Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops Trophy Guide

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops Trophy Guide
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Why Do You Need This Guide?

Players reading this article might wonder why they need a guide to tell them how to achieve the different black ops trophies available. The simple fact is that some of the actions required to earn these trophies in game will never be carried out in a regular game - the player must set out with the intent to be award the trophy in question.

Of course, on completion of the guide, you get a shiny platinum trophy to show off to your friends.

  • Platinum (Platinum) Awarded upon receiving every trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Single Player Black Ops Trophies

Many of the trophies in Black Ops can be gained through playing through the single player campaign. Some are awarded simply for completing missions, but others are awarded for achieving certain feets while playing through the game. The following list of black ops trophies is organised by mission.

Operation 40

  • Death to Dictators (Bronze) - Kill Fidel Castro with a headshot. This trophy is fairly easy to carry out.
  • Sacrifice (Bronze) Award upon completing the mission Operation 40.


  • Vehicular Slaughter (Silver) Take down all of the motorcycles and trucks during the prison breakout.
  • Slingshot Kid (Bronze) Take down all three targets in three shots. This one can be a bit tricky, and might take a few attempts.
  • Give me liberty, or give me death (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission Vorkuta.
  • VIP (Bronze) Recieved automatically between Vorkuta and Executive Order.

Executive Order

  • A safer place (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission Executive Order.


  • Tough Economy (Bronze) Destroy the tanks during the siege of Khe Sanh with less than 6 TOW Missiles. This one is fairly straight forward, but players have to keep in mind that the missiles will dip in the air over long distances.
  • Looks don’t count (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission S.O.G.

The Defector

  • Raining Pain (Bronze) Kill 20 NVA using air support.
  • The Dragon Within (Bronze) Kill 10 NVA with the Dragon’s Breath. The gun in question is a SPAS-12 you receive, which contains incendiary rounds.
  • S.O.G. Rules (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission The Defector.


  • Double Trouble (Bronze) Finish the level using only duel-wield weapons. This one can be tricky, with many of the enemies being far away, and completing the level on lower difficulties is probably the best course of action.
  • Broken English (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission Numbers.

More Single Player Trophies - Call of Duty: Black Ops Trophy Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trophy Guide

Project Nova

  • Some wounds never heal (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission Project Nova.

Victor Charlie

  • Heavy Hand (Bronze) Use the grim reaper launcher to destroy the machine gun emplacement.
  • Up close and personal (Bronze) At the part of the level where you only have your knife, take out the sleeping and eating VCs.

Crash Site

  • Lord Nelson (Silver) This is a tricky one. There are approximately 15 buildings to destroy as you go down the river in the boat. Fire about 20 missiles at each one and you should make short work of this trophy.
  • Never get off the boat (Bronze) Awarded upon completing the mission Crash Site.


  • Pathfinder (Bronze) At the beginning of the level, you will be on board a plane, guiding a squad by computer. Guide them through the base without getting them killed to earn this trophy
  • Mr. Black OP (Silver) Enter the Soviet base without being detected to earn this one.


  • With extreme prejudice (Silver) When you’re in the hind helicopter, only use rockets.
  • Russia bar-b-q (Bronze) Kill 10 enemies using the flamethrower.


  • I hate monkeys (Bronze) Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the labs.
  • No Leaks (Silver) Survive the gas sequence in this mission without dying.
  • Clarity (Bronze) Awarded at the end of the mini-mission between this mission and the next one.


  • Double Whammy (Bronze) Take out two helicopters with a single Valkyrie rocket. This one can be a little tricky, but exploding the rocket between the two choppers should make light work of them.
  • Stand Down (Silver) Awarded upon completing the game.

For difficulty-specific trophies, multiplayer and zombies black ops trophies, see the next page.

Difficulty-Specific Trophies for Black Ops

Trophies for Black Ops

By playing through the game through a second time on Veteran difficulty, there is a second set of trophies to be gained. The key to succeeding in this second play through is to, above all else, be patient. There will be many times where the amount of enemies coming at the player will seem a little overwhelming, but the key is to continue forward, and not be bogged down.

Hardened/Veteran Trophies for Black Ops

  • Cold Warrior (Silver) Complete Operation 40, Vorkuta and Executive Order on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Down and Dirty (Silver) Complete S.O.G. and The Defector on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Light Foot (Silver) Get off the ship in Project Nova in less than 2 minutes 15 seconds. This one can be pretty difficult, but make sure to kill all of the enemies before planting the bombs.
  • It’s your funeral (Silver) Complete Numbers, Project Nova and Victor Charlie on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Not Today (Silver) Complete Crash Site, WMD and Payback on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Burn Notice (Silver) Complete Rebirth and Redemption on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Black Ops Master (Gold) The only gold trophy in the game. Awarded for completing the Black Ops Campaign on Hardened or Veteran.

Trophies for Black Ops that can be Done Any Time

There are a number of trophies that can be done during the campaign at any moment. They are as follows:

  • Unconventional warfare (Bronze) Kill 30 Enemies with the explosive crossbow during the length of the campaign.
  • Frag Master (Bronze) Kill 5 Enemies with a single frag grenade.
  • Sally likes blood (Bronze) Kill 3 enemies with a single bullet.

Bonus Trophies for Black Ops

There are a number of trophies which can be achieved through completing tasks which are either associated with a few of the bonus minigames, as well as by completing actions in the main menu level.

  • Just ask me nicely (Bronze) Break out of the torture chair by pressing R2 and L2 rapidly.
  • Insert Coin (Bronze) After leaving the torture chair, go to the computer terminal and type ‘DOA’, to start Dead Ops Arcade, a minigame.
  • Easy Rhino (Silver) Use a speed boost to destroy twenty enemies at once.
  • Eaten by a Grue (Bronze) Type ‘Zork’ into the terminal to start a text-based game.

Multiplayer and Zombies Trophies for Black Ops

Trophies for Black Ops

There are also a number of trophies for the multiplayer and zombie modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops. They are as follows:

  • Date Night (Bronze) Watch a recorded film or video clip with a friend.
  • In the Money (Bronze) Finish five wager matches in the money, which means being in the top three.
  • Ready for deployment (Bronze) Reach level 10 in combat training.
  • The Collector (Silver) Buy every weapon off the wall in a single game of zombies.
  • Hands off the merchandise (Bronze) In the pentagon level of zombies, there will be a stage where a thief comes after you, sometime around around round 7 or 8.
  • Sacrificial lamb (Bronze) Have a friend shoot you with the pack-a-punch crossbow, and kill six zombies in the resulting explosion.
  • See me, Stab Me, Heal Me (Bronze) Shoot a friend with a pack-a-punch knife to revive them.

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