Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Nova Project - Securing Steiner and Escaping from the Ship

Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Nova Project - Securing Steiner and Escaping from the Ship
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Project Nova - Attacking the Nazi Base

Move forward and get onto the marked vehicle. Watch the scene play out and get ready for an old fashioned assault.

When the battle starts, rush forward and join the fight. Stick to the path and the trenches. Your submachine gun should take out just about anyone with a few shots to the torso. Fire on the soldiers in front of you and just stick with the group. It should just be a massacre for the time being. Cross down the slope and clear out the open building of the few soldiers inside. It should put you in a good spot to kill several of the Germans and then advance on the marked building. Go through until you come out on the other side. If you want, trade out you bolt-action rifle for something with a little more fire power. It won’t really come in handy anywhere.

Get behind one of the air tanks and fire on the next wave . A lot of these men are going to start running away, so feel free to be really aggressive and press the attack. Keep driving them back and chase them up to the main building. Fire through the open door to take out the men inside. Once it’s fairly clear, go inside. Sweep the building and carefully go up the steps. Use the wall for cover and fire under the railing to clear out most of the room. Get the last soldier to secure the building.

Project Nova - Fire from Above

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Calling in the Mortar Strike at the Nazi Base

Go back down to rejoin the main battle. Note that your smoke grenades now have the power to call in mortar strike. The best way to do this section seems to be a little unintuitive. Split off to the left and run through the burning building. Crouch behind the wreckage and toss a smoke grenade close to the machine gun emplacement. Wait for the mortars to blow it up, then toss a new smoke grenade at the base of the building to the left. Charge in with your allies and secure the building and a good firing position on the hangar at the end of the row. Toss another smoke grenade close to the entrance to the hangar. It should blow up the truck and take out most of the guards. Move in and take out any remaining guards inside, especially the one in the office, and wait for Petrenko to open the door. More forward to the next building and take cover by the door.

Run out and aggressively push forward with sustained fire until you get to the machine gun emplacement. Curve to the left and fire through the door to clear out the bunker. It should just have about four men in it. Move forward along the left side and curve up to the bridge. You should be in a great position to clear off the men on top of the bridge and allow for your allies to advance. Push forward with Petrenko until you get to the bunker door on the left past the bridge.

Toss in a grenade and use a little sweeping fire to clear out bunker. Move up a bit and make it to the stairs. Fire as you crest the stairs to kill the survivors on the top floor. Use the doorway for cover and finish off anyone left alive on the bridge. Approach the door on the other side to find and secure Steiner.

When you regain control, just follow your men into the ship. Move along through the ship and open the marked door. Wait for Steiner and Dragovich to approach the door, then open it for them. That should trigger the ending cutscene and the next assault.

Project Nova - Escaping the Ship

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Project Nova - Escaping the Ship

Exit through the destroyed door and get ready to fight some British commandos. They’re a lot stronger than the Nazis, so stay alert and fire until they go down. Open fire on the British that are pouring through the main doors. You should be able to shut them down quickly. Punch through and attack the main group. Clear out the room and make sure that you take out the British gunners above you on the catwalk at the end of the room. Plant the explosives and then get ready to move quickly. You’ve got three minutes to get off the ship. It isn’t too tight, but you need to stay mobile.

Shoot out the marked beam to create a ramp up to the catwalk. Run up and gun down any commandos that try to take up positions on the cawalk. Turn the corner and take advantage of the tight quarters to fire from the hip and quickly get outside to the icy ramps. Remember to use your knife if anyone gets too close.

Once you’re on the deck, just keep pushing forward. The soldiers are distracted, since both sides are fighting one another. Rush down the ramp and reach the top deck. Take advantage of the fight to mow down the Russian and British commandos closest to you. Feel free to use melee for quicker kills. Get up to the deck and don’t bother the main force. Just reach the rope and slide down to the ice to escape the blast.

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