet the happy little guys called Juggernauts. Juggernauts are soldiers who are padded to the last, meaning it takes a hell of a lot of fire power to bring them down. Thankfully, when a Juggernaut comes within an unsafe distance you will hear the warning music. There is four Juggernauts on veteran in this level.

Make sure whoever is retrieving the Intel has a shotgun so they can blast through enemies. If you’re changing weapons make sure the person who is hanging back to cover the Intel retriever has the Intervention.

The second player needs to keep watch the other’s back and take out all of the Juggernauts with the Intervention, try get as many head-shots as possible. The weaker assault rifles won’t even make the Juggernauts flinch so a shotgun is essential in case you come into close contact with one. If you do manage to get a Juggernaut to flinch make sure to knife him too for maximum damage.

Delta - Wardriving

First of all you’ll need to make your way to the farthest laptop location first so the tank will follow you. Be sure to use your pointed along the way so the tank can do most of the work. There’s no importance placed on time so take it slow.

As soon as you get into the farthest house start placing claymores down because you’re going to be ambushed by enemies. Place some sentry guns near the entrances to take down oncoming enemies. One of you should stay on this floor and pick off any enemies that evade the guns while the other player goes downstairs and makes sure the download is successful.

The same strategy should be taken with the second house – have claymores everywhere and use the turrets to cover the entrances. This house is a little more open so you can use the laser to point the Stryker’s fire towards enemies, be careful though as the Stryker’s fire can also take out your sentry guns.

Use the Stryker’s fire to clear all the enemies in front of the final house and make your way inside. The laptop is out in the open so whoever is keeping the download going is going to be sitting prone. Make sure you take out the enemies in the room on the right before you start the download or they will sneak up on you. The other player should be directing the Stryker during the download and any remaining sentry guns should be already placed down.


When you first start this level you will feel the urge to begin mindlessly destroying every vehicle in sight. Pick up an assault rifle and a rocket launcher of your choice. Grab a sentry gun each and place them up the bridge. You can destroy the vehicles as you make your way up the bridge, both of you can just begin using any weapon to blow up nearby vehicles – the explosions and the sentry guns should take out the oncoming enemies. Moving the sentry guns up every now and the is a good idea if your ready to risk losing your infinite ammo. This mission is pretty straightforward and very easy with two players.

Acceptable Losses

One of you will need to pick up a silenced weapon before you begin. Use the heartbeat sensor to avoid guards, avoid sprinting because it stops you from viewing the heartbeat sensor. The blizzard makes you invisible, as Mac Tavish noted earlier, so this mission should be a breeze.

Planting the bombs without being caught is simple if you keep the heartbeat sensor in view.

As you approach the Hind you will hear Mac Tavish warn of an oncoming Jeep, wait nearby and let the Jeep pass before you plant the bomb.

There are two soldiers in the cabin and two that circle around it. Make sure to take these two patrolling guards out or they will circle back on you.

The Jeep should pass by again just before you finish the mission, again let it pass and sprint to the finishing point.


This is easy if you both pick up a riot shield each as soon as you can – both of you can team up on enemies and beat them down while their bullets ricochet off your shields back at them. When you get upstairs back into the elevator and let the guards stand outside while you melee them. As you come towards the escalators fire down all of your frag and stun grenades to take out the group of enemies at the bottom and sprint to the finishing point.

Estate Takedown

This mission also features Juggernauts so prepare yourself for the warning music. Stay near the starting point and pick off the enemies with your Barretts as they come towards you. You should hear the warning music for a Juggernaut as they get closer, but be warned they can take a lot – even from a .50 Cal. Pick up an M240 off a Juggernaut if you can before you make your way towards the house. When you get inside place claymores at all entrances to try and take out as many enemies as possible. Head to the weapons cache and pick up you weapon of choice. The M240 is the best weapon to use on any Juggernaut that gets to close to you – taking out one of these guys alone is tough so try to team up on them as much as possible.

Echo - Wetwork

Both of you can easily clear out the first and second rooms by simply walking in and picking off the enemies. Sprint and avoid the chopper while making your way to the middle deck where you can find two Singers and some enemies. Take the chopper out with a Stinger after you’ve cleared the area. After this you will be met by an enemy smoke screen – wait near the forklift and kill off oncoming enemies. Pick up a thermal scoped weapon and take down the enemies in the windows. Make your way to the final room, breach and clear it out to finish.

High Explosive

This mission is filled with Juggernauts so be careful. This is also a really challenging one so be prepared to spend some time on it. The Juggernauts should only appear one at a time – very rarely two may appear. The best place to stay, although it leaved you very much out in the open – is where you originally begin. This is where the ammo cache is so you can refill.

Each of you should take up a position on either the far right or left of the ammo cache and wait for the enemy to appear. One player should draw the Juggernaut to them while the other knifes him from behind – knifing causes maximum damage. In the case of two Juggernauts appearing simultaneously – throw as many frags, flashes and rockets as possible. This mission leaves little in the way of strategy and is really just about distracting the enemy long enough while still managing to stay alive.

This mission is also just Juggernauts. They will appear one-by-one so you don’t have to worry about being rushed by them. You will need to get a sniper each – there should be a Barrett and an Intervention nearby. Take out the first Juggernaut from a distance and move on to the second room. Plant claymores throughout the room so they will slow down the enemy as well as letting you know he’s on his way. Take up position outside the door and wait – each Juggernaut will eventually make his way to you. After each kill replace the claymores.

This is a strategy guide for all of the Spec Ops Missions so far – there are rumours of more to come. It is possible to do a lot of these missions alone but certain missions do require two players. Two players should definitely be used to complete all of the Echo missions and most of the Delta missions.

Remember: have fun and happy hunting!

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