Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Endgame - Cloak and Machine gun

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Endgame - Cloak and Machine gun
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Tips and Tricks

We’re almost at the big finish. This is probably one of the most difficult missions, if you consider the firefights at the end. There’s just a few things to keep in mind to survive.

  • Listen to Price. Follow his lead and you’ll stay hidden for the first half of the mission.
  • Keep the sniper rifle. It’s very powerful and useful for the gunfights in the rest of the cave. The range is just about right.
  • If you time a grenade toss well, you can take out most of the riot shield users before they even get to you.
  • Just take your time and remember to flank. There’s usually a side path that lets you take out the bulk of the defenders.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - Just Keep Firing

t’s just like the good old days. Okay, so we’re ready to go. Follow Price up and wait for the patrol to split up. Then snipe the 2 guys on the right. You should even be able to do it with one bullet if you aim right. Price should get the 2 on the left and the dog. Go down the left side and pick a target. Price should kill the other one and the dog.

Hook onto the gate and rappel. I actually didn’t have to brake at all. Feel free to brake periodically to do it right though. Once you make it to the bottom, just let yourself descend slowly above the guard. Don’t use the brake. Soap does it automatically, so using the brake just makes you stop. Hit “E” for a cool stealth kill.

Drop down and head into the dark cave. Stick with Price and move over to the cave in the left. Once the patrol passes, snipe the lone guard. Move on out to the left and stick with Price again. Just stay crouched and pass on over to the far left. Wait for a moment and Price will give you the signal to kill the one on the left. Take him out on the count of three. Push on up the stairs and wait for Price to knife the guard at the top.

Punch Through

Drop down and get ready for things to really heat up. Switch to the assault rifle and take up a position watching the breach point. There’s a spot behind some ammo crates and next to a barrel. This gives you good cover on both sides. If you hurry, you can make it there just as they breach. Pour into them as they come through the door. You can turn on your nightvision goggles, but I found it easier to keep the goggles off and just aim at the red laser sights. If you fire wildly into the doorway, you should thin out most of the breaching force. Then kill off the rest of them to wrap it up. Go on up and out to the outer balcony.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - Use the Riot Shield Properly to Survive

Switch out the assault rifle for the riot shield. Move up in front of Price and keep facing the marker. Strafe along the cliffside and cross out onto the bridge thing. This should trigger Price to take out the first guy across from you. Wait by the stairs and he’ll fire on the next 3 that try to rush you. Switch out your shield for one of their assault rifles, and get ready to hit the next room.

If you can, throw a grenade at the spot right below where the men are rappelling into the room. You should be able to take out most of the assault troops with this trick. Then you just have to shoot the stragglers in the hand to get them to drop the shield and open themselves up. If not, then engage them briefly and cut over to the left.

Go up the path and shoot any of the advance guards that might be moving into the area. Then cut back to the right to flank all the guards and get around their riot shields. Move further into the tunnel with Price and take cover behind the ammo crates. Look over to the left and pick off the guards rappelling into the area. Just hold out for a bit until they fall back and dig into the exit. They’ll pop smoke too. Go ahead and grab the thermal scoped weapon if you want, but we’re going around it all.

Smoke and Mirrors

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - The Smoke Covered Defenses

Go up the marked exit and kill the soldier. Then go through the armory. Grab an RPG or an AT4 and use it on the first group of soldiers setting up in the intersection. The explosion should kill most of them. Then use the other to take out the bulk of the soldiers with riot shields. Use your rifle to take out the stragglers. Price will move forward to the breach point once we’re done. If you used the RPG, then remember to pick an assault rifle up before you breach.

Breach the door and mark your targets. As a side note, this is a good spot to get the “Knock-Knock” achievement. You have to take out 4 guys with 4 bullets during a breach to get it. There’s about 5 in here and one’s easy to shoot, so this is a good time to get it. Take out the soldier charging you with a knife first. Then work from left to right to pick off the other 4 guards.

Danger Close

Get inside with Price and take up a spot by the other computer across from him. Hit the keyboard as soon as Price tells you to do it. It takes the doors a few seconds to open and you only have 20 seconds to get out before the base blows up. Rush out the doors as they open. You’ll still get knocked down by the explosion, but you’ll survive.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Endgame - Shepard’s Base

Watch the little air raid take out the entire guard force outside. Shepherd just made our job a whole lot easier. Good thing he’s amoral. Everyone in the camp is either dead or dying. So just move along the right side with Price. You can run up and grab an RPG or AT4 to blow up the 2 helicopters. It’s not a huge benefit though, and it can be tough to grab it and fire in time. Either way, settle in with Price by the ammo crate and use it for cover while you pick off the 14 men who dropped in. A few will try to flank you by going to the right of the trucks. Just gun them down before they get there, or swing over and take them out. Once you’ve picked off this assault force, just jump out and charge the tunnel. 4 men will come out, but you and Price can take them out with a quick burst. Run into the tunnel to end the level and get ready for the final fight.

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