Call of Duty: MW2 Alpha Spec Ops Guide

Call of Duty: MW2 Alpha Spec Ops Guide
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Special Ops

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an exciting FPS game and it blends a single player campaign with an additional Special Ops mode and a multiplayer online option. Special Ops is really designed as a co-op experience and best enjoyed with a buddy but there are a few missions you can perform on your own. In this guide we’ll run through the first set of Special Ops in MW2, the Alpha missions.

The Pit

This is a simple exercise with pop up terrorists to despatch. Avoid the civilians and move through the course as fast as possible. This is even easier with two - just make sure you agree on a side each and when you reach the building one of you should clear the rooftop while the other shoots through the windows and doors.

Aim at each target with right mouse and fire off two shots with left mouse. When your ammunition runs out switch to your secondary gun, do not reload or you’ll lose valuable seconds. The pop-up guy at the top of the stairs has to be dealt with using a melee attack so get ready to press E on the approach.

It is worth noting that certain weapons such as the USP. 45, the Desert Eagle, and the assault rifles will fire through a target and still be capable of hitting another target behind. This means you can save time by hitting two with one shot, just be very careful when a target crosses in front of a civilian.

Sniper Fi

sniper fi

In this fun mission you’re going to be asked to hold a position and defend against a few waves of enemies. With two players this is really easy because there are only two ways up to your sniper nest, a ladder and a set of stairs. Even on your own this mission is fairly easy.

Make sure you cover the stairs with as many claymores as you can to prevent anyone sneaking up there. When sniping the enemies keep an eye on the helipad across from you on the left, because they’ll try to get up there to have a clear line of fire. You can also blow up the oil tanker straight ahead, preferably when there are a bunch of enemy soldiers huddled under it.

As soon as the UCAV missiles are ready hit 5 on your keyboard and target the vehicles or groups of enemies bunched together. If anyone comes up the ladder just use E to melee attack them because they’ll be totally vulnerable when they reach the top. As long as you stay in cover and use the claymores to cover your back the main threat here is grenades so make sure you react quickly if you see that grenade icon.

O Cristo Redentor

o cristo redentor

The favela is an absolute warren and you need to clear it out. Be very careful as you advance and make sure you check all the angles. Once again this is easier with two players and provided you cover each other and advance slowly you should be able to survive. There is an ammunition crate near the starting point which you might want to return to periodically for a top up.

The trickiest part in this mission, for me at least, was not shooting civilians. They will run into the middle of fire fights and if you kill too many you’ll fail the mission. This also means you can’t throw grenades blindly and I’d advise against using the exploding barrels unless you can see there are no civilians nearby.

There is no time limit on this and enemies will spawn in and flank you from all sides, so don’t feel like your back is safe because you just cleared that area. If you use cover well and go slowly then you’ll clear up no problem.



There is a reason this one is called Evasion. You’re sneaking through the snow covered forest and it is important to stay hidden and only engage the enemy when you have to. You can hide in the vegetation so use it. If you see a patrol wait and observe them, it is best to avoid engaging the moving patrols.

If there are two of you then you can synchronise kills so agree who is taking out which enemy and line up your shots then fire together. It is usually worth angling around to see if you can line up a single shot to take out two guys or a guy and his dog.

Remember you can just avoid the patrols. You don’t need to kill them. If an alarm does sound then you need watch out for dogs because if you have your sniper scope up you won’t see them until they are on top of you. Remember you can use E to snap their necks if you react fast enough.

The easiest approach to this if flying solo is to stay to the right to avoid the first patrol. Wait for the second patrol to pass the three men up to the left following the line of the oil pipe. Take out the three guys and then the single guy and his dog up to the right. Stay in the vegetation to the right and take out the two guys ahead before looking left to take out another guy and his dog. For the final big patrol just follow them round, don’t engage them. If you wait you’ll only need to take out another two stationary guards and you can sneak past the rest.



This mission is great fun and it works perfectly for two players because you can take a side each. The first two waves of enemies will swing in on ropes from the sides. If you ready yourself you can shoot down the line and take them all out very fast before they reach cover.

Make sure you don’t take cover behind a flaming car, they do blow up and they’ll take you out if you’re too close. Watch out for grenades and don’t let the enemy flank you. The second section after the bridge breaks is much tougher. There will be a helicopter to the right firing on you so use blown up cars to hide behind.

Two helicopters dead ahead will drop another load of enemy soldiers. Use grenades here and try to advance quickly by running between wrecks so the helicopter doesn’t chew you up. If you want to take the chopper out then it is easier to do it from the broken section of the bridge where you can drop down for better cover. You don’t need to take out the helicopter to complete this mission. If you advance quickly you’ll surprise the troops dropping in but you will have to take them out fast and efficiently and then make a break for the green smoke to finish.

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