Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Cliffhanger

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough - Cliffhanger
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A Little Ice

Walk along the cliff and wait for Soap to confirm that the ice is good for climbing. Then step up into place and use the picks to pull yourself up. The trick to this is waiting for your icepick to get a good hold on the surface. Let it go ahead and form a few cracks. You will fall off the cliff if you climb too fast. Just take a second or so in between each hit to make absolutely sure that you don’t fall.

When you get to the top, jump off the ledge after Soap to do a little scripted sequence. Then climb up just a little bit more. Get to the top and test out the heartbeat monitor. Move further along and line up a shot on the left guard. Wait for the count of 3, and then take him out. Repeat the trick on the next 2 guards.


Move on into the storm and carefully approach the base. There’s a special achievement called “Ghost” for getting through the base stealthily, so I’ll give you one course that should work. Get up next to the car and get on the ground. Carefully look out around the tire, and Soap should shoot the guard across from you. Rise up to a crouch and move past the guard on the other side of the car. Soap should take him out too. Get into the little storage hut. This guard is sleeping, so we can just ignore him.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Heartbeat Monitor Is Very Handy For Getting the Ghost Achievement

There’s a car full of guards coming around, so move over to the red crate. Move through it and then stick to the right side of the base. Stick close to the ridge by the road. Stay crouched and in the gap. Don’t climb any slopes. There’s a guard on the road at roughly the 80 meter mark. If you stay low, then you should be fine.

Don’t continue past the last building to the road. Drop to your stomach and crawl in between the last 2 buildings on the left. Move toward the road, but stop. Soap should pick off the one wandering guard here. Then just wait here for a moment. Hang back until the car full of guards drives past again. Look at the heartbeat monitor. If all went well, there’s a beautiful gap you can go through diagonally.

Get up and crouch walk across the road. Go to the left side of the building, not the right. There’s a whole guard group on the right side and we really want to avoid them. Cut to the left and get onto the runway. The group should walk out to search the runway, but that shouldn’t be a problem for us. Just go down the runaway and slap the C4 on the fueling station. You should get some special recognition from Soap and the achievement right away.

A Loud Escape

Alright, we’re almost done with this mission. Start moving toward the hangar on a diagonal route. Move past the large heartbeat signature but swing wide to the left. Don’t swing out too far though. There’s a BMP covering the road and it has thermal aiming. Just keep moving and hug the hangar wall at the 50 meter mark. Hug the corners and make it down the alley until you can drop down into the back with Soap.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - The Snowmobile Escape

Go inside and wait for Soap to do one interesting twist on a “stealth” kill. Then go up the steps and around to the back of the office to get the ACS. It seems like Soap has been cornered though. Hang back and wait until they start the countdown. Then blow up the refueling station and help Soap gun down the ambush team. Rush out of the hanger and to the right. Use the concrete barriers and the airplanes as cover. Just stick to the right side and strafe the enemy. Lay down cover fire and follow Soap over the road and down the slope. Fire on the snowmobile soldiers until you clear the area. Then leap onto the snowmobile that Soap cleared for you.

We’ve got a little bit of an escape ahead of us. You can fire your weapon in front of you and you should autoaim at the targets. Your main objective is to just keep the pedal to the metal and weave around the trees. You’re home free once you make it to the big slope. Rocket down the slope and stick to the center. Clear the jump at the bottom and just let the scripting take over for the exit.

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