Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Gulag - Getting into Jail

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Gulag - Getting into Jail
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Tips & Tricks

This isn’t an ordinary prison break. It’ll start off as a sniping mission, but you’ll eventually end up in a lot of close combat with a lot of guards. Just keep a few things in mind.

  • The sniper rifle should absolutely dominate the prison yard. Use it well.
  • Once inside, it’s still useful for some combat. Hang onto it for medium range battles. If you pair it with a shotgun, then it’s a decent combo. Assault rifles will work too though, for anyone who doesn’t like sniping.
  • Stay alert and be ready to run in the shower room. Between the riot shield users and the guards in the balcony, it can get rough.

Aerial Assault

Hang on and wait until you approach the gulag itself. You’ll get a note about snipers being ready to fire. Focus on knocking out the 3 guards in the first tower. Then take out the next 4 after you shift to the right. The 3rd tower will be taken out by a little close air support. After that, just hang on and wait until you land.

Jump out and follow the soldiers over. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the guards on the wall. Advance up to the artillery piece by the barbed wire fence. Just hang on for a second, while Soap calls in air support for the large group of soldiers. A helicopter will fly in and severely soften them up. Use your sniper rifle to mop up the rest. Remember that it can shoot through the weak wall.

Advance into the next courtyard and finish off the soldiers remaining. Once the area is clear, you’ll head down into the tunnels. Snipe the 4 guards in the control room, but be very careful of grenades. Those are just about a guaranteed kill in these tight spaces. You’re better off sprinting forward if they get one close to you that you can’t throw back.

With the computer search beginning, you and Soap need to clear the cells. Switch out the sniper rifle. We need something for close combat now. Just about anything will do really, but you might as well stick with the default rifle for now.

Clearing the Jail

Clear out the first area, and make sure you get the 3 guys in the cell on the right. Advance and fire through the bars to take out the next group in the cell block. You’ll need to cross through the armory next, so do it. Head in and look at the weaponry. Feel free to upgrade anything you want. There isn’t much necessarily worth getting though.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Gulag - Clearing the Jail

Wait and notice that you’re caught in a total ambush. Try to keep the first wave back with some basic fire. You have no hope against the second. Grab the riot shield on the rack and use it. If you put your back against the weapon rack, it should shield you from the insane amount of gunfire until the door is opened. Follow Soap out and get to the next cell block.

I did quite well with this part using the sniper rifle. Anything accurate will work though. Cover Soap’s advance and take out the soldiers while he distracts them. Then advance up and get to the rappel point. Drop down and turn to the only exit.

A Little Wet Work

Turn on the night vision goggles and look down the tunnel to the right. Engage the group of soldiers and keep firing. They should be fairly confused, so it’s not hard to take them out quickly. Go to the end of the hallway for another meeting with some friendly fire. Then pop off the goggles and clear the tunnel. There are just a few men, so it shouldn’t be any problem.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Gulag - The Shower Room

Go further down and into the catwalk by the pipes. Kill the few guards left on the catwalk, but don’t chase the ones at the end. They should step out into the next area and set up an ambush for you. As soon as the wall on the right side of the catwalk ends, turn to the right and quickly take out the 3 guys waiting for you.

Advance and regroup for another breach. There’s several guys in the shower area. Just take out whoever you can and move into the room. I found the riot shield to be surprisingly effective right here. Regardless, if you haven’t swapped it out by now, you should. Try to get a shotgun.

Some heavy assault troops will move into the shower room as you advance. The only way to counter them is to give them a good blast from the side with a shotgun. Their riot shield won’t protect them against being outflanked. The shotgun also has a good chance of nicking them on an unprotected spot and getting them to drop their guard.

The most important thing to remember is that you can fall back to the first room. Use grenades to clear the guards off of the balcony and use the shotgun to wear away at the assault troops. Once the room is finally clear, advance with Soap. Just sprint forward and drop down the hole into the tunnel system. Follow Soap down the tunnel until you end up at the breach point. Don’t bother trying to take out the soldier. Prisoner 627 has it all taken care of. It’s good to see our old friend.

Run on out to try and reach the helicopter. You won’t be able to outrun the collapse though. Follow them down the other path into the central room. You’ll be hit in the head with debris, but that’s basically just the signal. Once you come to, just hook into the SPIE line and ride it out of the gulag.

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