Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Takedown

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Takedown
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Tips and Tricks

This is my least favorite mission and it’s tough to write a walkthrough.

  • Just push through. This is a run-and-gun mission. If you stay in one place and try to clear out the favela, then you will get killed. It’s almost impossible to overpower the spawn rate.
  • Check the corners and pay close attention to rooftops and makeshift bridges. They are the enemy’s favorite ambush points.

The Favela

Things get off to a quick start. Crouch when Rojas' assistant fires on your car. That’s the only way to survive. Jump out and follow Soap down the street and past the car wrecks. You’ll catch up to Rojas' assistant right after Ghost joins you. Just line up a shot on his knee and nail him.

Things can’t be that easy though. We need Rojas himself. Drop down with Meat and Royce into the favela. This market area will haunt your dreams. I absolutely hated this level. It’s also a royal pain to write for, since there just isn’t much to say. The whole thing turns to chaos in seconds.

The best advice I can give is to get off to a good start. Take cover behind the car and use the rifle to pick off the first responders. Then follow Royce along the right side. The left is a possible one, but it’s not the best route to our exit. After that, clear out the house on the far right and take cover in it. There should be a gunman on the roof to mark it. This will give you a moment to breathe if you’ve been injured and it’s an easily defendable spot.

Royce and Meat should have their scripted deaths right about this time, so we’re on our own. As odd as it may sound, you don’t need to kill many of these guys. You just have to clear a path and run past them. Go out the back door and fire wildly down the alley to clear yourself a path. Freedom lies to the right. Go down the marked alley and turn the corner to leave all of the militia behind. They shouldn’t chase you. I actually had some luck with just sprinting past the final line, so give it a try if you run out of ammo for the big finish.

Chasing Rojas

Move along this street and gun down the dog on the other side of the fence. It’s better to shoot him now than break his neck in a minute. Turn to the left and check the corner right after the dog. Kill the militiaman here to spoil his ambush. Then take cover behind a dumpster and fire on the militiamen on the rooftops in front of you.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Takedown - The Militia Filled Streets

Turn to the left and clear out the 2 guys on the street. Then curve around up the narrow staircase. A militiaman will pop out with a machine gun in the window ahead. Kill him and get ready to take this street. Get into the house on the left and use the exit to fire on the guys in front of you. Make sure that no one gets behind you though. If you take fire, then spin around and take them out.

Take out the guy on the makeshift bridge above you. Then shoot the 2 guys on the street. After that, you need to kill the sniper across from you, the machine gunner above him, and the last gunman in the stairwell to the left of the sniper. Just do methodical and simple shots. Charge forward and up the next set of stairs. Shoot the guy at the top of the steps by the little wall. Use this wall for cover and fire on the large group of militiamen counterattacking. Once you’ve thinned them out, clear the large house to the right. There should be about 4 guys in it. Clear out the house to the left too. Then go up the street and watch for more men on the rooftops.

Get up onto the rooftop to the left. You can use the stairs on the outside or the ladder inside. Run to the back corner and get behind the cinder blocks and the wall. Focus on taking out the 3 men on the high rooftops in front of you. Then work your way to the left and clear out all the gunmen. Go across the makeshift bridges and kill the few remaining guys on the other side. Watch the rooftops to the left for another 2 guys. Kill them and go up one more set of stairs. We’re almost done with this chaos.

Kill the men on the rooftop, but watch out for Rojas. We can’t shoot him. Charge forward and curve to the left to finally watch Rojas' capture.

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