Call of Duty: Black Ops Help - Executive Order

Call of Duty: Black Ops Help - Executive Order
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Executive Order - Infiltrating the Comms Center

Move forward after the cutscene. Get behind the pipe and take cover from the helicopter. Move forward and around the pipe. Jump over after Woods and move up to the two isolated soldiers. Approach the one on the left from behind and do a stealth kill. Drag the body over to the gutted turbine to trigger the next scene.

Walk forward and follow instructions until you make it to the Communication Building. Get ready. You won’t be able to stay in disguise after he breaches the door. Move in guns blazing and blow away the two men in front of you. Run straight ahead through the panels and look to the left to take out another two me. This should secure the stairs and the first floor.

Move up carefully and use the side of the stairs for cover. Stay low and look around the corner to take down the guards on the second floor. There should just be three. Remember that you can shoot through cardboard boxes.

Repeat this trick for the third floor and then climb the ladder up. Push the first guard over the rail and look to the right. Gun down the sniper at the end of the line and continue around. You should be able to catch and gun down the third sniper. Move up to the marked corner with Woods and get ready to use the crossbow.

Executive Order - Rescuing Weaver

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Executive Order - Rescuing Weaver

Hit the first two vehicles to blow them up and clear the road for Brooks and Bowman. Shoot at the corner to kill the bulk of the soldiers as they round the corner. Hit some of the barrels and the gunner in back to clear out the yard and allow for them to advance. When you get the signal, line up the shot and shoot a line over to the marked window. As you hit the window, start firing and try to get both of the men in back as you land on the guard by the window. Walk up to Weaver and rescue him. Once the team’s back together, you’ll be set for the second phase of the mission.

Executive Order - Attacking the Rocket

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Executive Order - Blowing up the Rocket

Jump over the rail and slide down to the path. Follow Woods forward and turn to the left. While you move toward the ladder, try to hit a few of the Russians by the railing. Don’t stop to engage, just do a strafing run. Note that if you ever have difficulty with groups of enemies or enemies in cover, you still have the crossbow and can equip the explosive bolts.

Climb the ladder and get behind the same cover as Woods. Be very careful though. You don’t have much room to move and it’s easy to fall off the edge. Keep up a steady stream of fire and hit the guards along the railing. Advance when you’ve made a hole and move around the rocket base. There should be another three guards on the other side. Take cover by one of the generators and take them out.

Wait for Woods and Weaver to catch up, then advance on the next position. Use the crates for cover and just keep moving. Clear the hallway and swing around to the bunker. Watch for rushers from the left side, then curve around and make it to the door. As long as you reach the marker in time, you’ll be fine. The timer stops now.

Plant the C4 and blast a hole in the wall. The explosion will kill all of the scientists, so just wait for Weaver to confirm that Plan A is a bust. It’s time for Plan B. The side panel has a guided missile inside it. It’s right by the wall you just breached and Woods should be standing next to it. Aim it in the rocket’s general direction and fire. Keep yourself pointed at the rocket and just make contact. As long as you can get a general hit, it will blow up.

Executive Order - Escape the Base

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Executive Order - Escaping the Soviet Base

When it’s over, run forward with your squad and avoid the fires. Stick to the path and make it into the tunnel. Grab one of the shotguns leaning on the crate and switch it out for your crossbow. You need something for close quarters. Engage the first group in the first room and swing around to the hallway. Hit the men that may be approaching, then move up to the crate. Toss a grenade or two to clear up the room and mop up the rest with your MP5. If you’re low on ammo for it, go ahead and grab an AK47 for the time being. Approach the next hallway and kill the two guards. Fight through the mission control area. Pick off the guy behind the overturned table and watch the left side. Move up and use that table for cover while you clear a path again. It’s basically just more of the same. Use cover well and carefully pick off soldiers to make openings.

Just keep moving and grinding through the hallway until you reach the interesting section. On the right, you should see a large mission control area. Swing in along the right side and strafe the whole room. You should be able to hit most of the guards on the other side by firing from the hip while moving. Get behind a panel and reload, then use the panels for cover and clear out the rest.

The locker room to the left is next. Use the doorway for cover and hit the few survivors inside. You should be able to cut through and end up right next to cover in the hallway. Continue the advance. Leapfrog from cover to cover. The doorways should work well for this purpose. Be very careful about enemies hidden in the steam. There shouldn’t be too many, but they’re still a threat. Advance through the steam to the doorway to end the mission.

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