Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Endgame

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Endgame
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Tips and Tricks

There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s a fairly quick mission and you’ll spend most of it steering the zodiac. Just hang on and enjoy the end to the campaign.

  • While steering, you can probably focus on just getting around the obstacles and dodging the helicopters. Price actually does a decent job of covering you.
  • Feel free to do a bit of autoaim fire though, if you can multitask.
  • While going through the rapids, just keep going straight. You should come out fine at the end.
  • Just follow the instructions at the end.

The Chase

It’s time for the grand finale. Run down and get into the zodiac boat. We’re driving it and it’s just like the snowmobile run. You can spray bullets in front of you with autoaim but your main objective is to dodge the obstacles and stay alive. Price will provide most of the cover fire while you move.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - The Zodiac Going Through the Rapids

Go through the main camp and stay close to Shepherd. You can’t let him get more than about 150 meters away, so keep that in mind. You can fire at the guards if you want. There’s no reason not to and it’s kinda cool. Regardless, things don’t get too tough until we get out into the open.

Other zodiacs will swing out and attack you, along with a few helicopters. Price is right. You can’t stay in the open. Stick close to the outcropping on the left. Then swing back a bit to the right. You need to hug those big rocks to avoid the helicopter. You’re stuck in the open after this though. Just wait for it to start the run and cut hard to the left to veer away from it. Take the short break to wear away at the men in the other zodiacs. Just fire your pistol into them and make sure that you don’t crash into their boats once you take them out.

Keep going past the RPG guards on the bridge and rush forward. Price should warn you about another helicopter run, so veer off to the left again. Then swing right under the bridge to get away. If you’re moving fast, you should miss the third helicopter run and enter the rapids.

You can slow down here a little bit if you want. It might not help at all though. Just try to stay in the center and ride it out until things clear up. Engage the next set of boats that comes in to protect Sheperd. Just open fire on them and they should beach themselves. Swing around and drive fast to avoid one last helicopter run.

Shepherd will call for a report and then swing around to his helicopter. His boat will get on board, but we’re not done. Hold the boat steady for Price and let him put a few rounds into the helicopter. There’s no way to not go over the waterfall though. Ride out the crash and wait for the finale to load.

Kill Shepherd

Once you’re on your feet, you just have to start staggering over toward the crash site. That’s the fire off in the distance. You can knife the wounded soldier on the ground if you want. Get over to the crash and knife the pilot. His pistol sho

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - Price Vs. Shepard

uld jam anyway. You’ll miss Shepherd by a hair, so chase after him into the sandstorm. He’s resting by a destroyed car. Try to knife him to see that he’s not down and out just yet. Hang on and wait for Price to come to save the day. We need to crawl over and get the pistol. It’s just like the ice climbing segment. Get over to the pistol just in time to see Shepherd knock it away. After that, you just have to wait for the fight to wind down. Your eyes should shift to that knife stuck in your chest. Hit the “F” key repeatedly to pull it out. Then just line up a shot on Shepherd to get a very gruesome kill.

Then just enjoy the grand finale. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 virtual museum is now open for you to visit as well. Just go to the mission select menu and pick it. You can play with all the weapons and hit a red button on the info desk to trigger them all to attack you. It’s great for a little fun.

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It’s the grand finale. You need to punch through Sheperd’s elite Shadow Force and then get through the base to finally catch Sheperd and stop him once and for all. If you need any help with the big finish, then just look here.

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