20 Best Black Ops Emblems

20 Best Black Ops Emblems
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20 Amazing Black Ops Emblems

In Black Ops, one of the biggest ways to customize your persona is through your Emblem, that little image box to the side of your callsign. Sure, doing so costs COD Bucks, earned through gameplay, but it’s worth it to show off your favorite logo.

Tired of all the people running around with mishmash emblems of skulls and fire and wings? Sick of the swastika that seems to show up in every game? Think the “gorilla with a penis lol” is trite and over-done? Well look no further, because this article of the 20 most amazing Black Ops Emblems will give you plenty of places to start. Plus, if you want to test it out before you make it on the console, you can visit this emblem simulator!

Don’t see your favorite Black Ops emblem on this list? Tell me in the comments! Your favorite might make it into the next article!

#20: Various Sports Emblem Tutorials

Lakers Emblem

Not everyone who plays Black Ops is a huge nerd like I am, so not everyone will get a kick out of the old-school references and gaming icons presented in this article. So here’s one for the sports fans out there! Fan of the Lakers? If so, you can follow this Lakers emblem tutorial and build their logo for your own. Not a fan? Hit up Youtube and replace “Lakers” with any sports team you can imagine; there’s bound to be an emblem there for you.

#19: Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Emblem Tutorial

Brotherhood Emblem

In the Fallout games, the Brotherhood of Steel is a dangerous clan of men and women who hoard technology to themselves, using their superior firepower and tech to keep dangerous knowledge away from the general population of the Wasteland. Does this appeal to you? Well then, go ahead and follow this Brotherhood of Steel emblem tutorial to make your Black Ops emblem a symbol of your power. Rock out with this emblem and your enemies will quake in their boots. Or laugh at how much of a nerd you are, but that only makes them easier to kill.

#18: Halo Logo Emblem Tutorial

Are you a fan of shooters beyond just Call of Duty? Do you love to “halo jum

Halo Emblem

p” around corners to catch your enemy by surprise? Well, your strategy might not be the greatest for this particular shooter, but you can certainly show off your pride as a Halo player with this Halo Logo Emblem tutorial! Make creative use of this emblem and in no time at all you’ll be wishing your ballistic knife was a beam sword and your sniper rifle didn’t suck. As the comments on the video say, you can even add a 2 or 3 to show your preference of games, but the fonts are off so it won’t look quite right.

#17: Detailed 8 Ball Emblem Tutorial

8 Ball Emblem

Want somethign classy but understated? Don’t want some pop culture reference or game logo? Why not go follow the tutorial for this 8 Ball! It’s more complicated than it looks, but the effort is well worth it for such a good looking emblem. Here’s the video of the 8 Ball Emblem Tutorial. Follow it and have one of the most detailed and beautiful Black Ops emblems available in the game. As a bonus, that video also contains two other high-quality emblems for you to choose from.

#16: Robocop Emblem Tutorial

Robocop Emblem

Who better to represent your ability to kill terrorists in a Call of Duty game than Robocop? Sure the reference may be a little old for today’s immature gamers on Xbox Live, but you and your friends will know, right? Besides, isn’t it worth it to have Robocop as your personal emblem? Follow this Black Ops emblem tutorial and you’ll have your very own Robocop. Here’s the video: Robocop Emblem tutorial.

Don’t see your favorite emblem? Keep reading! There’s fifteen more to go! Also, please let me know in the comments if any of the links stop working.

#15: Pokeball Emblem Tutorial

Pokeball Emblem

Much like the detailed 8 Ball earlier on this list, the Pokeball emblem tutorial is quite detailed and realistic-lookng. This means you can show your love of pokemon while creaming people in Black Ops! Use your pokeball to call in your dogs; it’s super effective! The tutorial, like most youtube tutorials, will show you step by step which icons to put where and what color to make them to make the most detailed Pokeball you can. The only downside is the video is a bit lopsided, but you get the idea.

#14: James Bond Emblem Tutorial

James Bond Emblem

Smooth and suave, James Bond would be a little out of place in the Black Ops universe, where firepower and bombastic air support is the name of the game. Even so, the fantastic secret agent icon on your callsign will give your enemies pause, giving you all the time in the world to take advantage of. Use his power as your own with this Emblem, crafted after the famous intro sequence. Just follow this step by step Black Ops James Bond emblem tutorial.

#13: Hyrule Shield Emblem Tutorial

Link’s Shield

No fan of gaming hasn’t heard of the Legend of Zelda by now, and Link has two iconic items with him in every iteration; the Master Sword and his Hyrulian Shield. While a sword is easy to add to this icon, it focuses instead on the shield and it’s intricate details. Feel free to use this video as a base and make your own custom Zelda Shield Emblem, and use it’s protection to get you past enemy fire and into those higher killstreaks. Note: Emblems do not convey actual protection from in-game damage.

#12: Johnny Bravo Emblem Tutorial

Johnny Bravo Emblem

No child raised in the 90s can forget this iconic character, a man made entirely out of bravado and surly overconfidence. Johnny Bravo is an instantly recognizable face with his quirked up eyebrow, and his presence on your callsign will give you all the confidence you need to overcome any obstacle. Just follow this Johnny Bravo emblem tutorial on youtube to get his visage for your very own. Just don’t forget; overconfidence can lead to low KDR.

#11: 8-Bit Mario Emblem Tutorial

8bit Mario

A staple of the early gaming industry, we owe it all to Mario and his efforts to bring gaming into the limelight and keep it there for decades. Show your respect to this retro character by following this 8-Bit Mario emblem tutorial on youtube. Creative use of squares, rectangles, and even the digital 4 brings life to the character. Swap the colors around if you like, and you can make Luigi, Wario, or even MW2’s 8-bit Captain Price!

#10: Mortal Kombat Dragon Emblem Tutorial

Mortal Kombat Emblem

Most gamers know Mortal Kombat in some form or another, and with the new game coming out soon in a bid to bring back that old-school nostalgia, many more players are finding it fresh and inviting. Show your love of Mortal Kombat with this classic logo. Follow the Mortal Kombat emblem tutorial step by step to get a dragon going. With a few tweaks, like a red background and some more curly whiskers, this emblem would be perfect.

#9: Sub-Zero Emblem Tutorial

Sub Zero Emblem

Following the Mortal Kombat theme, why not show your love for some of the characters? Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Smoke, Noob Saibot, Chameleon, and a dozen others are all palette swaps of one another, so this emblem is really a dozen-in-one wonder! Tweak the colors to the ninja you desire, once you’ve followed the Sub-Zero Emblem Tutorial. Show off your favorite of the Mortal Kombat ninjas!

#8: Watchmen Emblem Tutorial

Watchmen Emblem

Whether you first saw it in theaters or you’ve been a fan of the graphic novel for ages, Watchmen is a solidly good production. While you could show your love in the form of a blue penis emblem, maybe you want to be classier than that. So take the second-most iconic thing about Watchmen and make an emblem out of it. Better yet, follow this tutorial for the blood-spattered smily face pin Watchmen emblem! Tweak it to your heart’s desire.

#7: Autobots Symbol Emblem Tutorial

Autobots Emblem

Transform and roll out! That’s what you’ll be doing (minus the transforming) with this emblem as your Black Ops Callsign. Use the power of Optimus Prime to crush your enemies and call in your killstreaks. Too bad there isn’t a transformer killstreak, huh? Well, use the next best thing and rock this emblem by following the Autobots Emblem Tutorial on youtube. If you’re feeling a little more evil than the Autobots would allow, there’s also a Decepticon symbol too!

#6: Thundercats Emblem Tutorial

Thundercats Emblem

One of the most instantly recognizable cartoons from the 90s by symbol alone is the Thundercats. What better symbol then to invoke nostalgia and nerd cred in Black Ops than with a Thundercats emblem? The symbol itself is quite complicated, so you’d do well to follow this Thundercats Emblem Tutorial in video form. Let the eye of Thundara give you sight beyond sight to kill all those pesky campers around corners.

#5: Xbox Red Ring Emblem Tutorial

Red Ring Emblem

For some of you out there, this emblem would be the only reason you aren’t playing Call of Duty right now. For others, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Some of you have seen it before, others just hope you won’t. Regardless, all of you know it by now, the symbol is instantly recognizable. The Red Ring of Death is the Xbox’s version of Microsoft’s famous Blue Screen of Death, and signals the end of the first life of an Xbox. Use this Red Ring Emblem Tutorial to build an emblem custom-made to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!

#4: Dapper Jack Skellington Emblem Tutorial

Jack Skellington Emblem

Jack Skellington himself is an iconic individual from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and fans of that movie are everywhere. Roll out with this slightly-sinister emblem to make (or break) new friends in your game mode of choice. This Jack Skellington tutorial gives you the smirking Jack with a top hat, but you can easily find a more chipper version of everyone’s favorite skeleton with a simple search.

#3: Superman Logo Emblem Tutorial

Superman Emblem

Let the Man of Steel show you the way to your enemies, and get him out of the way before he stops you from shooting them dead. The Superman logo is as iconic as you can get, and is instantly recognizable all around the world. Yet it’s surpringly difficult to replicate, with the precise swirl of the S and the places it touches its border. Follow this Superman Logo emblem tutorial precisely to get a perfectly engineered logo for your very own. Be sure to check out this guy’s other tutorials too, they’re all amazing.

#2: Batman: Animated Series Emblem Tutorial

Batman Animated Series Emblem

Batman is a huge and wonderful thing, and a dozen different version of the Bat symbol all have tutorials on youtube. Why not go for something a little more iconic anda little less commong? This version of Batman is his famous silhouette from the opening of Batman: The Animated Series. Strike fear into the hearts of campers once you’ve followed this Batman Animated Series Emblem Tutorial. It may be a little complicated to get right but once you do it looks glorious.

#1: Connection Interrupted Emblem Tutorial

Connection Interrupted Emblem

There you are; a KDR of 35-3 in Havana, stomping the enemy team with your Chopper Gunner, Dogs, and whatever else. It’s the game of the year, an all-star performance, a team working in perfect harmony. Or, maybe it’s that most close-fought game of Domination, a final score of 199-200, perfectly matched. It’s that clutch moment of search with the final kill made by a lucky tomahawk. It’s that one 360 no-scope you managed to pull off out of the last 500 attempts. You’re all set to record it when… Connection Interrupted! Want to troll your fellow players with the hate? Follow this Connection Interrupted Emblem tutorial and show them how much you care.

Conclusion and Credits

So there you have it! 20 Amazing Black Ops Emblems ripe for the picking, with tutorials just a click away! The creativity that the community shows making these emblems is astounding. Don’t see your favorite emblem? Tell me in the comments! Think my choices are wrong? Let me know! Link me to your favorite emblem tutorials and maybe they’ll make it into the next article!

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