Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Payback - Killing Kravchenko

Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Payback - Killing Kravchenko
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Payback - Breaking Free

Wait for the scene to play out. When you take the guard’s gun, use it to hit the two Vietcong in front of you. Kill them both and then turn. Use your new AK47 to get a little revenge. Charge down the tunnel and gun down the men at the top of the slope. The high road leads you into a fairly crowded room. Just keep firing and sweeping. Be aggressive and remember that melee is an option in these cramped quarters.

Move through the exit and hit a few more as you make it out to the next big room. Take cover behind anything lying around and use the AK47 to pick them off one at a time, just as usual. Run down the tunnel and hit the last guard in your way. Shoot the Russian before he tears the boards away and then wait at the base. You and Woods will climb up together and escape the POW camp.

Grab either a shotgun or uzi off of the table and then follow Woods to the tree. Get a target in your sights for a guaranteed kill and then start the attack. Open fire and use the tree for cover. Between Woods and you, they should go down pretty fast. Sweep the camp quickly and seize the Hind. Jump inside and get ready for an aerial assault.

Payback - Death from Above

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Destroying the Two Hinds in Payback

This is just like the boat level, so I hope you did alright with that. Note that you have to use all the missiles to get a reload, so burn off extra ones before each engagement.

Fly forward and follow the river. Use the machine gun to hit the first boat and a missile to take out the first bridge. The refueling station ahead can get taken out with a spread of missiles and machine gun fire for any surviving vehicles.

Swing around and get to the next station and repeat the takedown, except you’ll need to face another attack helicopter. Spin around and don’t let it engage you. Try to hit it with a missile for a quick takedown. If you can’t get the angle, just back off and use the machine guns to wear the helicopter down.

Move forward and reorient yourself. There’s a SAM site ahead, but you should be able to dodge the missiles if you go full speed and get close, then let the missiles fly to blow it up. Run your machine gun fire along the pipeline to blow it up.

Attack the main camp by using the missiles to hit the ZPUs in the camp and on the bridge, along with the guardtower. Once the main threats are gone, turn around and chew up some of the pipeline with the machine gun.

Keep moving forward to run right into two Hinds. I had a lot of trouble actually getting behind them, so I treated this more like a dogfight. The best and most reliable trick is to back up over the slope to the right of the big rock. This lets you get above both Hinds and allows you to pour machine gunfire onto their tails and usually launch a full salvo of rockets. At the same time, since they’re below you, they can’t attack. Do a lot of damage, then floor it to get past them and swing away. Repeat this trick two or three times and they should crash. If you stay mobile, they shouldn’t be able to hit you. Woods will land the helicopter after the second one is wrecked.

Payback - Killing Kravchenko

Move up with Woods and take out the first guards. There’s a gunner on a flatbed near the entrance, so pick him off and then blow up the truck. Use the trees for cover and just grind through them. Once you reach the entrance, you can get an AK47 with a flamethrower attachment. Use this to burn through the embedded soldiers and fight your way over to the POW cage (note that burning up 10 Russians will net you an Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Payback - Killing Kravchenko’s Guards with the Flamethrower

achievement). Hit the button to free them all. Take your new squad through the doors to go after Kravchenko.

Your squad is actually pretty tough, so just provide some flamethrower support and help them break through the line. Clear out the first two by the desk with the flamethrower. Either use the desk for cover and pick them off with the normal AK47 fire, or charge and spray and pray with the flamethrower. The left side has to be cleared to secure the room and make the next section easy. Either method works.

Once you can make it to the double filing cabinets in the center, you should be able to grind it out. Just stay behind cover, toss back grenades and chip away at the forces in the center. Watch out for gunmen on the catwalks and be patient. After a short firefight, the path to the right will be clear. Be careful and look for anyone you missed above or to the sides, and then make it up to Kravchenko’s room. Watch the cutscene to end the mission.

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