Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Contingency

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Contingency
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Tips and Tricks

There’s a nice break between sneaking and fighting for this mission. We need to get past all the Russian patrols and then fight our way into the base. There’s also a big defense mission at the end.

  • Stay low and move carefully in the first part. Listen to Price and you’ll be fine.
  • Once you get to the action, remember to use the predator as often as possible.

Like a Ghost

Well, we get a new special mission with Captain Price. Move forward with him along the road after he finds you. Stay low and watch out for the patrol up ahead. Move up to the tree on the right with him, and then hit the dirt until he gives you the all clear. Step out and pick off one of the men smoking. He’ll hit the other.

Advance a bit further until he stops you again. You need to take out the dog and his handler. Shoot the dog in the back and then hit the handler before he spots you. Advance across the bridge with Price until he comes to a stop. When the BTR pulls up, sprint across the road with Price. Just keep running forward until Price tells you that you’re safe.

We need to avoid the patrols for now. Stick to the tree on the right to stay out of sight. Then hang back again to avoid the dog patrol. There’s a 3 man patrol near you. We might as well take them out. Put a shot through the chest of the man on the right. It should go through and kill the man behind him too. Then nail the very confused soldier on the left.

Advance a bit further to catch up to the dog patrol. Get by the tree with Price and snipe the 2 men on the right when he gives the signal. He’ll take out the dog and the handler this time. Go up a bit more and stop by the road. You can try to snipe the dog patrol here, or you can wait for them to pass. Price will follow them up that back path and he should get the drop on them as they circle back to the road. Help him nail the dogs and pick off any stragglers.

The Submarine Base

Move on up to the next slope and pull out the predator drone controls. This is pretty short lived though. Drop down and get to the little armory by the ammo crates. Go ahead and swap out the pistol for a shotgun or a sub-machine gun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Contingency - Clearing the Submarine Base

Get up to the site of the destroyed SAM. Look forward and engage the men behind the sandbags. Just snipe them. Make sure that one of them doesn’t slip down to the left of you. Move forward to the side of the house with Price. Stay here and soften up the Russians as best as you can. Then go up to the green house. This spot will protect you against the guards ahead and let you work on the Russians moving up. Also focus on the guards moving across the low rooftop to flank you.

Move out and use the sniper rifle to wear away the men at the back. Once you manage to clear a path, you can go down the road and finally make it to the submarine base. Use the second predator drone to blow up the helicopter on the roof. If you shoot quickly, you’ll take out the vehicles too. Move into the base and fire on the soldiers in your way, but listen carefully for Soap. He’ll report in when another missile is ready. One should be ready to go as you enter the base, so get somewhere safe and fire a missile at a cluster of soldiers. There should be one by the gas truck.

Keep pushing forward. Use the sniper rifle and the predator drone to clear out a path up to the fence. Go through and use the destroyed vehicles for cover. Save your predator missile and use it on the truck that should pull up in a minute. Fire on the next group and cross over the halfway point. Get through that little garage to get close to the submarine.

We have to hold the sub pen. Fire a missile right into the middle of the convoy that pushes up. That should kill the bulk of the first wave. The second one will probably come before your predator is ready again. Just fire it into the cluster as soon as possible. The third wave comes right down the docks next to the submarine. Fire on the soldiers and watch as the silos open and one big missile launches.

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