Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Rebirth

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Rebirth
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Rebirth - A Quiet Entrance

When you gain control, wait for the conversation to stop, then open the door and use a stealth kill to get the hatchet from the worker. Move up and follow Reznov until you make it to the next marked target. Take him out with the hatchet to get an assault rifle. Follow Reznov further and wait in the next hiding spot. Wait for the helicopter to pass and then move further along. As you climb the ladder, you’ll need to do a melee attack to pull down an unfortunate guard. This will net you a shotgun. Move along and up onto the roof. Cross the rooftops and make your way to the elevator shaft. Once Reznov opens the hatch, you’ll be able to fire down and take out both soldiers. Drop down and get ready to engage. Use the corner for cover and fire down the hallway to tear through the guards in your way. You should be able to just grind through them.

Rebirth - Killing Steiner

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Rebirth - Killing Steiner’s Guards in the Lab

Move along to the next corner and round it for another grind. Watch the side doors for any hiding soldiers and just use steady fire to pick them all off. It may be easier to just go through the first lab on the left, with all of the monkeys. Cross through it to the autopsy room and you’ll be able to just sit down in cover and gun down the soldiers in the hallways. You have to watch your back for soldiers coming around the side, but it’s a fairly easy way to handle this. They have to funnel themselves to you and they have to appear in front of windows to fire. If you get behind some equipment, you’ll be fine.

Cross over until you make it to the end and reach the test chamber area. Use the panels in here for cover and work clockwise around the room. You should be able to get right through the men guarding the security door. Cut them down and go through it to reach the next area. Stay alert for any stragglers, since you’re not all clear just yet. Wait for Reznov to catch up and then wait at the marker. Open the door to trigger the scene with Steiner.

Rebirth - Hudson’s War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Hudson’s Attack

Note that this sequence seems to be based heavily on luck. If you can keep the soldiers alive, it’s much easier, but that depends on how much the AI feels like playing right. Don’t get discouraged after dying a few times.

Start off by taking out the men with RPGs above you. Hit the vehicles below to blow up the men on the ground. Repeat this trick at the next corner. The base ahead has a Hind moving in, but it will crash after you put a few rounds in it (the other gunner may beat you to it). Shoot any survivors from the crash and then turn to the right. Hit the men on the balcony and the vehicles on the ground to clear the way.

The next stretch has two men on the balcony to the left balcony, a few on the ground and cars at the bridge. Try to clear them out with short bursts and just make it across the bridge. A scripted scene with a helicopter will wreck your APC as soon as you cross it.

Rebirth - Chemical Warfare


Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Rebirth - Protecting the Gas Mask

kay, just to be clear, you have to protect your hazmat suit. This is a permanent and unhealing health bar. Do not get shot! If the cracks reach the center of the mask, it will fail and you will die.

Drop to the ground as soon as you gain control. The Russians will get very close to you and you want them to target your allies and not you. Return fire at close range until you can take them out. Look down the street and use the scope to pick off any stragglers at medium range. One of your marines should run down the street on the right side. He can take out a few soldiers, but the main benefit is that his gunfire will mark enemy positions. Watch his tracers and use the scope to spot soldiers hiding in the gas cloud.

Move down the street carefully and watch the back right corner. A squad should climb the fence and drop down into the street to attack once you make it to about halfway to the marker. Use the scope to pick them off and clear the way. Once you feel that you can make it, get inside the marked house and go through to the back alley and get a much needed checkpoint.

Use the doorway for cover and thin out the mass of troops moving down the center of the street. The soldier on the balcony that the marines keep calling out is to the back left. Keep an eye out for the stairs and take him down. Enter the house in back and carefully move up the stairs. There’s a soldier by the window at the top. Turn to the right as you move up and blow him away as you step into the room.

Move to the edge to see the helicopter drop off more soldiers, but stick to the corner. There are more Russian moving toward you on the balcony. It should make a good kill zone, so just fire straight ahead and clear the path and try to get the gunners in the window. Peek out and fire down into the street to take out a few of the men below, then sprint and jump over to the other rooftop. Get inside and hit any gunners still alive in the building.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough

Cross out and go down the stairs to the street. Get to the BTR and grab the rocket launcher off of the ground. Line the sights up over a helicopter for a few seconds until the beeping is sustained. This means that there’s a target lock. Fire the rocket and get a lock on the second one. You should be alright standing in the street, since they seem to mainly fire at the other soldiers. This was at least true for me. If not, then use the wreckage for cover and stick close to the buildings. On the bright side, if you die you’ll get a new gas mask at your old checkpoint.

Move forward and follow the squad to the biolab. Once you get close, you won’t need the gas mask anymore. That’s one less thing to worry about. Switch to the machine gun that you should still be carrying and get ready to fight.

Rebirth - Steiner, Mason and Reznov

Open fire on the guardhouse and clear it out. Use their own blocks as cover and then swing to the left. Use the vehicles for cover and gun down the men running out to retake the guardhouse. Turn to the right as you pass it to clear out any stragglers hiding behind it.

Move up further and kill the men on the rooftop, then engage the ones by the main entrance. Just settle in by a door or wall and pick them off. Carefully move up and toss a few grenades into the main lobby. Watch for guards on the upper level behind the banner and in the side rooms. Move through carefully after picking them off and follow Weaver into the hallway. Go through the office on the left to flank the three guards at the end of the hall. Wait for Weaver to catch up, then go through decontamination.

Reload and run and gun down the steps. You should meet one guard at the first turn, one at the second and two at the third. Blast through until you get to the ground level. You should come out in the labs. Mason (you) already cleared them, so there should just be one wounded survivor and one stubborn soldier left in the main hall. Shoot them both and enter the test chamber. Get behind a panel and shoot the response unit. You should be able to gun down most of them before they even spot you. Pick off the rest and go through the door to reach the final area and trigger the scene with Mason.

By the way, I figured out that twist back at the Rat Tunnel. Post in the comments when you figured it out (and if you liked it).

Watch the scene and just follow the paths. The big reveal in the interrogation room is technically a separate mission, but there’s nothing to it but scripted conversations. Watch the scenes that play out and keep walking forward until you reach the conclusion with Hudson. We’ve got one more mission to go.

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