Call of Duty: Black Ops Help - Victor Charlie - The Tunnel Rat Section

Call of Duty: Black Ops Help - Victor Charlie - The Tunnel Rat Section
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Victor Charlie - The Helicopter Crash

We’re just not having luck with helicopters. After you grab the pistol, shoot the two men through the chopper’s broken windshield. Open the door and follow Reznov out to the boat. Swim up to take a human shield and use the AK47 to spray both boats and clear the way. Try to pick off the two men on the ridge, then swim up and rejoin the group. Move and fire as you walk down the river, until Reznov splits off.

Victor Charlie - Going Quiet

Move forward with Woods for a bit until you see the boat. Swim underwater and approach the boat from underneath. Use the melee key to pull off a stealth kill. Approach the next station with Woods and watch Bowman pull off a similar kill. Rejoin the group and get ready to move.

Plant the explosives on the marked spot and then swim over to Woods. Follow him up onto the dock and wait for him to quietly enter the barracks. Quietly knife the first soldier in his bunk while Woods gets the second. Move up and get the next guard while his back is turned to you and he’s sitting on the stool.

Drop down and plant the C4 on the board, then swim forward to the ladder. Climb out and regroup. When you get the signal, blow the C4.

Victor Charlie - Going Loud

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Victor Charlie - Clearing out the Village

The main forces will be on the bridge ahead and under it. Hit the Vietcong soldier on the left rooftop too, since he usually has a RPG. Swing to the right with your allies and keep firing as you approach the ZPU. Grab the marked rocket launcher and hit the structure to blow up the gun and call in the airstrike. Be ready though, since some more Vietcong will open fire from the houses by the docks. Return fire and get ready to move.

Turn and hit the gunner in the window, then open fire on the men in the main road so that your allies can advance. Cut through the hut and knife the soldier by the entrance. Sprint to the rock ahead and get down before the machine gun fire rips you to pieces. Return fire through the flash and you should be able to kill the gunner and open the door for your squad to do the rest of the work. Use the rocket launcher if you want to pick up an achievement. Move up and sweep the house to flush out the two men inside. Once they’re down, just move up to the tunnel and wait for Woods and Bowman to blow it up. Drop down inside after you volunter to clear it and get ready for a little tense action.

Victor Charlie - Tunnel Rat

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Victor Charlie - The Tunnel Rat Section

Turn on your flashlight and start moving forward. The first drop will just be Reznov, so try not to shoot him. Turn and watch Swift get stabbed. Shoot the attacker and move past his body. You’ll reach a small campground with three men. Shoot them all. If you start to take fire, move back into the tunnel and recover. If they try to chase you, they’ll have to walk right into your killzone. Once they’re dead, move into their campsite and meet up with Reznov. He’ll take lead. Watch him do a big takedown and then take lead yourself. You’ll run into a rusher in just another second. Shoot him and keep moving. You’ll find another rusher and a gunman, pick them both off.

After you take out these two, it’s basically just repetition. You’ll run into a gunman every few yards in the tunnel. Just follow the path out and reach the door. It’s pretty easy to see once you reach the white stone tunnel. Enter Kravchenko’s base and listen to the report for as long as you want. Open the door when you’re ready to leave to trigger the self-destruct sequence. Run down the tunnel as it collapses. Just keep moving forward and then use your melee attack to dig out of the cave-in. Once you make it out, just watch the cutscene to finish up the level.

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Things are starting to heat up. We need to figure out what Dragovich is up to. We’ll need to try to rescue Clarke, go back to an old Soviet mission, attack a few Vietcong villages and finally start up the assault on Dragovich’s compound.

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