Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta
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Vorkuta - Escape from the Darkness

Once you regain control after the brief fight, walk up behind the guard and use your melee attack to take him out. Wait for Reznov to grab the keys and then sprint after him and his group of prisoners. Use the melee key to kill any guards that slip past the main group. You can stop and knife a few more if you want, or just follow Reznov until you make it to Sergei.

Get into the elevator and enjoy Sergei’s brutal melee attack. Grab the pistol from the dead guard and then wait to the left of the door. You can’t save the prisoners that open the door, so just get ready to run. The machine gunners above can be shot, but not quickly enough. It’s also just a waste of ammo, since the prisoners opening the doors were decoys. The machine gunners on the bridge will be overrun right after the massacre.

Get behind the coal cart on the right side and crouch. Slowly move forward and make sure that none of you is sticking out. The tower can kill in a few shots, so you really need to stay behind your shield. Watch the right side carefully and pick off a few guards. Once you make it a little ways, Reznov will call out which sides have guards. Just trail behind him a few paces and pick them off with your pistol. Just aim for the center mass and do three shots. Conserve your ammo but don’t waste time with headshots. We’ll get a new gun soon enough and it’s more important to just be fast. After a few waves of guards on the different sides, wait behind the cart for the other team to blow up the tower.

Vorkuta - Unleash the Horde

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Escaping Vorkuta - The Slingshot

Run through the gates and follow Reznov to the tower. Sergei will need a moment to break down the door, so go up to the top of the tower and man the slingshot. Hold down “S” and wait for it to be pulled back and ready. Aim it like a grenade launcher. The tower on the right should line up with the third bar on the bottom. Lift it slightly higher for the middle tower and just a bit more for the one on the right. Note that there doesn’t seem to be a time limit on this, so just get a feel for the weapon and take the towers out before Reznov finishes his speech. You can do it again later to get the achievement, once you get a feel for it.

Run back down and pick up one of the shotguns lying on the floor. Shoot the lock and look down the right alley. Use the shotgun to take out the first couple of guards. Trade out the pistol for one of their AK47s. If you don’t like the shotgun, switch to the AK47. It’s your call for the most part. At medium ranges they work equally. I just didn’t care much for the shotgun. Move down the right side carefully and pick off the guard on the upper wall. Swing around and help the prisoners take out the rest of the guards along the main road. Move up to the narrow passage for the next step.

Vorkuta - Spear the Winged Beast

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta - Spearing the Helicopter

Use the sandbags on the right side for cover and fire on the truck and the guards. The helicopter will come by in a minute. Make sure that you’re back behind the sandbags while it fires. It can pack quite a punch if it decides to target you. Wait for it to get over the truck and return to clearing out the road. Hit the left side hard or pour some extra firepower onto the truck to blow it up and take them all out.

Move along the right side. As you round the corner, pick off the soldier on top of the building. He has an RPG, so he’s a priority. Move up to that building on the right and take cover behind it. You can use this spot to gun down the wave of soldiers and then make a run for the door. Reznov should move up and cover you. Get to the rooftop and pick up the harpoon gun (you’ll do this automatically by running across it).

Shooting down the helicopter with the harpoon gun is all about timing. It fires in bursts and will kill you easily if you stand up at the wrong time. Jump up from behind the pipe right at the end of the burst. Don’t wait for it to stop, get up as the burst finishes and quickly fire the harpoon into the helicopter. Enjoy the cutscene and then jump over the railing to charge the armory.

Vorkuta - The Battle at the Armory

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta - Defending Reznov in the Armory

As you go through the hole in the wall, look for a fresh AK47 with a grenade launcher attached. It’s leaning against a pillar. Grab it and take cover by a wall. Fire down the hallway to pick off the first guards. You can use the grenade launcher to hit the ground behind the shields and kill the two shield bearers. Move up the right side and watch the left. Fire on the men coming down the left side of the steps and swing up them yourself. Get behind a desk and fire at the guards coming over the barricade. It’s a scripted fight, so just try to get to the desk and trigger the next section. That will end the spawns. Use the grenade launcher to clear a path quickly and just run.

Move up to the right. Run to the armory door to get under it and slide through it, then sprint forward and get into the office. Open the door and wait by the doorway for a moment. If you run out now, you’ll be cut down by the gunners around you. Let Reznov kill the man above you and move in with his reinforcements. Fire on the machine gunner across from you, then take out the two to the left. Move up the stairs and follow Reznov. Try to mop up anyone left on the second floor, then turn and hit the soldiers that rappel down. Move forward with Reznov and wait for him to get the blowtorch.

Reload and get ready for the breach. Don’t fire until you see one of the armored soldiers. You’ll just waste your ammo. Aim for the head. If you’re having trouble, aim at their chest armor and let the recoil carry your shots up. Once two of the armored soldiers die, turn and look through the windows to the rooftops. Pick off the two guards across from you (and on top of the armory) and then reload. As you round the corner to backtrack to the armory, fire from the hip and bring down both guards in the hallway.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta - The Minigun

Take cover by the shield and large table and just take up a position. Fire on the soldiers pouring in from the ground and make sure that none of them make it to the stairs. When they breach the side wall, get ready. Armored soldiers will be coming through the gap. Watch your back. They can easily slip in behind you for a quick kill. Fire at their heads and fall back a bit to the back corner. Watch both sides of the halls and just keep firing. The soldiers on the ground are the least of your concerns, so just pick them off if they make it up the steps. They have to funnel up into a neat little killzone, so just keep an eye on the top of the steps. It shouldn’t take much longer for Reznov to breach the vault. Run inside and grab the minigun (called Death Machine) and walk back out with your new toy. Use it to gun down any remaining armored soldiers and turn to the breach. Drop down with Reznov and use your new gun to clear the way. Hit both of the gunners and hit the barrels in the bridge above to blow up the soldiers inside.

Vorkuta - Step Eight: Freedom

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Vorkuta - The Motorcycle Escape

Move forward slowly and fire in bursts. Just try to stay alert and stick to the sides so that no one can get behind you. Move forward with Reznov and keep firing. Try to make it to the end of the row. If you run out of ammo, don’t worry. You should be almost done by this point, so just use the AK47 to clear your way and make a run for the open ground by the wrecked trucks. There will be a break when the tear gas hits you.

When you regain control, you’ll be in the motor pool at Vortuka. Jump onto the marked motorcycle and drive forward. Get through the window and turn to the left. Get out the gate and follow Reznov across the bridge. You have a shotgun with unlimited ammo, but you have to reload after two shots. Be careful, drive fast and fire if anyone gets in front of you. You should hit them with the auto-aim.

Keep driving and firing until you see the train again. Swing around and drive through the creek. You’ll probably turn around a bit when you hit the water, so get yourself aimed correctly and drive forward again. You should approach a truck with a machine gun on back. Drive to the left and catch up with it. You should be able to jump right onto the gun as Reznov takes control of the truck.

Quickly swing the gun around and fire on the truck behind you. Then hit the second on the road to the left. Hit the few men on the motorcycles. When you have a little breathing room, aim up and hit the helicopter with a few bursts to bring it down. Keep firing at the trucks that come until you catch back up with the train. Jump to the train and enjoy the ending.

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