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Call of Duty Black Ops Best Classes
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Black Ops Classes

Listed in this article are two classes for each primary weapon type. Two assault rifle, two sniper, two shotgun, two SMG, and two LMG. They have a varied selection of secondary weapons and perks, but favor some more than others. This is because some of them are virtually useless. Lightweight, for instance, almost never sees play, and Nova Gas is only useful for objective gametypes where you can cut off lanes of attack with it. You’ll note that, unlike the Modern Warfare 2 Best Classes guide, this one doesn’t list Killstreaks. The reason is because you can easily rack up 11 kills in a row with any of these classes. Set your killstreaks accordingly. If you find you’re never getting above six kills, don’t have your streaks set to Rolling Thunder. Chopper Gunner, Dogs. If you find your team is losing because of enemy Blackbirds, run Counter-Spy Plane. If you find the enemy never shoots down air support, go ahead and run Attack Chopper. The choice is entirely yours.

All perks listed are assuming you have not unlocked the Pro versions yet. In most cases this wouldn’t matter, but in a few, such as Tac Mask Pro or Ghost Pro, the difference may be huge. It’s up to you if you perform better with certain perks, and you can change them if you prefer.

The Standard: Assault Rifle


Purpose: This Black Ops class is the typical all-around good offensive class. Average mobility with an Assault Rifle, high rate of fire and damage output, the only thing this class doesn’t do is specialize. It’s a good class for prowling the map or holding down a single point, so long as you don’t camp in the same corner constantly. It’s vulnerable to grenades, but hard to spot.

Primary: The FAMAS with a Red Dot Sight, or a Silencer, depending on how stealthy you want to be.

Secondary: The LAW. It pulls out fast and can take down a spy plane in seconds. Only one shot means you can’t take out a chopper in one life, but it makes up for it by being able to dumb-fire into rooms to clear out campers.

Extras: Flashbangs are the tactical grenade of choice here. Toss one in and as soon as you hear it go off, run in. Don’t wait, the enemy could be only partially flashed and still be able to see. The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll get the kill. SEMTEX grenades are your lethal choice. Stick them to walls over campers, or just stick them TO the campers. They can’t toss it back. For Equipment, run Claymores. If you’re holding down one area they’ll let you know when someone is coming, or kill them for you. If you’re roaming the map, put one down and hope for a random kill.

Perks: Ghost keeps you off the enemy radar, and works even better with a silencer. Sleight of Hand means you’ll almost never die while reloading, which you’ll be doing a lot because of the small clip the FAMAS has. Finally, Hacker will make up for your lack of Flak Jacket by keeping you from running into a claymore. At the sime time, it alerts you to where the enemy is camping so you can get the drop on them.

The Hunter: Assault Rifle

The Hunter

Purpose: This Black Ops class works best at medium-long range, but is capable of killing people in short order when they’re close just as well. Use your fast shots to keep snipers off balance as you out-snipe them, kill people from across the map when they can’t even see you, and get used to 1-3 bursts to kill anyone anywhere. Just be wary; if they run behind cover, don’t keep shooting at them, you don’t have enough penetration to kill them without wasting half your ammo.

Primary: M16 with ACOG Scope and a Silencer. 3-bullet bursts to the head will take out anyone, and 2-3 bursts will kill someone no matter where you’re hitting them. The zoom on the ACOG lets you see quite a distance away.

Secondary: Strela. You’re going to be a ways away from the enemy most of the time, and your biggest enemy is air support. The Strela allows you to take out enemy air support as fast as possible, without having to die to get a second rocket.

Extras: Flashbangs allow you to escape from harm’s way if someone is gunning for you, or blind a room before you enter to rampage. Frags, when cooked properly, will kill anyone you want them to once you get used to throwing them. C4 is like a bigger frag. Toss it over walls, through windows, or around corners to kill campers you know are hiding on you.

Perks: Scavenger lets you refill your ammo and frag grenades, which comes in handy if you want those longer killstreaks. Warlord is necessary to have both attachments. Hacker will let you spot campers far away who have set up claymores or motion sensors, and give you plenty of time to murder them.

The Prowler: SMG


Purpose: Nest is the Black Ops best class that is almost as good as the first assault rifle class. The AK74u is basically an assault rifle on it’s own, with a higher fire rate and higher mobility. This class takes advantage of that to put you in the middle of the action no matter where that action is.

Primary: AK74u with the Grip attachment. The worst problem with the AK74u is it’s recoil, and the grip makes it manageable. If you want, you can swap it out for Rapid Fire.

Secondary: LAW. Once again, it lets you take out spy planes, get flares down on choppers, and clear rooms you know you can’t just run into.

Extras: Concussion grenades do what you need them to; keep the enemy from turning around and shooting you while you’re behind them. Just don’t stun yourself! Your mobility is important. Frag grenades panic enemies into running away from the corner they’re hiding in, and you can kill them when they run. Claymores let you close of an avenue of movement and herd enemies into your waiting sights, and maybe get you a free kill.

Perks: Flak Jacket is essential. You’re moving a lot and you’ll be visible on the radar all the time, so you need to survive explosions. Steady Aim is also powerful, allowing you to hip fire and get kills more often than not. Finally, Marathon lets you out-sprint people and be where they least expect you to be.

The Bullet Hose: SMG


Purpose: Who doesn’t have fun with that visceral impact of a knife to the back? Who doesn’t love running around with more guns that you thought possible? This instance of the Black Ops best classes combines those two into a short-range murder machine. Stick to buildings, short corners, and anywhere enclosed and you’ll always have the upper hand. Just beware of long corridors and open spaces, because you can’t kill anyone there.

Primary: PM63 akimbo. Two guns, one in each hand, both with high rates of fire and a wide area of attack. Fire them one at a time or else you’ll just spray everywhere around the enemy. Not that you’ll be using the guns very often.

Secondary: Ballistic Knife. This is what you’ll be doing most of the time. Use the faster knife speed of the ballistic knife to stab people as soon as you see them. If someone is stationary camping a corner halfway across the map, aim just right and you can stab them from far away. Run out of knives and you can use bullets.

Extras: SEMTEX grenades help you kill people who you know are watching a doorway you want through, or chase people out into the open for you to stab. Flash grenades blind them so you can stab them before they blink it away. Claymores cover your back or set a trap for the enemy. If the enemy is using hacker, you can lay the claymore and assume they’ll come after you, making them fall for your trap.

Perks: Because you’re in enclosed spaces, Flak Jacket is essential if you want to survive past a three kill streak. Steady Aim is also essential, if you want to hit anything with your guns ever. Finally, you can add Marathon to give you that bit of extra sprint time to catch up and stab someone. If you have it, Tactical Mask Pro will help you survive flash and stun grenades, and would be preferable.

The One-Shot: Shotgun

One Shot

Purpose: Up close and personal, that’s what you’ll be doing with this fun Black Ops class. Your main weapon doesn’t have much long range, but if you aim down the sights with it you can kill people from surprisingly far away. Just remember that you’re using a pump-action gun, so if you don’t kill someone with the first shot, you probably won’t. Thankfully, you probably will one-shot them.

Primary: The Stakeout with the Grip, it’s only attachment. You can hip fire it if you like, but you’ll have a much better kill ratio with it if you aim. This tightens the spread of the pellets and allows you to kill much more reliably.

Secondary: Ballistc Knife. You won’t use it very often, but on the off chance that you run out of ammo or need something faster than your shotgun, the knife works wonders.

Extras: Nova Gas lets you choke people out of a room or close off an area of attack temporarily. SEMTEX Grenades have a large enough explosion to kill people who are causing you trouble behind cover you can’t shoot through. C4 does the same thing, and allows you to use it to lay traps if you so desire.

Perks: Scavenger assures that you’ll never run out of ammo as long as you’re killing people up close and in their face. Sleight of Hand makes reloading a near-instant process instead of taking half of eternity like it does normally. Finally, Tactical Mask allows you to run through your own Nova Gas without killing yourself.

The Hipfire: Shotgun

Hip Fire

Purpose: Possibly the most fun Black Ops class if you like being in the face of your enemies, this class givs you plenty of destructive power and a lot of defense. You can just about always kill everyone you face, even if there are two or three of them at once. Such is the power of the SPAS-12.

Primary: SPAS-12 with he Silencer. No point in not having the silencer if you can afford it, it just keeps you from showing up on the map every time you kill someone. Of course you want to keep moving anyway, otherwise the people you kill will come back for revenge.

Secondary: Crossbow. You can replace this with the Strela or the LAW if you find yourself having problems with air support. The crossbow is just fun to play with.

Extras: Flashbangs allow you to get the drop on people. SEMTEX gives you that added explosive kick if your crossbow won’t get where you need it to. C4 lets you make hidey-holes explode and kill whoever is inside.

Perks: You’ll be up in everyone’s face, but that’s no excuse to die to a random grenade. Flak Jacket is the way to go. Steady Aim is essential for this class; you never want to aim down the sights with the SPAS. Hip firing is the way to go; 1-3 shots and anyone in front of you dies. Don’t be afraid to pump them with bullets, you have plenty. Finally, Marathon gives you that added mobility to get the drop on opponents or pursue them faster than they think.

The Endless: LMG


Purpose: This is one of the best classes for Black Ops. It’s slow moving, but so are warships. It has the firepower to back it up. With this class you will never reload. Ever. In fact, you can’t. Even if you could, in the time it takes to reload this gun the game is half over. Pick an area of the map and kill everyone who comes near.

Primary: The M60 is your gun of choice; the only LMG with a clip larger than 40 bullets. Add Extended Mags to it, and you have a whopping 200 bullets before you even have to pause. All of your bullets are in the current clip, you can’t reload even if you tried.

Secondary: The Strela is very good for this class. Your gun can take out anything on the ground, but you’re too slow moving to avoid helicopters, so you need to take them out as fast as you can.

Extras: Frag grenades are good to toss around cover and kill players, but don’t rely on them; your gun can kill them through cover. Concussion grenades can stun the enemy and keep them from moving too quickly to kill. Finally, because you’ll be stuck in the same small area for a long time, you may as well put up a motion sensor to see people coming.

Perks: Flak Jacket will protect you from explosions you can’t run from. Hardened is your best friend for shooting people through walls, sheets of metal, barrels, trees, bushes, and anything else they could hide behind. Hacker lets you spot campers behind their cover and spray the area with bullets until they die.

The Tank: LMG


Purpose: The Stoner is the classified LMG and it’s your gun of choice for this entry into the Best Classes of Black Ops. It’s basically an assault rifle, but it hits like a truck and has no damage drop off over range like the ARs do. You’ll be slow moving, but as long as you’re never caught sprinting, you’ll be able to out-gun nearly everyone.

Primary: The Stoner63 is your gun of choice. Use Warlord to hop it up with a sight and Extended Mags and you’ll have enough power to kill 2-4 people before you need to reload.

Secondary: You may have a powerful gun but sometimes you need a powerful sidearm, and that’s where the Python comes in. You’re vulnerable to air support, but whatever, your teammates can handle that. The one downside to the Python is it’s slow reload speed, so slap a Speed Loader on it and go to town. Six shots is more than enough to kill someone.

Extras: SEMTEX grenades give you that explosive oomph you need to clear out campers. Flash grenades blind them so you can rush in and kill them. Claymores cover your back and should give you the occasional free kill.

Perks: Scavenger makes up for the Stoner’s weakness, that being not enough bullets to kill everyone everywhere. Warlord gives you the two attachments you want. Finally, Hacker will warn you when you’re about to run into a camper’s claymore and die.

The Hybrid: Sniper


Purpose: Sniper rilfes are pretty bad in this game when you use them as sniper rifles, but in Call of Duty Black Ops, Classes like this hybrid one work surprisingly well. Forget sniping at long range; get up in people’s faces with a sniper rifle and use it like a FAL.

Primary: WA2000 is your gun of choice. Low recoil when you slap an ACOG on it, and the closer range lets you put 2-3 shots into someone very quickly. With the damage of a sniper rifle, this will almost certainly kill them.

Secondary: Crossbow is a great sidearm and it’s always fun to play with.

Extras: Decoy grenades lure people into your kill zone and keep them looking the wrong way, making them easy pickings. SEMTEX augments the explosive power of the crossbow and gives you a few more chances to stick it to your enemies. Finally, C4 lets you lay a trap with your decoy to kill them when they come running.

Perks: You need scavenger to resupply your bullets when you’re not getting one-shot kills. You’ll want Sleight of Hand to reload your small clip between kills. Finally, you’ll want Second Chance, so you can get that final chance to kill a wounded enemy in case they out-gun you.

The Pure: Sniper


Purpose: Even though Treyarch tried to nerf them, in Call of Duty Black Ops, classes that snipe can still be powerful in the right hands. This is your “pure” sniper, keeping at extreme long ranges and killing people with one carefully placed shot.

Primary: L96A1 is your bolt-action rifle, and if you fit it out with the Variable Zoom, you’ll never be caught unawares. The zoom doesn’t drop the power of your shots and it still lets you steady the sway, unlike an ACOG.

Secondary: The RPG is a great tool to clear out camping places so you can occupy them, or to kill someone you see running behind cover and can’t get a clear shot on.

Extras: Concussion grenades can keep people from moving too quickly if they catch you close, and let you get that one shot off before they recover. SEMTEX work as a good stick on people and can serve where an RPG can’t fire. Claymores protect your back while you snipe the front. Just be sure to put them a little ways away, so you get warning when someone is coming.

Perks: Due to your patient nature and low kill speed, Hardline is great for getting your streaks a kill sooner. Scout is your go-to perk for sniping, letting you hold your breath longer. Finally, Second Chance gives you that final chance to kill someone who ambushes you.

Conclusion and Article Credits

Have a favorite class you use that’s not here? Tell us in the comments! Think something here should be changed around? Let us know! These are far from all of the possible Call of Duty Black Ops classes, and the variation available gives you plenty of options to kill people. Tell us what works for you and you could get your class in the next article!


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