Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Of Their Own Accord - Clearing the Way

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Of Their Own Accord - Clearing the Way
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Tips and Tricks

There’s a lot going on for this one. We need to punch through the Russian defense, clear their crow’s nest, use that crow’s nest against them, and then join the fight in a helicopter. Let’s keep a few things in mind.

  • Like always, a shotgun is useful for tight quarters. A Striker is particularly nice, and most of the Russians will drop one.
  • There is very little actual cover for the Russians. You can shoot through just about every barricade. Use this well.
  • Remember to account for target movement when firing a thermal rifle. You need to aim a little bit in front to score a hit.
  • The crow’s nest is easy to defend as long as you are ready to ambush the advance.
  • Just fire at anything that moves with the minigun. It will take out just about anything, including structures.

Finding the Crow’s Nest

Walk through the evac site until you get to the exit. Follow Foley outside for one heck of a charge. You can also take a look at the wreckage of D.C. If you want. Follow Foley forward along the trenches. Once you get close enough, you’ll be ready to engage the enemies in what is apparently the Department of Commerce. Wait for the signal and then break to the left. Follow Foley up through the door on the left. Rush forward and take cover behind the big desk or the ammo crates.

Use your M4A1 to clear out the balcony. Just keep up the fire. Foley and his men should be able to clear the floor. Advance a bit more and curve on over to the left. Advance into the courtyard and fire through the windows on the Russians inside. Take cover and then advance inside to the ammo crates. Don’t rush in just yet. Move along the windows and fire through the windows at the Russians in the hallway. You might as well take care of them now. Also, you should probably trade out the pistol for a shotgun. It might come in handy for the close quarters up ahead.

Move down the hallway and take cover by the big desk on the left. There should be one more guy waiting in ambush down the hallway to the right. The door in front of you should also have one guy behind it doing blindfire. Send a few rounds through the door to take him out. Then quickly spin right and kill the Russian watching the stairs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Of Their Own Accord - Fighting Through to the Crow’s Nest

Head on up another level. We’re on the balcony to the entrance area, which should still be fairly clear. Watch the right side for any Russians you might have missed the first time. Then follow Foley down the balcony and up another level.

We have to do some more room clearing. Be very wary of Russians hiding in the corners as you clear the little offices. We need to cut out a little path to the enemy crow’s nest. Just follow Foley or one of the rangers forward until you get to it. Get a full clip and look inside. Gun down the first 2 soldiers on the right, then curve to the left and see if you can hit a few more. Fall back to reload and then swing back in to take out any of the survivors.

Holding the Crow’s Nest

The first evac helicopters should fly out, but we’re not ready to leave just yet. Jump onto the sniper rifle and scan the horizon. Use “W” to zoom it out. You need to nail all the soldiers with javelin missiles. Focus on the stationary soldiers first, then take out the rest moving around. Remember to lead them by a little bit, since your bullet has a little way to travel.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Of Their Own Accord - Defending the Crow’s Nest Breach

Once the last one goes down, you need to jump off and go to the sand bags behind you. Fire on the soldiers rushing in to flank you. Just keep taking them out as they jump over the sandbags. The only danger is that the men in the room on the left can get into a good firing position. Don’t forget about them. Once you’ve stemmed the first wave, you need to grab a javelin and get ready to blow some stuff up.

The green arrows point at all possible targets, so just line it up and wait for the lock. You should get some attention from an enemy helicopter after you take out the first few. Just hit the ground behind the sandbags and wait for it to pass. Once you’ve taken out about 4 vehicles, you should be ready to go.

A Fighting Retreat

We need to run up to the rooftop. Go up to the doors, but watch the right hallway as they breach them. About 3 Russians should charge in, so ambush them. Then start moving up the steps. When you make it to the top, a Russian should pop out from behind the door to ambush you. Just blast him. Make it to the rooftop and follow the waypoints to the helicopter. Jump in and get on the minigun. We’ve got a little more fighting to do.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Of Their Own Accord - The Helicopter Ride to the WW2 Memorial

Go ahead and fire on some stuff with the minigun while you move. The big fight is at the WW2 memorial. Fire on the 2 towers with the soldiers on top. Just nail the area and bring the whole thing down around them. Then try to take out the vehicles and the helicopter in the center. The helicopter should give you a nice pass of the men outside. Just keep firing and focus on the center line. You should rip it to shreds.

Hang on after the first hit. If you want, fire on the windows in the Department of Justice to knock out the RPG soldiers. Fire on the rooftops to hit some of the SAM sites before you get shot down. When you regain consciousness, use the rifle in short bursts to take out Russians on the right. You’ll only get one more magazine, so conserve your fire. You should be able to score a few kills before things fade to white.

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