Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Redemption - Attacking the Rusalka

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Redemption - Attacking the Rusalka
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Redemption - Attacking the Rusalka

Approach the Rusalka and get ready to fire. Move to the right and use the machine guns and missiles to strafe the anti-aircraft guns. Watch out for the missile launcher on the top of the ship on the second raised portion (the one on the left side usually gets destroyed by the other helicopters, but make sure it’s destroyed). Use the missiles to blow it up. Swing around and get into a position over the helipad and watch for marked targets on the raised section of the ship. Use steady machine gun fire to kill the targets and then strafe to the left to help Weaver’s squad move forward and enter the ship.

Once they’re inside, an attack helicopter will rise over the ship and open fire. Start moving and get to the side to avoid the initial salvo. Note that you can basically fire your missiles continuously, although machine gun fire will do a surprising amount of damage to the helicopter. Fall back and keep strafing to swing away from the Russian helicopter. Use the machine guns to do steady damage and keep firing missiles at it. If you keep moving away then it should go down with a bit of steady fire and the bulk of its missiles should miss. Remember that you can curve away from the ship if you need some room to maneuver.

Limp your damaged bird over to the helipad to jump out and start the infantry portion of the mission.

Redemption - Finding Weaver


Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Redemption - Taking the Rusalka

et up and advance to the left side. Use the open crate on the left side for cover and get down. Fire at the men in front of you and grind through them carefully until the helicopter show up. Grab the Valkyrie missile launcher and move to cover. The crate still works well. If you want to take them both out with one missile, fire at the gap between them and detonate it as close to both as you can. If you miss the chance, you’ll probably have to settle for two missiles. Fire above a bit and detonate it as close as you can. Stick to the crates and go prone inside if you start to take too much damage.

Once they’re down, switch the launcher back out for a good rifle from any of the bodies.

Stick to the left side again and keep up the fire to grind through the last holdouts and make it to the open door. Get inside the ship and get ready for some claustrophobic combat. Don’t even bother aiming down the sights in here. Just fire from the hip and bring them down with a long burst. Move through the locker room and kill the two guys inside. Sweep as you go through any door and keep up the fight through the narrow hallways. I really can’t help more than that, because it’s just a long linear path until you get to Weaver. Watch out for the large second room and be very careful when you make it to the transmitter area.

Move down the steps in the big transmission area and shoot the first few men close to the steps. Move from crate to crate and be ready to use your knife in close combat. Once you clear out the sides, you can park behind a crate and clear out the rest of the men attacking the forces. Move along the pathways until you can circle around and meet up with the main force. Watch the scene play out and confirm that the transmission center is below the water.

Redemption - The Underwater Station

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Redemption - The Underwater Broadcast Station

In a moment, you’ll be underwater and outside the station. Swim forward with your team and go through the marked hatch to enter the transmission center. Climb up and join up with Hudson. Open fire on the first group of soldiers inside after he opens the door. Help your team clear out the first room. They should be pretty effective, so just mop up any stubborn survivors and move foreward

Move up and wait by the entrance. Engage the first few soldiers and then curve inside and get behind a crate. The submarine should fall in a moment. Once it hits and the water clears away, open fire and clear the room. Watch out for a few armored soldiers that will come in through the back door. Your submachine gun should be able to take them out with a burst to the legs and torso, so don’t worry too much about headshots.

Follow the marker and Hudson up into the corridors. Keep your finger on the trigger and shoot through the series of guards. Enter the next big room and shoot a few of the closest guards. As you advance into the room, a direct hit will breach the station and flood the room. When you regain control, just follow Hudson to the catwalk and climb back out. Follow him through the corridors and kill a few more surviving soldiers. I believe that you should make it to a big weapon cache at this point. If you’re low on ammo or want a new gun, trade out. We’ve got a little bit more fighting to go. If you’re low on ammo, definitely trade out.

Follow the corridor into the large control room. Watch the left side of the area. The soldiers seem to like sticking to the corner of the platform. Use the doorway for cover and pick them off. Once the platform is clear, run around it through the water until you come out at the end.

We’re almost done. Follow Hudson up to the final area. There should just be a few armored guards protecting the actual transmission center. Aim for their heads and watch out for an extra guard that usually hides behind one of the walls. You should be able to knife him repeatedly, if he manages to ambush you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - The Underwater Numbers Station

The soldiers working the panels are distracted, but they will turn around and attack if you get near them. Don’t try to knife them, just shoot them from a short distance away. Use the context key to stop the transmission and save the day. This will trigger the final confrontation with Dragovich. Use the context key to pull Dragovich down to the lower level, then hit the appropriate keys repeatedly to drown him. Once he stops breathing, get back up and follow Hudson down the corridor to the exit.

Everything that follows is just the ending cutscene, so sit back and enjoy.

Congratulations, you just completed Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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