Call of Duty's Black Ops Thunder Gun

Call of Duty's Black Ops Thunder Gun
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Call of Duty Black Ops : Thunder Gun

The Thunder Gun in Black Ops is a very strong power weapon, this unique weapon shoots out powerful blasts of sound which knocks enemies far and wide, instantly killing enemies and sometimes separating their limbs. The Gun has 2 rounds in each magazine and has 6 reserve magazines with it, this gun can only reload once you drain the magazine and not before. This gun is found in Zombie mode too but it is not as effective because while it does kill the enemies you shoot directly there will always be some Zombies who just get flung back and become momentarily stunned.

The Thunder Gun on Zombie mode, unlike campaign, can be upgraded to a much more powerful Zeus Cannon which is stronger and has two times the ammunition capacity. The Zeus Cannon fires with an even bigger blast of wind killing everything in its path and knocking the surviving Zombies almost twice as far as the regular Thunder Gun and can separate limbs too. You can upgrade the Thunder Gun to Zeus Cannon by using Pack-a-Punch! Upgrade.

Thunder Gun Guide

Thunder Gun

Getting the Thunder Gun in Call of Duty Black Ops campaign involves a lot of trial and error; some people will be able to do it straight away on their first try while others will have trouble on their first or second try. The Thunder gun can be obtained on the seventh mission, ‘Numbers’. To get the Thunder gun follow these 8 steps;

  1. Load up the seventh mission and complete the first interactive cut scene.
  2. When the soldiers burst into the room throw a flash bang towards the area they come from.
  3. Shoot or throw a grenade on the six white boilers before the soldiers do. The boilers are around and near the breached wall.
  4. Once you shoot the six boilers you have limited time to run back past the ladder to a spare room. In this room there is a piece Intel and a tape recorder, pressing the action button will make the tape recorder will open and you will take out the tape inside.
  5. Once you have the tape, run towards the ladder before you get killed by Nova 6.
  6. When you climb up the ladder continue the level normally until you reach the first weapons cache.
  7. Once inside the weapons cache directly to your left will be another tape recorder, pressing the action button will open it up and put the tape inside. A few seconds after the tape has been inserted the Thunder Gun will spawn right in front of you on the wall.
  8. Swap it for any of your weapons and enjoy flinging enemies away!

Note: If you swap the Thunder Gun for another weapon you might trigger the glitch that makes it completely unusable.

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