Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Best Perks

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Best Perks
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One of the most crucial decisions a player can make in Call of Duty: Black Ops’ multiplayer mode is which perks to equip before jumping into battle. Each perk has its pros and cons, and deciding which to choose can depend on both playstyle and personal preference.

For the player interested in efficiency and maximizing his or her kill/death ratio, it makes sense to pick Black Ops perks that help the player stay alive as long as possible. Ghost, Sleight of Hand, and Hacker (and their pro versions) are three perks that can and will improve your overall performance in the game’s various multiplayer modes.

Ghost/Ghost Pro

Best Black Ops Perks Ghost Pro

Smart Black Ops players make extensive use of their mini map to locate incoming enemies and sniff out opponents who have concealed themselves near objectives. It stands to reason, then, that making yourself invisible on the mini map should give you a distinct advantage over unsuspecting opponents.

This is where Ghost comes in. Using this perk, you’ll be invisible to enemy spy planes. You know how sometimes enemies seem to know where you’ll be, even if they haven’t seen you? Ghost removes this advantage and gives you the upper hand.

As effective as Ghost is, Ghost Pro is even more so. Using the upgraded version of the perk, you’ll not only be invisible to spy planes, but enemy air support, sentry guns, and IR scopes as well. When using Ghost Pro you can stand right out in the open and take shots at enemy helicopters without fear of being targeted yourself (watch out for enemy players, though).

Black Ops Helicopter Killstreak

Another useful benefit of Ghost Pro is the fact that no red name appears over your head when enemy players target you. Now, you’ll be able to hide in dark corners and amongst foliage without fear of floating text giving away your position, which makes covering objectives and setting up ambushes much more effective.

The major advantage of this perk and its upgraded version is that they eliminate one of the most annoying sources of deaths, air support, and grant you the advantage of concealment. Both of which work together to keep you alive longer and keep your killstreaks going, thus increasing your overall effectiveness.

Page two has the rest of our perk recommendations, including a pair that can keep you from being killed while reloading and enable you to avoid enemy claymores without fail.

Sleight of Hand/Sleight of Hand Pro

Best Black Ops Perks Sleight of Hand Pro

Who among us hasn’t found themselves face to face with an enemy player in the middle of a reload? These situations almost always end the same way: you find yourself watching a kill cam replay while your opponent dances on your lifeless corpse.

Sleight of Hand levels the playing field a bit, increasing your reload speed approximately 100%. Now, you can reload most SMGs almost instantly and assault rifles only slightly slower. Utilizing this perk practically eliminates one of the most frequent (and most annoying) causes of death in Black Ops, dying while reloading.

Sleight of Hand Pro takes the huge advantage offered by Sleight of Hand and takes it a step further, also increasing the speed at which you aim down the sights when you press the LT or L2 button. Now you can acquire targets as quickly as possible and get those bullets headed toward your opponent before they even know what hit them. In Black Ops multiplayer, he who shoots first is usually the victor. Use Sleight of Hand Pro and make sure that person is you.

Hacker/Hacker Pro

Best Black Ops Perks Hacker Pro

If dying while reloading and getting killed by air support are the two most annoying and frequent ways to die in Black Ops, then getting killed by a claymore as you round a corner has got to be a close third. Fortunately, the Hacker perk not only allows you to see claymores, but also shows you the location of enemy jammers, C4 charges, SAM turrets, and more. Basically any type of enemy deployable shows up as a red outline that you can detect through walls.

No more sneaking up on a sniper only to be obliterated by his hidden explosive. Now, you can get the drop on well-hidden enemy shooters by locating their equipment. Where you find a claymore, an enemy is usually not far beyond.

Hacker Pro takes the advantage of hacker and transforms it into one of the most amusing perks in the game. With Hacker Pro, not only can you see enemy deployables, but you can sneak up and hack them, making them function for your team. Enemies have a sentry gun covering a valuable position? Sneak up behind it, hack it, and now your team has the objective covered. Same thing goes for motion sensors, SAM turrets, claymores, and more. Hacker Pro also makes you invisible to motion sensors, enabling you to hack them without fear of detection.

Using these three perks helps you eliminate the most frequent (and most annoying) methods of death from your opponents’ Call of Duty: Black Ops repertoire. Now that you don’t have to fear air support and enemy equipment, deaths while reloading, or showing up on your opponents’ mini map, you can concentrate on your primary objective: taking out as many enemies as humanly possible, racking up the killstreaks, and making them wish they’d chosen a perk setup as effective as yours.

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All screenshots and references from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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