Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide for Kino Der Toten

Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide for Kino Der Toten
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The Early Rounds - Group Play

The theater lobby is a mostly square room with two floors. Two windows for zombies to flood through are behind the players, and two more are in front. Of the latter two, one is upstairs and the other is underneath the upper landing. The best strategy for the early rounds can be achieved when there are four players in the match. However, circumstances are not always ideal so this Black Ops zombie survival guide will cover both as a single player and with two or more.

In the first round, a zombie can withstand six body shots from the starting pistol before a seventh will put them down for good. For all those looking to hoard points while defeating the horde, this information is vital. A headshot will disrupt this and make them likely to go down sooner.

Tips for Storing Points in Early Rounds

If you feel confident, you can let the zombies in through their windows and strategically place shots that will carry through multiple zombies. This will allow the player to collect more points and in doing so be able to advance through the doors faster.

Another trick for storing points is to use the melee attack to kill a zombie whenever possible. This is easy in the first round, for it only takes one knife at any point to kill the zombie, but as the rounds continue, it will become more difficult and less feasible. So here’s where I’ll let you in on the biggest secret for surviving Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode: Be Vigilant. Watch your back and you will live longer than you might expect.

Map of Kino Der Toten

With teammates at your back, this will be less of an issue early on. Divide the four starting windows in a way that is balanced for all players, but make sure it is clear to your teammates who is responsible for each window. Teamwork becomes key to victory. With two to four players, you should be able to hold out in the lobby until round five or six when the Hell Hounds appear for the first time. They take three melee hits to kill, or one Olympia shot.

I’ve found it is possible to live past the Hell Hounds without purchasing a weapon, but the Olympia or the M14 are both good options when you are in need. After the Hell Hound round, you should have enough money stored to make it all the way to the Theater via the upstairs door. The reason this Black Ops zombie guide recommends taking the top route is for the Stakeout shotgun that can be found in this room for 1500 points. It is a six-shot pump action shotgun, and more than capable of killing a zombie in a single shot at close range. It is a powerful tool for surviving extra rounds and will serve you well if utilized properly.

The Early Rounds - Solo Play

When playing by your lonesome self, it is recommended that you buy one of the two weapons in the starting room. This is either the Olympia shotgun, or the M14 rifle. The M14 in most circumstances will give you a better chance of surviving. Also, do not forget to buy the Quick Revive as it is only 500 points and will be of the utmost importance to extend your life in Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode.

Hold out in the lobby for as long as you feel you are able in these early rounds, and then open the upstairs door for 750 points. This will let you into a pair of square rooms. The first one is a good choke point for zombies, but dangerous as they can come from behind you. If you are able, make your way through the next door and into the room with the Speed Cola machine, which is the Foyer.

Zombie and Smoker

When you get to this room, you should purchase the Stakeout as recommended for the group run through, as well. At this point, the player should make their way into the main Theater if they are able to, and begin the process of hoarding points. If you do not have enough points to make it to the Theater, I would recommend working closer to it slowly, killing as many zombies as you can while backing toward it.

You’ll pass through the Dressing Room on your way, and while the MP5K (located on the left wall) is good in a pinch, I would not recommend it for any length of the fight. The final door to the Theater will cost an additional 1250, but you should be able to make it through without hassle.

The Pre-Power Rounds

At this point in the Black Ops zombie survival guide, whether you are playing alone or with a group, you should be in the theater. The theater is laid out as a long rectangle with two large wooden structures blocking off part of the middle section. A curtain to the left as you walk in will open when the power is activated, but it is best to hold out in the theater for a few more rounds before doing so. In part, this is because when the power is turned on, it will bring the new type of zombies, the smoker. I’ll talk about it once we’ve turned the power on.


There are claymores at the far end of the Theater next to the window for 1000 points. These little placement mines are very handy, but are critical for the lone gunman. Place a pair at the window so they go off one at a time and then cover the door you came through and the front window. Make sure to listen and watch for them to go off, because that’s your early warning for zombies behind.

With a full group, place one person at each window and the other two at the door. If you only have three, just remove the extra at the door, but make sure the person at the front window is extra vigilant. Lastly, if it’s just two, the claymore strategy can come in handy for one person to cover both windows and the other to cover the door.

The goal of this set up is to rack up around 7500 points per player. If you’re alone, this may not always be possible before you have to turn on the power, so don’t be afraid to do just that. Remember, the goal is survival. On the last page of this Black Ops zombie survival guide, I’ll tell you how to best spend these points you’ve just worked so hard to save up.

Post Power Pack-a-Punch

Now that the power is on, the curtains will open… only to reveal the less than pleasant mug of the smoker zombie. They crawl on all fours, trailing nova gas as they do. If they’re killed with anything other than the ray gun or a knife, they will explode in a damaging and disorienting haze of nova gas. This will slow the player, but might also kill other zombies, if you’re lucky. It’s best to kill them and stand far away, though.

As soon as you turn on the power, make your way to the main part of the teleporter, directly on your right as you walk off the front of the stage. After doing this, dash up the center to the Jugger-Nug machine. This will cost the player 2500 points, and should leave them with at least 5000. Continue up the stairs next to Jug and activate the second half of the teleporter. The final dash back to the teleporter can be dicey at times, but if you hurried, you should be able to make it. If not, don’t be afraid to take the same steps as found earlier in this Black Ops zombie guide to work back around to the Theater.

Zombie Trap

Once you take the teleporter, you’ll find yourself in the Pack-a-Punch Room. At the back of the room is a machine that will increase the power of your weapon for 5000 points. The stakeout is a decent gun to use this on, as it is relatively powerful, and will also increase the ammo amount from six to ten as well as increase the reload speed some.

The M14 is not a very good gun to Pack-a-Punch, because it doesn’t increase very much in power despite shooting lasers after the process. The starting pistol becomes two guns, Mustang & Sally, and shoots grenades. This is quite powerful, and good upgrade, but the player must be careful of the splash damage. If fired too close, the player will take damage as well, and this can be damning at a critical time.

After your weapon is Pack-a-Punched, you can look over the baclony and see the zombies massing below you. It is a good idea to throw grenades at them and weaken them at this point. Don’t take too long, as you will travel to an intermediate room and then back to the lobby. This will lead you to the final steps in this Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide.

The Loop

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Once you are back in the lobby, kill a few of the zombies as they make their way toward you from the middle, but don’t dally. The zombies will come in behind you and you need to move. Head up the stairs, and follow the loop that will take you back to the Theater.

Do not run, because this will make zombies behind you turn around and meet you head on, creating a dead player sandwich. While the zombies find this delicious, it is unlikely that you will. So walk without any relative haste, and let calm win the day. Kill the zombies that are trailing, but do not forget the ones out front either.

Just keep walking this loop while you kill them. The right pace will keep them off your back, and give the teleporter time to cool down. Reset the teleporter, and you are good to do this as many times as you need to stay alive and reach farther and farther rounds. That concludes this Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode survival guide. Come back for updates as new strategies are developed and fine tuned.

Final Tips

  • The Mystery Box is a wonderful tool, costing 950 points and giving you a random weapon.
  • There is a board with the location of the Mystery Box in every room. It will only show the location once the power has been turned on.
  • Light Machine guns are good, the Ray Gun and the Thunder Gun are better.
  • Regular Machine guns aren’t bad either.
  • The Ballistic Knife has its uses, especially Pack-A-Punched as it can be used to revive downed teammates.
  • Nuclear Warheads are great for clearing all zombies on the map, but can leave you stranded if the Teleporter hasn’t cooled down yet.
  • Insta-Kill, 2X score and the other powerups are useful, but not worth dying over. Leave them if you have to.
  • There are traps along the loop. Use them well, but don’t linger too long at one either.
  • Have fun!


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