Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - S.O.G. - The Siege of Khe Sanh

Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - S.O.G. - The Siege of Khe Sanh
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The Siege of Khe Sanh - Fight to the Trenches

After the cutscene ends, start moving forward. Make it to the bunker with Hudson and then get ready for a fight. Move down the trench line and beat the QTE to knock off the soldier and save yourself. Fire down the trench line to kill the soldiers dropping into the trenches. Follow Woods and get behind the crates. There are a ton of NVA above you, so start shooting and don’t stop.

Clear out the brief stop and then move around the corner. Stop the soldiers above, but watch your fire. There are friendly marines to the right and we need all the help that we can get. Take out the men in cover at the top of the trench and round the corner. Hit the guy with the flamethrower and then keep moving past the burned bodies once the fire dies down.

The Siege of Khe Sanh - Holding the Trenches

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - S.O.G. - Blowing Up the Tanks

Crawl under the tank after it gets hit and then take up a firing position. Go prone if you start to take too many hits and just hold the bulk of them off for a moment until the napalm hits. Grab the detonator ahead of you and take cover. Wait a moment until Woods gives you the signal, then blow up the explosives to take out the bulk of them. Quickly fire on the stragglers that made it to the bunker, then reload and move up. Fire on anyone that made it into the trench, and grab the second detonator. Run up the trench and get behind the crates and barrels. Soldiers will already be all over the trench. Wait a moment and blow it when Woods gives the signal. Fire on any stragglers that make it to the trench and then make a run for the firing line behind you. Get inside and grab some more ammo from fallen marines, then wait for the big attack to come. Three Russian tanks are at the door and we need to answer.

Run over to the next shack or to some nearby crates and grab a LAW. Peek out and get the reticule over a tank. The rocket should be accurate enough to hit it at this range. Pick them off 1,2,3 and watch the air support show up and take out the bulk of the troops. Grab your old weapon and then follow Woods down the tunnel to the next station. Wait for the marines to finish talking and then get ready to move again.

The Siege of Khe Sanh - The Marine Weapon Cache

Run up to the machine gun and open fire on the NVA below. Use the distraction of the napalm strike to clean them out temporarily. Focus on the two men that set up to the right side behind the crates. Make sure that they’re dead so they don’t hit you as you move to the weapons cache. Hit the two in the weapons cache and go inside. Get some more ammo and guns and wait for the marines to move up a bit. Okay, thanks to a note in the comments I now know how to do this section.

Apparently you are supposed to see Woods do a context move on the napalm barrel to the left

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Using the Napalm Barrels at the Marine Weapon Cache

. If you were too busy cowering behind some crates waiting to heal, then you were like me and missed this. There are two more napalm barrels to the right. One by the cache and one in the middle. After you leave the weapons cache, wait by the crates outside and let the other marines form a firing line. Use the time to clear out the middle section of the slope and clear out the area by the barrel to the right. They’ll just keep spawning, but you should be able to win the war of attrition. Move up to the crates by the barrel and use this cover to clear out the men on the left with a line of sight on the barrel. Make sure that new soldiers don’t rush the crates though. Once the left is clear and there’s no one by the barrel, run up and hit “F” to stab the barrel and kick it into the trench. It will explode and stop the enemy spawns in the trench to the right. After you kick it, spring back behind the crates and go prone to heal.

Carefully move over to the left a bit and clear out any stragglers. You may hopefully hit a checkpoint after the first barrel. If not, be extra careful. It’s a real pain to start over from this point. Move over to the middle barrel and send it into the trench too to stop the spawns and clear this area.

The Siege of Khe Sahn - Retaking the Base

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - The Siege of Khe Sanh - Taking the Burned Hill

Carefully follow the path up to the destroyed trees. After encountering a few NVA, a marine helicopter will swing in and open fire on the hill. Get into the foxhole on the left to avoid friendly fire. Wait here and use cover to shoot your way past the group holding the slope. Note that there should be an AK47 with a flamethrower attachment in the foxhole.

Follow Woods and Hudson up the hill and shoot your way through to the top. Watch for men behind the sandbags. Note that the flamethrower should burn them out. Use trees and foxholes for cover and try to stick to the right. It seems to be less exposed. Once you make it to the marker, there will be what amounts to another quick time event. Use the sights on the pistol to save Woods, then keep moving through the command post. Run up and get into the jeep.

Note that you can crouch down in the jeep, which makes this much easier. Use the grenade launcher on groups of soldiers and steer the first tow missile into the tank when you get the chance. For steering TOW missiles, try to keep them low and on a straight path. It’s hard to do fine control, so don’t feel like you have to angle them up and back down. Just hit anywhere on or near the tank for a kill. There is just one at the first stop, two at the second, and three at the third. The first is to the right, the second is at a distance and the third is partially hidden to the left. Steer it through the gap and destroy the last one to bring on the air strike and save the day.

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