Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Exodus - Getting to Arcadia

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Exodus - Getting to Arcadia
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Tips & Tricks

We’re in a full scale war for this one. We’ve got a lot of ground to clear and a lot of hardware backing us up.

  • Remember that you have the full firepower of a Stryker behind you. Remember to laze as many targets as possible.
  • Using the lazer on a transport helicopter will shoot it down.
  • It’s usually a good idea to let the Stryker cover one side of the street while you hit the other.
  • Take the road less travelled. If Foley goes through the front door of a house, hit the garage.
  • When facing the Russian sentry gun, just get close and put a few rounds into it.
  • Be very careful. House clearing is very dangerous. Make sure that you check your corners and that you always look at the balcony behind you when entering a large room.

A Nice Neighborhood

There’s a lot of stuff happening around us. For now, move down the left side of the street to avoid a lot of gunfire from the Russian positions in the houses. Stay on the left sidewalk and then curve over to help Sgt. Foley take the first house. The rangers should already have most of it done.

Get up onto this first porch. Use this position to flank the red house. Jump over and leap up onto the next porch. Look inside and clear out the 3 Russians. Move on out and begin the attack on the big yellow house

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Exodus - Russian Defenses in the Yellow House

. If the rangers aren’t already inside, blow up the black car in the garage to take out the first grouping. Then advance inside and flank the group holding the living room. If you’re quick, they’ll be too busy fighting the frontal attack to bother you. Just make sure you watch the right side, since there’s usually one waiting to ambush you.

Advance a bit further and get ready to really play with your new toy. You can use the laser to direct the Stryker’s heavy machine gun fire. Rush forward and down the street up until the fire truck. Wait a moment for the squad to catch up, but watch the sky. There should be 2 helicopters flying in to drop off a bunch of troops. Use the laser to target the helicopters. As soon as one starts to go down, target the other. This will save us some trouble.

The Path to Arcadia

The next step is to take the apartment complex back from the Russians. The problem is that this one goes into chaos really fast. Target the security offices and then push forward to the left. Be careful and try to watch out for any stragglers in the parking lot. Foley usually takes care of them, but you can’t depend on it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Exodus - The Sentry Gun at The Checkpoint

Look to the back left and fire through the boards to kill the 2 soldiers firing RPGs. This will let the Stryker advance easier. We now need to take out the large security checkpoint up ahead. Rush back to the street. There should be another helicopter flying to the big circle ahead of you. Target it, and then get ready for a charge. The sentry gun at the top should still be a big danger, unless a ranger managed to land a few hits on it.

Have the Stryker fire on the security office in the front left. Charge forward along the right side until you get to the concrete barriers. Put a few rounds into the ammo holder for the sentry gun to put it out of commission. Turn to the right and see whether the 3 Russians in front of the garden are alive. If so, correct that problem. From this point onward, just focus on staying in this little safespot and keeping the Russians pinned. Use the Stryker on the center checkpoint and just keep pushing forward. You should be able to knock out a few stragglers in the back security areas and then clear the way to Arcadia.


Follow the Stryker into the neighborhood and get ready for one last big push. Sgt. Foley should be able to cover the left side. We’ll take the right. Use the Stryker to help clear a path as usual. Take a turn to the right and get into the garage. Kill the 2 Russians in here and then get upstairs to flank the soldiers in the street. Head on back out and keep advancing. You just have to get past a few more houses. Remember to use your grenades. We’re almost done, so there’s no reason to hold back.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Exodus - Taking Back Arcadia

The Stryker will make it to the end of the street and then you’re on your own. Sgt. Foley should go in through the front door, so we’ll take the garage first. Go in and kill the first 2 guards on the ground, then storm upstairs and flank around to the front door. Make it into the living room. There’s one soldier on the balcony behind you. Take him out and advance to the stairs. Foley should already be in the basement by the garage. If he’s not, then just follow him down. There’s a guard in the bathroom overlooking the stairs, so turn around and take him out before you go down. Mop up any survivors from the battle and relink with Foley. Head on out the backdoor to see the Anti-Aircraft guns. Use the laser to pinpoint both sights and then watch the fireworks.

Once they’re gone, follow Foley across the next bridge to your final objective. Go around the wreckage and get into the house. Go ahead and gun down the one Russian soldier looking through the refrigerator. Then go upstairs with Foley to find that your VIP is DOA. Grab the briefcase to finish up the level.

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