Black Ops Should I Prestige

Black Ops Should I Prestige
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Decisions, decisions

So you’ve finally reached level 50 and after all that hard work you’re wondering if it is really worth going back to the start all over again just for a few measly unlock-ables. You find yourself asking that all important question - should I prestige?

Making the decision to Prestige can be tough for some players who feel like they are not getting enough for the sacrifice. Black Ops Prestige mode offers the most compared to any of the other Call of Duty games - more custom classes, more images for your playercard and a new list of Prestige challenges to complete, but to a lot of people this still isn’t enough incentive, for others just the glory of having reached level 50 more than once is enough to spur them on. Deciding if it is the right choice for you can be tough and you really need to ask yourself if you enjoy playing with everything unlocked or if you’re getting bored with it.

What do I Gain?

Honestly for a lot of people it’s not about what you unlock. Once you reach level 50 you essentially have all the equipment (or the funds to buy them) and no longer have something to ‘work for’. If you prestige you lose everything but this also means you have to unlock everything again. Having every piece of equipment can make Black Ops very boring and when you no longer have your favorite gun you really work towards unlocking it. Essentially Prestige Mode is there to keep you motivated.

Switching It Up

A lot of players are also really challenged by not having their favorite load-out. You become comfortable with your classes and use the same weapons over and over, entering Prestige mode forces you to use the default classes for a short time, which can really put you under pressure to perform. If you like having some of the Pro Perks you will also have to complete the challenges again and by pushing yourself to complete a challenge, especially not one you would normally do, makes Black Ops a lot more enjoyable.

Personal Challenge

Just remember: challenging and re-challenging your play-style can only make you a better player. Every time you are forced to use weapons or equipment you are not used to you are developing your skill. Being motivated means that you will probably play Black Ops a lot too which also means that you are becoming more and more aware of other players and their behavior. Like everything, being good at Black Ops takes practice, especially since everyone your playing against is practicing too. Often players think that others get to the higher Prestige Ranks because they are simple good at the game, but usually it is because they are so attuned to player behavior through playing so often. There is nothing more deadly than an enemy that is expecting your next move.

What Do I Lose?

black ops online

Everything. CoD points, weapons, attachments, equipment, perks, face paints, challenges – almost literally everything. You do get to keep your emblem though and any layers you previously bought. For a lot of players losing all this is enough to deter them. To make this worthwhile you really need to see it as a challenge, and a personal one at that.

What Should I do Before I Prestige?

Buy layers, all the layers you can afford because your CoD points are going to be gone anyway so you might as well spend them on something you can keep.

If you are really desperate to keep you CoD points there is an extra measure you can take, but moderators might not take too kindly to it. Enter a wager match and just as the timer signals that you are entering the game select and agree to Prestige Mode. Timing is everything here, you will have to make the final agreement just as the timer ends so be careful if you try this. You should then be on the first level of your new prestige, if you manage to win the match you walk away with the winnings, which is a lot when you now have nothing.

The most important thing to do when deciding is to make sure it’s the right decision for you - if you regularly play with friends who don’t Prestige and play tactically you will be putting yourself in a bad position. Working tactically within a team usually means having access to all the weapons, etc. so that everyone can play their part in the teams plan, not being able to do this could make things difficult.

Once you hit that button the final time there’s no going back so make sure you really want it.

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