Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Wolverines! - The Fight for the Suburbs and Defending Nate's Dinner

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Wolverines! - The Fight for the Suburbs and Defending Nate's Dinner
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Tips and Tricks

This is a fairly long defense mission and we’ll have to do a lot. Besides the basics of sticking to covering and aiming carefully, there are a few things to remember.

  • Grab a Striker shotgun from a Russian soldier at one point. You’ll need it for close quarters.

  • Rush up to the rooftop of Nate’s Diner as soon as Foley yells it out. You have to protect that Sentry gun, or it might be taken out by stray rounds before the battle even starts.

  • Don’t worry about Russians getting out of the smoke field. You can always ambush them as they try to climb the ladders.

  • Remember to sprint across the streets when you have to take new buildings. You don’t want to get hit by stragglers.

  • Don’t use a normal car for cover. Blow it up and then use the wreckage for cover. Having to run away from a burning car in the middle of a firefight isn’t fun.

  • As soon as you get the predator drone control device, use it. Keep using it as often as possible and remember to get behind cover before you open it up.

There Goes The Neighborhood

We have one heck of a battle ahead of us. Jump out of the car and go into the alley on the right to get away from the BTR. Move through the backyards to avoid its cannon fire. Stay behind the cover of the houses and cross back into the street once again with Foley. Pop a smoke grenade on top of the BTR. Wait for it to spread and then follow Foley. Stick to the sidewalk on the left and then cross in front of it by the blockade. Get over into the alley and take cover behind the dumpster.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Wolverines! - The BTR In The Suburbs

Gun down the 5 men in the alley. Just do a line of gunfire along them. Go ahead and switch out the pistol for a Striker shotgun here. There’s no benefit to keep the pistol. Push forward down another alley and take cover by the trash can. Kill the 2 Russians covering the end of the alley, then blow up the cars in the parking lot to take out all the soldiers hiding behind them. Move forward with your squad and strafe the gas station. There should be a few soldiers inside. Try to take them out through the windows.

With this post clear, we need to cross the street and get to Nate’s Diner. That’s the defense post with a VIP. Cross the street, but watch out for any Russians who are still left. Get inside the kitchen and climb up the ladder to get up on the roof. We need to hold our position for a little bit.

Holding Nate’s Dinner

If you hurry and you’re lucky, then the sentry gun should still be alive. It can lay down a lot of fire and be a big help. It can also die after just a few hits, so enjoy it while it lasts. Protecting it is practically random luck. We have 2 other big defense options though. There are some claymores by the sentry gun. Pick them up and deploy a few by the ladder in the kitchen and the ladder on the outside edge. There’s also a thermal scoped rifle that you can use to fire through the smoke.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Wolverines! - Holding Nate’s Diner

The first wave comes from over by the Taco To Go. The sentry’s in a good position already. You just need to snipe them as they come through the fog. Don’t worry too much about it though. The worst thing that will happen is that they’ll climb the ladders and get onto the roof. If you’re keeping an eye on the ladders and using claymores, then they’ll actually be easier to kill this way. Either way, just stay low and hold on for a bit. After about 10-15 men, the wave will break.

The second wave comes from the other side. Drag the sentry over there if it’s still working and get ready to repeat it. Relay the claymores and use the thermal sight again. This wave actually isn’t that bad, so you should be fine. Once it’s over, the roof will start to take fire. Listen to Foley and get off of the roof. Get out and get ready to cross the street.

A Predator in the Night

There are 2 BTRs patrolling the road and a few Russians. Our goal is the other diner across the street with a few Russians on guard duty. It’s possible to use the RPGs that the dead Russians should have on them to destroy the BTRs. One hit will do it. It’s your call. If you’re having a lot of trouble getting over to the diner, then you might want to do a quick search for one.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Wolverines! - Getting the Predator Drone Control Device

If you don’t want to blow them up, then you need to take cover behind a destroyed car in the parking lot. Wait for the BTRs to pass and run out behind them. Get across the street and behind a car. If you’re lucky, the BTRs won’t lock in on you. Then use your shotgun to clear out the windows in the diner. Push in with your squad to clean up any survivors. Be careful though, since another 2 should charge in through the back door. Remember to ambush them. Grab the predator drone controls and get behind cover. Use these controls to send a missile into each of the BTRs, if they aren’t destroyed already. You can also use this on any cluster of soldiers outside.

Start crossing the street to trigger one heck of an air strike on Nate’s. It looks like we have to get a new safehouse. Push forward and get behind a sign or a pillar. Use the predator to soften up the outside of the Burger Town. You can’t hurt the guys inside, but you can blow out the windows and get a few of the outer guards.

Holding the Burger Town

Advance with the squad and gun down the guards through the windows. Do a quick sweep to finish them off. Lie down and get ready to use the predator drone again. Foley is carrying Raptor over on his back, and we have to protect him. Use the missiles on a few clusters to clear the way for him. You can also use the rifle if you want, it doesn’t matter.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Wolverines! - Defending Burger Town and Raptor

It’s time to hold our ground again. You can use the predator repeatedly to nail large clusters of soldiers moving in on your position. Just aim at dead center and enjoy the easy kills. After a few very large clusters, your predator will get shot down. We have to handle the last wave all by ourselves.

You have 2 choices. You can take up a spot in the restaurant or by the parked cars and fire at them from the ground level, or you can go up the ladder and use your rifle on the rooftop to pick them off too. Either way, just outlast the wave until they fall back. I personally liked the rooftop better, since it was much harder to be flanked.

A Big Finish

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Wolverines! - Destroying the Enemy Helicopters

We aren’t done just yet though. Run across the street and get to the diner. There’s a helicopter coming and we really need a Stinger missile. Grab the stinger out of the box and look outside. The helicopter should actually be lining up on the diner. Get a lock on it and fire. Remember to pick up your old weapon that you dropped for the stinger. If you miss, then you’ll have to basically skip to the next part and start working on the next supply of Stingers.

Either way, rush across the street and get back into the ruins of Nate’s. Get your shotgun out and be ready. There is a huge wave coming in from the Taco To Go. That’s right next to the Nate’s. They’ll probably storm the kitchen as we enter. Get inside and blow away any Russians that try to get through the door. Then climb the ladder to the rooftop. There are a few Stingers up here. Just pick one up and get a lock on the helicopter through the smoke. Blow it up and then grab a rifle for one last defense. Take out the guys in the Taco To Go parking lot. The convoy is coming around back and we’ll need a clear path to it. Drop down and sprint across the parking lots. As soon as you get inside the Humvee, you should be safe.

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