Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday
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Tips and Tricks

We’re doing special ops work on an oil rig this time. There are hostages needing a rescue and a full battle in the smoke. So, keep a few things in mind.

  • Stay close to Soap. He usually flanks the enemy on his own, so following his paths should let you get the drop on your enemies.
  • Watch your fire when breaching. Scan the room before you start shooting.
  • If worse comes to worse in the final battle, just stay low and watch for men charging through the smoke.

Cloak and Dagger

It seems like we’ve got a little adventure for this one. Enjoy the submarine ride, and then get ready for some stealth work. Edge forward and hit “E” to pull the soldier into the water and knife him. Then get out of the water and head up the steps after Soap. He’ll warn you about a guard ahead. Just pop him in the head with your silenced rifle. Advance a bit fu

rther and pick a door. I suggest the one closest to you with Soap. Breach the door.

Everything will slip into slow motion during the breach. Move from left to right and gun down the 3 guards before they kill the hostages. The other team will be successful with their door, so don’t worry. We just have a few more to go.

Head on up the stairs again and move out onto the deck. There’s a helicopter making the rounds, so hide behind the crates when Soap warns you. Advance up and breach the next office. Take the first door and gun down the 2 men holding the hostages. Then nail the gunman in the center. Plant C4 on the body as instructed, then fall back to the scaffolding. Climb up with Soap and then wait for his signal. Blow up the C4 and then help him take out the rest of the patrol.

Not So Secret

Advance up and around the corner. Stick close to him and use the metal beams for cover. Crouch behind the set of bars in the center, right where Soap usually takes cover. Grab the RPG and turn to the left. The helicopter is coming around for an attack run. Line up a nice shot and blow it out of the sky right before it opens fire.

With the helicopter gone, just focus on mopping up the Russians. Make sure that no one is waiting to the right. They can flank you easily from the side room. Then blow up the gas tanks ahead of you to thin out the Russians. Follow Soap through the side room and kill the few Russians in here. Then advance a bit further.

You need to listen to Soap and split up. Clear a path through the soldiers and then climb the stairs. Swing around and ambush the group of 5 soldiers rushing down the platform toward the main group. Then link back up and charge up the stairs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Oil Rig - Smoke Battle

There’s a big battle coming up though. The Russians will pop smoke and use their thermal vision scopes to take you out. You’ll have to do the same to them. Stick to the right side. It has more cover and Ghost usually sticks around to watch your back. Keep an eye on your surroundings for Russians moving up on the sides. The focus is at the end of the platform though. Use a thermal scope to wear away at the gunman on the balcony behind the smoke. There should be about 7 or 8 in the windows. Once you take them out, it’s easy to mop up the men on the ground.

You’ll get a special note that the hostages are possibly wired with explosives, once the area is clear and ready for breaching. Go up and breach the closest door. The entire room is filled with explosives, so watch your fire. There are 4 soldiers. One is right in front of you and will do a melee charge. Nail him and the soldier right next to him. Then hit the 2 in back. If the furthest one back is too difficult to hit, remember that you can still aim down the sight. It will just seem really slow. Once the men are dead, you’re done.

Follow Soap out and jump onto the helicopter to finish up the level.

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