Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Investigating the Nova 6 Crash Site

Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - Investigating the Nova 6 Crash Site
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Crash Site - Sympathy for the Devil

It’s a fairly boring vehicle section, but at least we get some decent music. Get into the boat and take up your spot as a driver. Move through the village and strafe it as you go. Hit the guard tower, but don’t stop. You’ll take more damage from stopping than ignoring a few soldiers. There should be three missile launchers ahead. Use the missiles to hit each one as you steer past them.

Swing through another village and strafe another set of guard towers. Just rinse and repeat what you’ve been doing. There should be a marked ZPU ahead, so use a missile to take it out. A few hostile sampans are ahead and you definitely don’t want to hit them, so slow down and chew them up with your machine gun.

Hit the marked stronghold building with several missiles and then nail the ZPU on the road with your machine gun as you pass. The last objective is a NVA patrol boat. Drive past it and swing the guns around to hit its rear. Follow it, or just wait behind a building for it to circle around again. It should go up pretty fast with some missiles and small arms fire.

Move forward along the river and just keep hitting the markers until you make it to the crash site. You’ll automatically dock the boat.

Crash Site - Investigating the Wreckage

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Sniper Hidden in the Trees

Follow the river until you run right into some Vietcong. Use your rifle to pick them off and move from rock to rock as you grind your way up the river. You should be able to make it up to the sniper fairly quickly. Just watch the left for rushers from the jungle and stick to the logs and rocks on the right side.

The sniper is in a tree at the end of the first section of the river. Watch for the light and fire at the top of the tree to take him down. Curve around with your men. There should just be a few Vietcong in the river, which aren’t much of a threat. Watch the tree at the end for a sniper and try to take him out as soon as possible. Just watch for the light and aim high.

Advance to the ruins after he’s dead. Some special ops soldiers will rappel in, but it’s a large ruined area. You should have no trouble settling in behind a chest high wall and returning fire until the area is clear. Walk up the hill and engage the sniper at the top. The tree’s all by itself, so it’s a pretty obvious target. A few more soldiers are still at the top. Just move up aggressively and gun them down.

Woods will declare that the crash site is secure after you’ve cleared them out. Go ahead and walk up the wing. As you reach the top, it will break and start to shift. Just cancel out the motion by strafing a bit to the left. Finish the climb and drop down into the fuselage. Also note that there’s some Intel right at the point where you drop off. Even if you’re not really collecting it, you might as well grab this obvious one.

Wait for the scene to play out and confirm that the Nova 6 is gone. After they clear out the netting, you’ll be back on duty. It seems that Dragovich wants to try and retake the plane. Just use the sniper rifle or China Lake to pick off some of the soldiers below you. After a little fighting, two Hinds will attack the plane and send you off into the edge.

It seems that Dragovich is here. Once he finds you, the level will wrap up.

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Things are starting to heat up. We need to figure out what Dragovich is up to. We’ll need to try to rescue Clarke, go back to an old Soviet mission, attack a few Vietcong villages and finally start up the assault on Dragovich’s compound.

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