Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Hornet's Nest

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - The Hornet's Nest
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Tips & Tricks

There’s not much to say about this one. Just move carefully through the streets and punch through each of their defensive positions. For the very end, you just have to follow the waypoints and run like the devil is at your heels. That’s all there is really.

A Bit of a Charge

We’ve got one heck of an escape ahead of us. Go up the street and settle in with Soap for a bit of a firefight. Focus on taking out the men on the left side of the street. That’s our next area of cover, so we need to clear it out now. Advance up to the little alcove to the left along with Soap and lay down some fire on the last few guards to the left.

Start working on the guards to the right while you advance up a bit. There’s a little bit of metal sticking out before you get out into the street. Wait here for a moment. There should be 2 technicals (a truck with a machine gun) coming down the streets. Stay out of the street, or you’ll get hit by the first one. If you can manage the shot, take out the gunner on the back of it while it passes. Then focus on the technical in front. Pick off the gunner. This should be enough to wrap up the battle here. Follow Soap down the street and pick off the stragglers. Then go down the street.

Gun down the 4 men you should see running down the streets. See if you can also take out the 3 men on top of the rooftops. This makes the next fight a little easier. Curve around to the left and take out the stragglers taking up positions down the street. One of them may drop a FAL. If so, then pick it up. It’s a great weapon for this level.

Round the corner for another running fight. Take cover by the cars and fire on the guards in the upper windows. Try to clear them out with a few shots while the rest of your squad takes out the men on the ground. Advance a little bit more to the next alley. Go up and kill the few men moving out by the car and balcony. Then curve to the left and fire down the streets.

The Markets

Be very careful over this next block. There are a ton of cars in the streets and they really like to blow up during the gunfight. Blow a few up yourself and use the damaged bodies as cover. We’re not going to fight up the next street. Go into the apartment at the end and take out a few men inside. Then go up the steps and kill the guy on the balcony. You should be in a good firing position on the intersection. Clear a good path for Soap and Ghost, then move up the street.

Kill the men behind the barrels. There should just be a few of them. Once they’re cleared out, move on over to their position and start taking out the guards on the left side of the street. Scan the balconies for guard posts. Also keep an eye on the right side of the map. There should be a technical down there, so snipe the gunner.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Hornet’s Nest - The Markets

That should just about clear the entrance to the market for the next attack. As a side note, you can kill 7 chickens in 10 seconds for an achievement. There should be some big cages stacked together at the end with at least 8. So just use your burst fire. The attack on the market is pretty easy. Aggressively move from stall to stall and take out the guards throughout the market. He who dares wins, so move hard and fast.

Push forward through the little house and get to the landing zone. It’s too hot, so just fire at the riflemen on the rooftops to clear a path. Run forward and get up top with your squad. Run along the rooftops and make the big jump. Although it seems like Soap doesn’t have you this time.

Get up and get ready to run. Go straight through the house and out the door. Move straight along the rooftops and get over to the big drop off. Move right along the wall and drop down to the path below. Cut back across the roof and get over to the last little shack. Dash straight through it and make a leap of faith toward the helicopter to wrap up the mission.

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