Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthru - Saving the Defector

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthru - Saving the Defector
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The Defector - Fight to the Safe Room

After your rough rappel, stand up and ready your shotgun. Note that you’ve got incendiary rounds for the time being. One hit will kill just about anyone and set them on fire. Advance along the hallway. The helicopter will gun down the massive line of NVA ahead, so just hit the stragglers and try not to shoot the civilian that comes out of the office. Move into the office and get ready. One NVA soldier should move into the office, so try to hit him as he enters the room. Use the desk for cover.

Link up with Bowman in the next room and take cover at a new desk. Watch for grenades and return fire on the NVA ahead. Move up to the next area. Kill the NVA soldier beating the civilian and then move up to the windows. Switch to the assault rifle and use it to pick off the soldiers massacring the civilians in the next room. Take out the group of soldiers and advance to the stairwell.

Shoot the three soldiers covering the stairwell and then take up a firing position behind the railing. Make sure that you don’t get too close to the fire. Look across the hallway to get one of the more dangerous and annoying NVA, then look down and hit the few on the bottom. Bowman will shout out when it’s clear.

Go to the saferoom with your shotgun out. Hit the soldier waiting by the door and then look up. If you can, hit both soldiers looking down through the hole in the floor. You should be able to get both if you’re quick. If not, retreat and try again. The defector isn’t here. We need to make it to the command center.

The Defector - Finding the Defector

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Finding the Defector in the Safe Room

Move up to the locked door to breach the door. Hit the guard at the door.and then try to get the startled one at the desk. Advance and clear out a path to the server room. Woods should clear out the main room fairly well. Look out and use the doorway for cover. Hit the soldier in the room on the right and then clear out the entire left side. Watch the staircase too for reinforcements and make sure that you cover the exit. Once the top floor is under control, move up to the stairs. Use the wall for cover and fire down into the war room. Shoot through the screens and pick off the NVA below with your height advantage. Once again, Bowman will shout out when it’s clear.

Advance to the safe room areas and breach the back room. You’ll meet up with a very old friend.

The Defector - Clearing the Streets

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Clearing the Streets with a “Precision Airstrike” - The Defector

Move forward and exit with Reznov. Cross the courtyard and move up to the bombed out building. Take the radio form the marine and call in an airstrike…pretty much anywhere on the buildings to the left. This isn’t exactly a precision strike, because they’ll take out the entire row. Pick off any remaining guards on the second level balconies and windows, so that they don’t bother the gunner. Move through the store, but stop briefly. When you can, call in an airstrike on the back row of building to clear the way for the APC. Carefully move forward and watch for NVA in the street. There are plenty of walls and cars for cover, so you should be fine.

Follow the APC a short ways down the road until it gets hit by the tank. Take cover by the wreckage, but call in an airstrike on the tank as soon as possible. Put an airstrike marker right on the tank. They’ll follow it and clear most of the road. Watch the NVA holed up in the building to the left. Try to take them out quickly and then advance through their building. Watch for NVA coming in off the street. Once your men are in position, call in a strike on the marked building and watch for the helicopters to clear out the gunners. Follow Woods through the gate. It seems like we lost our air support for the time being, so get ready to fight.

The Defector - Fight to the Evac

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Defending the Evac Zone

Sprint across the street and try to help Woods open the door. It won’t be enough though. Once you regain control, follow Woods through a few rooms and up some stairs. Fire as you reach the top of the steps to hit the two NVA soldiers at the windows. Face the objective and fire thorugh the marked window to take out another three. Bound over the window and run along the walkway until you get a quick break and a quick fall.

Go into the courtyard and try to hit all four men in the courtyard. Run forward and plant explosives on the ceiling to take out the ZPU. This will let the air support knock out the tank and open up the LZ for us. We’re not the first ones out though. We’ve got to hold on our own without air support until the second wave arrives.

Don’t worry about planting charges, just use the machine gun to hold off the main assault. The sandbags give you plenty of cover and most of the men come from the street directly in front of you. Keep an eye on the car to the right for any soldiers trying to set up firing positions, and you’ll be fine. If you’ve taken out all of the men in front of you, jump off and help them pick off stragglers to your sides. Watch the major evacuation and get ready for the second attack.

Don’t do anything. There’s a tank coming straight at us, so just stay down behind the sandbags and wait for the air support to return. Quickly pop up and call a strike down on the tank. As soon as it’s called in, turn and run for the river. A boat’s coming and you need to get on it. The airstrike is danger close and you really don’t want to be anywhere near it. Sprint straight forward to the dock and jump onto the boat to end the mission.

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