Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Game Types

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Game Types
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Player Match - Core Gametypes

Multiplayer has steadily become the focus of Call of Duty games since the beginning, and now it’s more important than ever. While the campaign will last you ten hours at the most, the Multiplayer can take up days upon days of your life. So what games will you be spending this time playing? Read o


First up are the Core game types; all perks, killstreaks, weapons, everything is enabled. By far the most popular, Core gives players 100 health, a full HUD, and complete control.

  • Team Deathmatch is the standard 6 on 6 fight to the death, with a score limit of 7500 points, with each kill worth 100.
  • Mercenary is Team Deathmath, only you can’t bring in a party of players; fight against your friends.
  • Free for All is the standard every-man-for-himself deathmatch mode we know and love.
  • Domination is the 3-point objective mode; capture and hold points until your score is 200
  • Ground War is either Team Deathmatch or Domination with larger parties; 9 vs 9.
  • Demolition sets a team of defenders to stop a team of attackers from planting two bombs and detonating them in a time limit.
  • Sabotage Each team has a bomb site to defend and there’s only one bomb to fight over; get it and plant it to win!
  • Headquarters spawns a location semi-randomly on the map, and it’s your team’s job to capture and hold it until 250 points!
  • Capture the Flag is capture the flag. Self-explanitory. Score limit of 3 captures per round.
  • Search & Destroy sets one team of defenders and one team of attackers with a single bomb and two bomb sites. The twist? No respawns!
  • Team Tactical is Team Deathmath, Domination, Capture the Flag, Demolition, and Search & Destroy, but with 4 players per team instead of 6.

Player Match - Barebones Gametypes

Barebones are the second type of standard Player Matches. They bring back the old days, before perks, killstreaks, or equipment muddied the waters. There are three formats:

  • Pure: Team Deathmatch with no per

    Black Ops WMD Map

    ks, no killstreaks, no attachments, no equipment, and no contracts.

  • Classic: Team Deathmatch with Killstreaks set to Spy Plane, Care Package, Attack Chopper

  • Team Tactical: Objective game modes with no perks, Killstreaks, Attachments, Equipment, or Contracts.

The other non-standard way to play the game is in the Hardcore game modes. Instead of 100 health, you only have 30, making most guns a 1-2 bullet kill. You have no radar unless a spy plane is called in, and you have no HUD. No crosshairs outside of your gun sights, no grenade indicators, nothing. This is a much deadlier way to play the game. Gametypes are:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Search and Destroy
  • Free For All

Beyond these are the mysterious Prestige Lobbies. What’s inside? Prestige and find out!

Wager Matches - Ante Up

Wager Matches come in four flavors and at three bid levels. They can be played on any map, though usually the smaller ones are cycled in more often. They’re free-for-all game types with special rules.

One In The Chamber is the first game type. Each player is given a pistol with one bullet that will instantly kill an enemy player. Each player also has three lives. You kill a player, you get a bullet. If you have no bullets, your only option is to knife someone. The game is played until the time limit, or until only one player remains. The top three players by kills wins. Your remaining lives don’t matter.

Sticks and Stone

Black Ops Play 2

s gives you the Ballistic Knife, the Crossbow, and the Tomahawk. Players fight it out with these weapons, scoring points for kills until the time limit is up. Killing a player with the Tomahawk will reset their score to 0, so watch out; even the most comfortable lead will be gone in an instant.

Gun Game starts every player with the Python with speed reload. There are 20 tiers of weapons to advance through, progressively more powerful and dangerous weapons. Kill a player with your current weapon to advance a tier. Knife a player and they go down a tier, but you don’t go up a tier. The tiers are: Python with Speed Reload, Dual Makarov pistols, SPAS-12, Stakeout, MP5K, Dual Skorpions, AK-74u, M14, M16, FAMAS, AUG, HK21, M60, L96A1, WA2000, Grim Reaper, LAW, China Lake, Crossbow, Ballistic Knife. Fire fast and fire often! You will never run out of ammo for your current weapon, no matter what it is. Top three scorers win the money.

Sharpshooter is the fourth and final type of Wager Match. Every player starts with a random weapon, with random attachments. This can be anything from Akimbo Makarovs to ACOG L96A1s to Ballistic Knives. Every player has the same weapon. Every 45 seconds, the weapons change. The rounds go for a set limit, with the final round giving 2x score for each kill. The top three scorers make the money at the end.

Wager Match Bid Levels are Ante Up, with a buy in of 10 COD Points, Weekend Gambler, with a buy in of 1,000 COD Points, and High Roller, with a buy in of 10,000 COD Points.

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