Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Loose Ends - Taking the Safehouse

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Loose Ends - Taking the Safehouse
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Tips and Tricks

This is one long mission. We have to fight through an ambush in the smoke filled forest and then breach the house successfully. After all that, we then have to defend the half-destroyed house while the intel downloads. There’s a lot to remember.

  • Stick to the left when crossing through the forest. It just seems to work better. You’re usually closer to other Task Force members and it’s a little easier to spot the Russians if you stay on the edge.
  • Breaching the house is fairly easy, as long as you remember to do the little things. Checking corners will keep you alive.
  • When it’s time to hold the house, remember to do a quick tour to remember the layout.
  • Use claymores to hold the key entry points. They’re also good alarm systems.
  • The Task Force members who are alive at the end are all in god mode, so don’t worry about them.
  • For the end, just run. Fire to clear a path, and then sprint right through the line.

The Forest Ambush

We need to take out the enemy safehouse. Sounds simple, right? Charge forward with the task force into the field. It seems that they were ready for you though. Hit “Ctrl” to get down and dodge the bulk of the shrapnel. Then turn to the left and nail the 2 guys on the ridge while you’re still in shell shock. Look forward and start firing on the men in front.

They’ll pop smoke and start pounding the valley with mortars. We need to move forward and stick to the left side of the valley. That’s where Ghost should lead most of your allies. Stick close to them if possible. Fire carefully as you move forward through the smoke. You should be able to keep them pinned if you move slowly and watch the smoke for distortions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Loose Ends - Attacking the Safe House

Stay along the left side until you come out of the smoke and into the valley. There should only be another 2 guys on the left side. Kill them and then turn to the right. Fire on the rest of the men in the trench to clear the way for the next charge.

The rest of the way should be fairly easy. All you have to do is walk through the smoke until you come out by the safehouse. Go ahead and put a few rounds into the cars to see that they’re bulletproof. They’ll just nail them with javelins down the road. Turn to the left and fire on the Russians coming out of the house. There should just be a few moving out.

Breaching the House

Go up to the house. I suggest you breach the front door with Ghost. Shoot the guard on the stairs and then gun down the 2 men next to them. The left side should be cleared by the other breaches, so turn to the right and clear out the circular room. Do a quick survey of the ground floor to make sure that you got everyone. Also, swap out the pistol for something good. I picked a shotgun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Loose Ends - Clearing the Safehouse

When you’re ready, go upstairs. Kill the soldier you should meet at the top of the steps, and then search the halls. There should be at least 1 more guy up here. Once it’s clear, breach the marked door. Just fire a few shotgun rounds and clear out the room. Head back downstairs and look for the steps to the basement. They’re next to the kitchen.

Head down and blast the 2 guys in the hallway. Go ahead and breach the door to the left. You just have to shoot 3 soldiers in the back while they run away. Turn back and breach the other door. This should just be 2 guys. Blast the one in front and turn to the left to get the other. There’s also an ammo supply in this room, so use it to stock up.

Go back up to the front door to get your confirmation. Then set the DSM transmitter down next to the marked computer. This is our timer for the defense mission.

Defending the Safehouse

Don’t worry. It’s apparently a windows file transfer, since it randomly increases and decreases. This house isn’t too hard to defend. Just get your bearings first. West is the little armory room next to the kitchen. You should go there first and grab a 240. This machine gun will make the defense a lot easier. The east is the front. The little side office tends to cover it pretty well. The north is that large circular area that Ozone should be covering.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Loose Ends - The Top of the Stairs is Perfect for Defending the Safehouse

There are 3 entrances. They can come in the open gate in the basement and up the stairs. That’s the one where we shot the 3 guys in the back. They can come through the door next to those stairs via the balcony. They can also come right in the front door.

The first wave is coming from the west. If you have them, lay down a few claymores on the steps. Then run into the outlook with all the machine guns. Use your heavy machine gun to fire on them as they come out of the woods. This gunfire and the claymores should take out most of them. When the wave runs out, turn and fire on the survivors as they come up the steps.

Things get a little hectic from here. The waves are a little irregular. Just move around and keep an eye out for the enemy. The stragglers should come in through the front door and balcony access. There should also be a half-hearted one wave through the front door. There are a few good places to camp out for the rest of the level. The top of the stairs is an excellent position. You can fall back to the bathroom if you’re hurt, and you have a line of sight on the front door and a side door they’ll use if they come up the stairs or the balcony. The only uncovered entrance is if they go through the outlook you were just in, and they’ll still have to come into view if they want to shoot at Ghost or Ozone.

You can also use Ozone or Ghost’s position, or just stay mobile. Regardless, just hang out and survive until it hits the 1500 mark. This should signal the last big wave. Some helicopters will bring more soldiers to the battlefield. Run back to the outlook and grab an RPG. Look out Ozone’s window and aim just a little bit above the helicopter’s rotor. This should bring it down and weaken the next wave.

The Big Escape

Just get back into your defensive position and hold your ground for the last big push. Remember to shoot through the closed front door. It offers no cover, but they still like to hide behind it while they stack up. Also be very careful of flashbangs. They really know how to use them. They’ll stun you and then charge. If you’re blinded, fire wildly in front of you while you fall back to the bathroom.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Loose Ends - Escaping with Ghost

You should just about fly from 1800 to 2100, so watch for the alert. Don’t just sprint down and grab the DSM though. Focus on clearing out any stragglers in front, and then carefully come down the stairs and gun down anyone in the outlook. Grab the DSM and run straight out of the front door. Sprint forward and down the path to the right to move toward the landing zone.

At the 100 meter mark, you’ll run into mortars and an ambush. Just clear a path and sprint forward to the 50 meter mark. You should get hit by a mortar. When you start to wake up, help cover Ghost by firing at anyone chasing you. The air support will take out most of them though. Once you get to the helicopter, you just have to sit back and watch the cutscene.

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