A Review of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile Game

A Review of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile Game
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The game is set in Vietnam during the Cold War where a brave American hero is set to take part in the secret operation code named Operation Detachment. These events take place in 1967 near the Gio Linh, a couple of miles south of the Demilitarized Zone. You and your squadron will be dropped within Northern Vietnam and have to covertly maneuver through heavy and thrilling gameplay against the Northern Vietnamese Army.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Black Ops2

The Call of Duty Black Ops mobile version of the beloved PC and console game is one of the most successful mobile games on the market today. This game features several new and extended gameplay options such as several mission objectives like Assault, Vehicle, Sniper, Recon, Defence and Sabotage missions. These are perfect at testing in-game military bravado and mettle.

In Assault and Recon mode players will have a wide variety of weapons and tactics to choose from. Vehicle-based missions call for commandeering and capturing boats and even helicopters. Sniper mode is a fun packed objective where players will have to take out advancing enemy troops through the viewfinder of a high powered sniper rifle.

There are over 15 different and covert missions included in this version of Black Ops. Players will be able to eliminate hostiles in close proximity to their base, steal an enemy’s boat, secure hostages and even plant explosives at designated spots in order to eradicate enemy hideouts and training camps. At the beginning of each mission, players will have the option of choosing between 3 soldiers who will be best suited for the mission.

The game also includes various gun play modes where players have to run through dense jungles and locations dodging enemy fire and grenades while firing back. Each player receives a default weapon such as the M16 rifle and a total of three grenades. Players will be able to work in conjunction with two computer controlled teammates who help to destroy enemies and fulfil mission objectives. Missions will change periodically from assaults to defensive and even to escaping from capture.

The Mobile version of Call of Duty Black Ops has also incorporated a view toggle which changes from overhead to underground views of the playing area. This is a perfect addition to the game when wading through rivers, crawling through the overgrowth or delving into a deep and thick jungle.

The game has also enhanced its Artificial Intelligence making the game more clever and difficult altogether. Players on both sides, whether they are teammates or enemies will have more realistic reactions to your presence. Allied fighters will follow and provide cover fire while enemies will try to thwart your efforts by delivering constant fire and grenades

Graphics and Audio (5 out of 5)

call of duty screenshot2

The graphics within this mobile game are bright and vivid. Players will be enticed by the ever changing atmosphere and scenery. There are vast plateaus of greenery and dense forests, swamps and battle grounds. Graphics and audio are of the highest quality in this new and exciting installment of the Call of Duty brand. Remember that its a mobile game and won’t be as precise as that of a console, but it is still pretty good on your mobile.


This fast paced and action packed game will have players hanging from helicopters and shooting enemies below. Players will need to be smart, find effective cover, throw grenades, and shoot their enemies without getting killed.

Call of Duty Black Ops Mobile Edition can be downloaded on many different mobile devices including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones.


  • A list of compatible devices and download links can be found for BlackBerry mobiles at: www.bplay.com.