Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Operation 40

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Operation 40
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Operation 40 - The Bar

After Mason’s “distraction,” use your pistol to shoot the soldier in your sights. Move into position by the door and get ready. After the team takes out the first two police cars, Woods will move out into the street. Follow him and switch to the grenade launcher attachment. Use it to take out the cop car responding to the firefight. Move up to the low wall on the left and help Woods hold off the officers as the team catches up. You have them really outgunned, so this should be pretty easy. Just look for the unforms and fire.

Keep moving with Woods once the team catches up and dodge the two speeding police cars. Turn around and fire on the officers to take them out too. The next roadblock is just going to be too strong though. Sprint after Woods down the alley and make it to the car. Get in and wait for Bowman to make it. Once everyone is inside, use the context key (Right Mouse for PC) to throw it into reverse. Put it into drive after you ram the car blocking the alley and enjoy the cutscene.

When you come to, you’ll be at the airfield.

Operation 40 - Taking the Airfield

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Cuban Airfield

Once you regain control, get behind Woods and use the context key to hook onto the zipline. Ride it down and wait for Woods and Bowman to finish their takedowns. Go into the room on the left and do your own silent takedown on the guard on the radio. Wait for the convoy to pass, then follow Woods up the hill to the stairs.

Engage the four guards here. There should be one at the tops of the steps, one on the steps and two by the truck to the right. The M16 should chew them up at this range, so take them out and move forward. If you want, you can trade out your pistol for one of their shotguns. That should give you a little more versatility.

Move up a bit further and engage the next group of guards. The truck on the left hand side should give you plenty of cover. There are a few guards by the arch, but the bulk will run down the stairs. If you line up your M16, you should be able to take out these reinforcements. Watch for any stragglers behind the arch or the roadblock, then advance up the stone steps to the door.

Woods will breach the door, so follow him inside. Take out the few guards in the alcove to the right and get ready to clear out the halls. You can go down the left side and flank them, but it should be just as easy to follow Woods down the gauntlet hall. Use the desks for cover and pick off the guards at the end of the hallway. Make sure you have a full clip as you turn the corner, since there will be a large group of guards that shouldn’t be ready for you yet. Pour some fire into them before they draw their weapons or reach cover, and it will be an easy fight.

Watch the right side and move straight up to the large room. Most of the resistance should be to the left, which means that Woods will handle it. Use a chair and table blockade for cover. Put your back to it and fire on the left side to clear it out. Move down the right until Woods reaches the double doors. Approach him to stack up and get ready for a room takedown.

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Operation 40 - Killing Castro

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Killing Castro with a Headshot

Everything will go into slow motion after the door is breached, so just wait for it. There are three guards. Woods should get the one in front. Hit the one just to the right and then turn to the right corner and hit the third guard. You can grab the nice machine gun on the table if you want. It will come in handy for some of the fighting later.

Stack up on the next door for the real thing. Castro is inside and you’ll auto equip a pistol (even if you aren’t carrying one). Wait for the slow motion to kick in and aim down the sights. You should be able to get a nice clean headshot in a few seconds. Fire the shot and bring him down. Be ready though, since the woman will pick up a shotgun and open fire. Take her down quickly to avoid a very annoying death. Switch back to your main gun and follow Woods out the door. We still have a lot of work to do to get out of this.

Escaping the Airfield

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough - Escaping the Cuban Airfield

Move out to the balcony and get behind the barrels. Take aim at the doors and gun down the guards as they move out. If you let them onto the balcony, they’ll be able to kill suppress and kill you easily. If you hit them at the door, it’s a cakewalk.

Follow Woods into the central room and get behind a chest. near the center. Help them pick off guards and then move down the left side toward Woods. Once again, watch the right side double doors and gun down the soldiers as they come out. Once you reach the staircase, the railing for cover and take out the men below. Watch the right side for surviving soldiers and follow woods outside.

Get behind the sandbags on the left quickly. Pick off the gunner. He’s exposed on the truck bed, so it should be easy to get a clean shot. Next pick off the guard in the guard tower on the left. Don’t just run ahead. Use the corner of the sandbags to pick off guards on the left and right. After a few moments, Carlos will show up with some reinforcements and blow up most of the forces. Grab the RPG. Your M16 is probably low on ammo, so switch it out and round the corner. Use it on the BTR to speed up your escape and then make your way to the sugar fields. Sprint through and get to the airfield. Rappel down and get to the rebel by the hangar.

The plane is just across the runway. Don’t stop to engage anyone. Spring across the field. If you get shell shocked, just keep moving forward. Jump into the open door and man your machine gun. Fire on the soldiers charging into the hangar. Just keep the trigger down and the gun level and you should gut the bulk of them. Remember to aim for trucks to cause explosions and take out groups. Also remember to aim forward. The ones that you missed aren’t a threat once they’re behind you.

As you round the corner on the runway, you’ll take fire from a guard tower and two anti-aircraft guns. You should be able to nail the first easily (and almost automatically) as you round the corner. Swing the gun forward to hit the second and then blow up the guard tower. As you reach the end of the runway, you’ll jump off to clear the blockade. Sprint to the marked ZPU and use ts heavy shells to blow up the vehicles on the center of the runway before the plane hits them. Once the airplane is clear, your part in the mission is done.

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