Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Enemy of My Enemy - Breaking Through

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Enemy of My Enemy - Breaking Through
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Tips and Tricks

We’re right in the middle of a battle between Makarov and Shepherd. We need to get across the junkyard and get inside the jeep. There’s a lot of little parts to this goal though.

  • Let the 2 sides fight each other. Don’t engage the enemy unless they are directly in your path.
  • Focus on staying away from the fight. Stick to the ruined airplane bodies for cover.
  • If you have to make a choice, move toward a black SUV instead of a BTR. You can always snipe the gunner on the SUV.
  • If all else fails, remember that you can run.

Cut Through the Lines

We’re back as Soap for this one. Look out the hole and start sniping some of the terrorists on the left. We need to weaken them up a little bit so that Shepherd’s men can be more effective. Kill a few and then wait for the helicopters to make a run on the BTR. Move out of the aircraft body and stick to the left. We’re heading for the next large airplane body. It’s red and over to the left side. You can hide in here if you need cover, but it doesn’t have an exit. We need to move past this and get up to the destroyed car. Kill a soldier who might be here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Enemy of My Enemy - Avoid the Enemies in the Boneyard By Flanking

There’s a Hummer with a 50. Cal on top of it just past this point. Stay low, and then lean out to snipe the gunner. Move further along the left side. There will be a few soldiers back here behind the next broken airplane. Wait a moment to gather yourself, and then sprint forward and to the left again. You won’t survive long if you try to get yourself involved in the battle. They just spawn too fast. You need to come to a stop on the left side of a shipping container. You’ll be between the container and the fence and have a good sight on the Russian position in front of you.

Gun the guys on top of the pipes down. Clear a little path and then run through the hole in the container. Take cover by a red container again and wait a moment for a truck to take out that Humvee. Hang back just a little long while Shepherd’s men launch an attack against the Russians with a helicopter.

Get to the Jeep

Once they’ve thinned each other out a bit, move along the left side. Take out the straggler or two who might be here. Keep going until you get to the broken airplane. Gun down Shepherd’s

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Enemy of My Enemy - Just a Few More Enemies Between Price and You

men inside and then jump out the top of the plane. You should slide down the slope and end up behind cover. Look to your left and clear out anyone who might be over there. Then push over to that side and get into the crashed C-130. You can move along inside and pop out of the hull. Gun down any soldiers around here. The plane should give you decent cover. Clear a path to that red shipping container in front.

Get to it and get ready to run. Sprint out and run under the wing. Then go straight up the slope next to the plane wing lying on the ground. We’ll end up right at the back of a BTR. It should have more important things on its mind though. Get into that broken airplane. Shoot or knife the men inside. There should just be one or two. Watch out though. There should be an SUV with a gunner on top. If you can shoot him now, do it. Otherwise we’ll get him in a minute.

Fly Away

We’re almost to Price’s escape point. Run out and over to the next gutted cabin. You can run under it or jump up into the raised portion. I suggest you jump up. Stick to the right side to hide from the SUV. Nail the gunner and watch the fighting by the road. The BTR should get destroyed in another few seconds and a truck should crash by the SUV. This disaster will kill you if you’re anywhere near it, so hang back. Then run straight through the enemy fire and just get to Price’s car. You’re fairly safe once you’re inside.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Enemy of My Enemy - The Jeep Escape and the Plane

Go ahead and lay down some fire on the SUV chasing you. See if you can’t take out the gunner. That will make things easier. You don’t have to worry about the gunners in the back of the truck ahead. They’ll get taken out in a minute. Take out the gunners in the truck that pulls up right beside you. Then just hang on for a little longer until you pull up on the runway.

Rook will get shot, so you have to take the wheel. The basic trick is to swing a bit to the left to push off the truck. Then correct for that to the right. Touch it back up a bit to the left and force your way past the SUV to hit the ramp and end the mission.

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