Bravo Spec Ops Guide for Modern Warfare 2

Bravo Spec Ops Guide for Modern Warfare 2
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Bravo Spec Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features a Special Ops mode which is best as a co-op experience although there are a few missions you can perform on your own. In this guide we’ll run through the second set of Special Ops in MW2, the Bravo missions and offer some advice to help you.


You need two players if you want to tackle this mission. There is no solo option. This is much like one of the single player campaign missions from Modern Warfare 1, with one of you taking up a position on the gunship in the air and the other stalking through the map to reach a target destination.

It’s worth taking a gun with thermal vision if you’re on the ground. This is much more fun for the gunship player as you’ll be equipped with night vision and be able to just chew up countless enemies to clear a path for your buddy. If you are on the ground make sure you stay in cover and wait for an all clear before you advance to the next area or you’ll be surrounded and cut down fast.

The enemies come in waves just like in the MW1 campaign mission and in fact they pop up at the same places: the sewer, the farm, the cellar, the gate and the greenhouse. The ground player has to be patient for this one, so if you get the option take the gunner role.

Body Count

You’re in the diner for this one and the aim is to drop lots of enemy bodies as fast as possible. You have a points total to aim for and quick successive kills will get you there faster. There are also a couple of BTRs driving around outside and they are worth a whopping 8,000 points each, but if you venture from cover you are liable to get swarmed so be cautious.

With two players you can set up a cover position and protect each other. With your back safe you are free to snipe. If you’re on your own then you’ll need to spin frequently to prevent enemies sneaking in behind you. If you could get to the roof that would be great but the ladder from the single player campaign is gone so forget about that.

The thermal scope is handy here because of the smoke cover. I got best results solo by sticking around the tills and the bar area and sweeping around. Just make sure you watch out for enemies coming in through the kitchen. You’ll also need to watch out for grenades and flash bangs coming in through the doors.

Bomb Squad

bomb squad

Another favela mission but this time you’re racing through the streets to defuse bombs. There are civilians everywhere so you can’t just open up freely. Advance carefully, run between cover and watch the windows for enemies. This is really tough solo not least because you have to hold F to defuse each bomb and it takes a few seconds during which someone can easily sneak up behind you.

With two players you can leapfrog and clear the way quite quickly. You also have someone to watch your back while you work on defusing the bombs. The enemies are limited here, so you can take them all out but you don’t have enough time to be overly cautious. The easiest order seems to be to go for the market first which is off to your right then hit the intersection and finally the open yard.



This is just like the single player mission where you escape on a snow mobile. It is a real Bond style mission and your aim is to reach the extraction point as fast as possible. Focus on steering to avoid obstacles that will slow you down. Your fire will auto target so it is worth clearing away enemies on snow mobiles as you go but don’t let it distract you from taking a clear route.

You should be focused on the route ahead so you can take corners early and avoid slamming into a tree or a boulder. There are a couple of jumps which will save you time if you hit them right, such as the small island in the frozen lake. The final slope should be a straight run to victory just make sure you hit the jump dead center and you’ll make it.

Big Brother

This is a larger co-op mission which plays out like Overwatch with one player in a chopper covering his buddy on the ground. It is basically the same as the Wolverines mission in the single player campaign. If you are the player on the ground advance slowly, use cover, and give your buddy time to clear the path ahead. As you reach various points in the map the next chopper move will be triggered so don’t rush it.

You’ll get waves of enemies at the first wall, the yellow house, the top of the hill, the street by Nate’s diner, and when you go for the roof to get extracted. Be especially careful when you go for the roof, because you may think you’re home free but a lot of enemies will give chase.

In this mission both players will see plenty of action so either role is fun. You can check out the MW2 Hints and Tips article for basic advice on staying alive or have a look at the Weapons guide to help you choose your guns.

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