Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
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The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops is perhaps the most addicting the series has ever had to offer. Even after putting in countless hours and achieving multiple levels of prestige, even the best players are constantly looking for an additional edge, a way to increase their kill/death ratio and constantly top the in-game leaderboard.

After playing for several months now, our experts here at Bright Hub have compiled some of their favorite tips and tricks for gaining that edge over your opponents. Some of these tips may seem obvious enough to seasoned players, but there’s bound to be something on the list that can improve your game, regardless of your rank or skill level.

Use Your Mini Map

Black Ops Multiplayer Berlin Wall

This may seem like a pretty obvious thing to say, but I know there are many people out there who don’t take advantage of everything their in-game mini map has to offer.

When your team has a spy plane up, you can use the mini map to track the movement of any enemy player who isn’t using the Ghost perk. You can also use it to spot enemies who are firing unsuppressed nearby, with or without a spy plane in the air.

It’s best to play with one eye on your screen and another on your mini map. Using it correctly and effectively means you have advance warning of most enemies as they advance on your position and you can quickly locate enemies that are firing on your teammates (or you) nearby.

You can also press the start button while you’re in a match to bring up a full map of the battle area. Use this to track enemies that are far away and communicate to your teammates where they’re headed. You can’t fight with the map up, so I recommend hiding first, but with a spy plane in the air this map can be an invaluable source of recon.

Use the Edges of the Map

Black Ops Multiplayer Domination Kowloon

The center of the map, especially in objective-based modes like Domination and Headquarters, is a merciless meat grinder. Those who run through are basically asking to be shot at from all sides and killed before they can accomplish anything positive for their team.

Covering the middle of the map, as a lot of top players know, is a great way to get a ton of kills, taking out those who fail to heed the advice in the first paragraph of this section. If you need to get from one side of the map to another, and you’d like to arrive alive, your best bet is to move around the edges of the map. Out here, chances are there’s only one way for an enemy to come at you, and you can pay attention to that approach as you move. In the center of the map, there are just too many potential hiding spots and approaches to cover.

Move around the outside, stay alive, and take or defend that position you’re headed for, rather than dying before you’re halfway there.

Avoid Obvious Positions

Black Ops Multiplayer Stadium

This tip is mostly for objective-based gametypes. When you’re playing Headquarters or Domination, defending a position by standing on it is simply a bad idea. Most objectives have multiple approaches, and even with a well-placed claymore you’re only going to be able to cover two at maximum.

Instead, take up a position overlooking the entrance to the building that contains the objective or the objective itself. Position C in the Berlin Wall map is a good example of this. Smart players cover it from the building across the street, rather than by standing directly on the objective. This way, even cautious players will conclude the area is clear and rush into the objective, allowing you to pick them off with relative ease.

Yes, there are those who will frown on camping like this, but in objective-based modes it’s pretty much the name of the game.

Find a place where players will run past you to get to the objective and you’ll rack up a massive amount of kills taking out players so focused on the objective that they fail to watch their surroundings.

Don’t Rush

Black Ops Multiplayer Summit

Which leads me to tip number four: don’t rush in without looking around first. Players who continually run headlong for objectives or to the place where a teammate has just died typically end up becoming a similar icon themselves.

Keep your eyes open, move slowly, check out popular hiding spots before moving in to capture an objective. Aim down the sights and cover corners as you move through a building. Yes, it slows you down, but it’s still much faster than dying and having to run all the way back.

Don’t forget to stop and take a deep breath if you find yourself getting frustrated. Getting angry and rushing back to the spot where you just died almost always ends with you watching a kill cam. Take your time, find a smart way to approach and you’ll end up getting the drop on your enemy, rather than ceaselessly rushing to be slaughtered repeatedly.

Know the Map

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

Again, this seems obvious, but I’m still discovering places where I can jump up and get behind unsuspecting enemies, even in the original maps. No position is unassailable. The upstairs cargo container on Firing Range, for example, has three possible approaches. The most obvious, the staircase, is the only one most players bother to cover. It’s incredibly easy to get the drop on someone camping up there by using the stack of tires or the nearby fence outside.

Knowing the map allows you to get into oft-overlooked places like the tower and catwalk on Summit. People aren’t used to checking these areas as they move around the map, and you can get a lot of kills as they run right past you.

Take the time to get to know the maps well. Start a local match and just explore, jumping onto anything and everything you see. Getting into an out of the way place can lead to massive amounts of kills, and knowing how to get to people hiding in one can greatly relieve the frustration for you and the rest of your team.

Even the best Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer players know that they can always find a way to improve their game. These tips can help players of any level, from noob to guru, to improve their kill/death ratio and maximize their effectiveness. No matter what gametype you prefer, these five tips will keep you alive longer and ensure you’re taking out as many enemies as possible.

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