Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Whiskey Hotel - Taking the White House

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Whiskey Hotel - Taking the White House
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Tips & Tricks

This is the real mission hiding behind Second Sun. We need to storm the White House and then punch through to the rooftop to pop a green flare and save the day. It’s a lot of tough fighting in very tight quarters. Just keep the following in mind.

  • Treat the charge to the White House just like a beach landing. Stay low and behind the barriers to survive.
  • Remember to move quickly and flank enemies.
  • You’re in close quarters anyway, so melee attacks are always an option for a lightning strike.
  • The only solid cover is metal. Remember that.
  • There may not be a timer in the corner, but the 2 minute deadline is serious. If you can’t fight through to the stairwell, then you’ll get caught in Hammer Down.

Storming the White House

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Whiskey Hotel - Taking the Press Room

Move through the bunker to the exit point and join in the battle. This is D-Day, the lawn is the beach, and the White House is the bunker line. We need to use the tank barriers as cover against the machine gun fire. Move forward along the trench line, but mainly cut to the left. I would suggest sticking to the trench, but I always had better luck by following the fence to the left, even though it leaves you a little more exposed to the machine guns. If you’re hurt, then take cover behind a barrier. You need to go to the crashed Soviet helicopter. If you stay back, then you shouldn’t draw too much fire. There should also only be about 5 soldiers by the crash. Take them out on the run.

Get to the Oval Office and take cover by the truck. Go around to the left to flank the Russian position and gun them down from the side. Peek inside and fire to clear the way and realize that you’ve got a lot of fire coming in on you. We really need to get to the roof.

Stopping Hammer Down

Wait for Dunn to open a door and start the next big part of the fight. The first area is split between 2 rooms. There are Russians to the left and right, so just get behind something solid and use your shotgun to take them out. Clear out both rooms and feel free to use a few grenades. Go straight through to make it to the press conference area. Start clearing the press room as best as you can. Focus your gunfire and try to stay close to the rangers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Whiskey Hotel - The Last Russian Guard Post

Your goal is to get over to the press stands and metal monitors in your way. Kill the 2 Russians that charge forward to the left side. Once that’s done, you can basically just settle in at this safezone. Lay down steady gunfire to thin out the Russians at the other end of the room. Once you’ve got a path cleared out, you can move over to the left side and go out. Take cover behind one of the garden walls. There should be about 3 guys near your position, if the rangers didn’t kill them already. 3 more should rappel down the White House to get on the roof opposite of you. Take them out as they descend for a few easy kills. 2 more should come out at the end of this little path. Kill them. You should then be able to charge down to the end and flank the remaining Russians.

We’re close to the time limit, but it shouldn’t be any problem if we just follow Foley and hustle a bit. Get up the ramp and kill the Russians at the top. Then spin around and quickly gun down this final position. There should be about 5 guys spread through the area. Stay back by the ramp and snipe any enemies that you can, then gun them down with a simple charge. Sprinting up and stabbing a guy is also surprisingly effective. Get up the steps in back to meet up with the other team on the roof. Follow the marked soldier out to wave your green flares and call off Hammer Down.

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