Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
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Get Tooled Up

You are going to have to kill a lot of people in order to successfully complete Modern Warfare 2 and there are lots of ways to do it. The single player campaign stretches across various countries and environments, so you can change weapons quite frequently as you adapt to each new situation. For more on the game check out the Modern Warfare 2 review or if you’re struggling with the campaign try the walkthrough. In this article we’ll examine the guns, explosives and special items at your fingertips.

The basic weapon set is mostly standard first-person shooter equipment with typical categories like sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and RPGs but there are some important distinctions and a few surprise extras. You can carry two guns plus explosives and in the single player there are special options like painting targets for the Stryker armoured combat vehicle.


You are rarely without a gun in Modern Warfare 2 but sometimes you will want to kill quietly or will be so close to the enemy that it is easier to do a melee attack. You can always hit E to strike with the butt of your gun.

  • Knife – for up close and personal wet work without a sound.
  • Throwing Knife – aim carefully and you’ll get an instant kill.
  • Ice Picks – meant for climbing in the campaign these are effective murder tools as well.
  • Riot Shield – ideal for blocking fire but you can’t wield a weapon while you have the shield, however if you get close you can hit enemies in the head with it to kill them.

Hand Guns

All of the hand guns are semi-automatic. The ammunition count is listed for each one. You’ll have a hand gun as your secondary weapon by default but I’d recommend switching it out for something else as soon as you get the option. The M9 is my pick.

  • USP .45 – 12
  • Colt .44 Magnum – 6
  • M9 - 15
  • M1911 – 7
  • Desert Eagle – 7

Machine Pistols

These aren’t massively accurate but for close quarters combat when you want to spray a room they do the trick nicely and they’re fun to use. The ammunition counts are listed again but remember you can get extended magazines. I like the Glock best.

  • Glock 18 – 17
  • PP-2000 - 30
  • TMP - 15
  • M93 Raffica - 15

Assault Rifles

These are great general purpose weapons and with various attachments they can be adapted to fit almost any situation. The ammunition counts are listed again but remember you can get extended magazines. I have affection for the AK-47 but it probably isn’t your best option to be honest.

  • M4A1 - 30
  • FAMAS - 30
  • SCAR-H - 20
  • TAR-21 - 30
  • FN FAL - 20
  • M16A4 - 30
  • ACR - 30
  • FN F2000
  • AK-47 - 30

Sniper Rifles

Some folk just love to snipe, everyone else hates them. If you like to find a nest and settle down to pick off enemies from a distance then you’ll want one of these. Just make sure you have a good back up weapon because the clips are small and the reload times are long. The Dragunov is my pick but you won’t find it in the multiplayer.

  • Intervention - 5
  • Barrett .50 - 10
  • WA2000 - 6
  • M21 EBR – 10
  • Dragunov - 10

Sub-Machine Guns

Need lots of bullets and a high rate of fire? These are for you. The ammunition counts are listed but remember you can get extended magazines. The P90 is the best option here.

  • Mini Uzi – 32
  • MP5K - 30
  • UMP 45 - 25
  • TDI Vector
  • P90 - 50


Stopping power and close range spray, the shotgun is best for tight areas. If you need to clear out a building, go for a shotgun but remember it is useless even at mid range. Reload times are long so take cover before reloading and remember you can increase these ammo counts with extended magazines. My pick is the AA-12.

  • SPAS-12 - 8
  • AA-12 - 8
  • Striker - 12
  • Ranger - 2
  • M1014 - 8
  • Model 1887 - 5

Light Machine Guns

These are described as light machine guns in comparison to fixed heavy guns. They are in fact the biggest guns on the list apart from the rocket launchers. They have huge ammunition counts but need to be handled with care to be effective. I like the RPD.

  • L86 LSW - 100
  • RPD - 100
  • MG4 - 100
  • M240 - 100

Rocket and Grenade Launchers

Great for taking out vehicles or overkill on guys. Rocket Launchers have low ammunition counts and slow reload rates, but for taking out some vehicles they are your only option. I like the RPG-7 because you just point and shoot. There’s no targeting hassles or lock on required.

  • AT4 - 1
  • M79 Thumper [grenade launcher] - 1
  • FIM-92 Stinger - 1
  • RPG-7 - 1
  • FGM-148 Javelin - 1


All sorts of explosive devices can be used to your advantage in Modern Warfare 2. Grenades are always useful and claymores are awesome for setting up a defensive perimeter.

  • Flashbangs – blind your enemies then shoot them.
  • Stun Grenades – not as good as flashbangs because they have a shorter range.
  • Smoke Grenades – great for laying down cover.
  • Frag Grenades – ideal for blowing up the enemy, but just watch out they don’t throw it back.
  • Semtex – set charges for bigger explosions.
  • Claymore – great defensive trip mines.
  • C4 – more rigged explosive fireworks for big bangs.

Gun Attachments

The attachments offer all kinds of useful extras and can make a difference to your basic weapons.

  • Akimbo – this allows you to dual wield hand guns, machine pistols and even sub machine guns.
  • Grenade Launcher – handy for quick grenade fire.
  • Red Dot Sight – stay on target.
  • Silencer – great for the sniper rifle especially.
  • ACOG Scope – zoom in to see the whites of their eyes.
  • FMJ – shoot through armor, cars and even walls.
  • Shotgun – beef up your assault rifle.
  • Holographic Sight – not my favourite.
  • Heartbeat Sensor – very handy for spotting enemies.
  • Thermal Scope – great when visibility is limited.
  • Extended Magazines – more bullets equals more kills.
  • Grip – reduced recoil.
  • MARS Sight – never miss.
  • Rapid Fire – increase your rate of fire.

Choose your Weapons

There may one or two omissions from the list so if you’ve used something else in game post a comment and I’ll update the article. There are also a few guns that only appear in the single player Campaign or the Special Ops missions. For multiplayer you’ll need to work to earn your upgrades and unlock weapons. Let us know what your favourites are.


All references and screenshots from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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