Modern Warfare 2 Special Operations Mission - Will It Be All It's Shot Up To Be Or Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Fall Short?

Modern Warfare 2 Special Operations Mission - Will It Be All It's Shot Up To Be Or Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Fall Short?
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Few games have experienced the suspense holding fans today as Modern Warfare 2’s release date draws slowly nearer. With the announcement of the new Special Operations mode, fans' excitement has increased dramatically. Special Ops has apparently been inspired by Call Of Duty 4’s Mile High Club bonus level.

In A Whole Mode Of Its Own

Spec Ops is much more than just a bonus level however. Until now CoD had been split into two modes: online multi-player and campaign. Multi-player is simply online competitive game-play with the added bonus of an experience system and levelling with some challenges added in for good measure. The campaign is the story-driven part of the game, with strong storyline and cinematic cut-scenes. Now we have Spec Ops; the newest choice on the CoD menu. Spec Ops is not story driven or based on competitive play, it is completely unique, some would say it offers a little of both previous options. The main idea behind the game play is to get through each mission by taking care of any enemies and without injuring too many innocents in the process, but there is a little more to it than that.


co op

Spec Ops will play the part of the game’s most exciting co-op mission, and also the only non-competitive co-op option in the game. Players can choose to play either online co-op, through an invite, as match-making is being reserved for multi-player mode only, or split screen, you can also go it alone if you’re feeling up to the challenge, although certain levels require two players. In this sense it can also be compared to Call Of Duty 5’s Nazi zombie levels, which also allows co-op (both split screen and online) and alone, and there is no question that the level will prove to be just as popular.

The Mission

The aim of the mission is to fight your way through enemy militia while gaining stars in order to unlock new levels, with harder difficulties awarding more levels. Spec Ops is also offered in the difficulties of Normal, Hardened and Veteran with the amount of enemies rising and the civilian death allowance lessening with each difficulty. Another similarity that Spec Ops has with Nazi Zombies is that players are automatically given the last stand perk, allowing their partner time to revive them. Word has it that Last Stand will now also allow you to drag yourself around somewhat; a little like Gears Of War I would imagine, but a lot more awesome.

Since its announcement Spec Ops has become one of the most anticipated areas of game play in Modern Warfare 2 and I have no doubt in my mind that it will surpass everyone’s expectations.

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