Call of Duty Black Ops Guide to Weapons and More

Call of Duty Black Ops Guide to Weapons and More
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Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons Guide

In this second part of Bright Hub’s Black Op

s guide, we cover weapons. Obviously essential to combat, your weapon does a lot to determine your playstyle. Whether you choose the faster-moving faster-firing SMGs, or the slow-moving high-power LMGs, or split the difference with the assault rifles, it all makes a difference. Even your secondary matters; do you go in for a launcher to help take out air support, or do you run with the ballistic knife for some in-your-face stabbing action?

Well, before you spend your hard-earned COD Bucks on something you’re not even sure you’ll like, be sure to research your choices in this Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons Guide. Each section over the next few pages will cover the primary weapons, secondary weapons, grenades and equipment. But first, we’ll take a look at attachments and customization.

Weapon Attachments and Customization

Almost as important as your choice in gun is the choice of the attachments you put on it. Every attachment costs COD Bucks to buy, for each weapon; you want to buy a silencer for two guns, you have to buy it twice. Thankfully, once you buy it, it’s yours until you decide to prestige. Never going to prestige? Go hog-wild with your purchases.

Each attachment cost


s a certain amount of COD Bucks, spread into six tiers.

  • 250: Upgraded Iron Sights
  • 500: Snub Nose
  • 750: Speed Reloader
  • 1,000: Extended Mags, Dual Mags, ACOG Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Masterkey Shotgun, Flamethrower, Foregrip
  • 2,000: Infrared Scope, Suppressor, Variable Zoom
  • 3,000: M203 Grenade Launcher

Some of these attachments are just for secondaries, like the Upgraded Irons and the Snub Nose. The rest are for various primary weapons, with the Assault Rifles getting the most variety. For a more detailed look at each gun and attachment, check out this guide.

Customization is only available for primary weapons. At level 16 you can paint your emblem on your gun, and at level 19 you can etch your clan tag into it as well. At level 22 you unlock gun cameos. At level 25 you can change the color a


nd shape of your lense dot. At level 28 you can change the lense color itself. The costs are:

  • Gun Camo Colors: 250 each. Gold camo unlocks at Prestige 14.
  • Dot Sight Shapes: 500 each.
  • Dot Sight Colors: 250 each.
  • Sight Lense Colors: 500 each.
  • Emblem and Clan Tag: 1,000 each.

Black Ops Weapons List: SMGs

In the first part of the actual Call of Duty Black Ops weapons list, we have the primary weapons the SMGs. SMGs are fast-moving guns that fire quickly and have a limited supply of bullets. They’re mostly for players who love to be mobile, who can’t stand to sit in one place to camp. Every SMG costs 2,000 COD Bucks to purchase except the MP5K which is automatically unlocked. You have to buy all of them to unlock the classified Kiparis.


The MP5K is unlocked at level 1 and is part of the default SMG class. It’s effective at close range but has a high damage drop at medium range.

The Skorpion is unlocked at level 7. It has the highest damage of any SMG, but drops off significantly beyond very close range.

The MAC11 is unlocked at level 11. It has a high fire rate, but all around lower damage.

The AK74u comes at level 17. It has a decent damage level, similar to the MP5K, but with a decet clip size and high recoil. It’s almost more of an assault rifle.

The Uzi is unlocked at level 23. Like the MAC11, it has high recoil, low damage, and a high rate of fire.

The PM63 unlocks at level 29. It has a high rate of fire, the same standard low damage of SMGs, and a reasonably low recoil.


The MPL comes next at level 35. Low damage, high recoil, high rate of fire, it’s standard for SMGs.

The Spectre is the last non-classified SMG, unlocked at level 41. It’s almost identical to the MPL only a lower recoil.

The Kiparis is the final SMG in Black Ops, and is Classified until you have purchased all of the others. Only then can you purchase it. It has the lowest recoil of any SMG.

Black Ops Weapons List: Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the standard gun. Not as mobile as SMGs, not as powerful as LMGs, not as long-ranged as Snipers, they’re average in every regard. This does mean that you’ll hardly ever go wrong with choosing an assault rifle. Obviously though, not all rifles are created equal. Most are automatic, while some are semi-auto or burst fire. Some have higher power or recoil than others. The M16 comes unlocked for you, while you have to buy every other gun to unlock the G11.


The M16 is the first assault rifle in the game, one you start with. It fires a three-round burst and has a decently high damage rating, which only drops off at long range.

The Enfield is unlocked at level 6. It has lower damage and more recoil than the M16, but is the first full-auto rifle you can buy.

The M14 is unlocked at level 9. It’s semi-auto, one shot at a time, but it makes up for that by having easily controllable recoil and high damage, higher than the M16s.

The Famas Is unlocked at level 14. Essentially the Enfield but better, the Famas has lower recoil and about the same damage.


The Galil Is unlocked at level 20. It has the same damage as the Famas, but less recoil, and is a solid Assault Rifle to use early in your career.

The AUG Is unlocked at level 26. It has less damage than the Galil, but more manageable recoil, as it tends to pull the same direction every shot.

The FN FAL Is unlocked at level 32. The second Semi-Auto gun, you fire one shot at a time. It has the same damage as the M14, but much less recoil, making it more deadly.

The AK47 Is unlocked at level 38. High damage, manageable recoil, the AK-47 is a Call of Duty standard for endgame.


The Commando Is unlocked at level 44. The AK-47 is great, but the Commando is identical in every way except a faster reload and weapon swap time.

The G11 is Classified and is unlocked when you buy all the other Assault Rifles. Fires in three-round bursts that kill most players, the G11 is an end-game death cannon. To make up for this, it only has two attachments: A Low Power Scope and the Variable Zoom scope.

Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons List: Shotguns

Making their return to Primary status after their stint as Secondaries in MW2, Shotguns seem to have gotten a bit of a nerf. There aren’t many of them, and while they’re powerful, they’re quite short-ranged. All shotguns are more accurate when you aim down the sights; it reduces pellet spread and makes a kill more likely and mid range. The Olympia is unlocked by default and you need to buy the other two to unlock the HS-10.


The Olympia is the default shotgun. It has two barrels that can be fired in quick succession before needing to reload.

The Stakeout is unlocked at level 8. It’s much like the SPAS-12 from MW2, with four shots, a pump-action between them, and the best range of any shotgun.

The SPAS-12 is unlocked at level 24. It has 7 shots and is semi-auto, with no pump between shots. It’s purpose is for room-clearing, and spamming shells.

The HS-10 is classified, unlocked when you purchase the other shotguns. It has four shots and is semi-auto with no action between them. It’s benefit is it’s attachment; it’s the only shotgun that can be Dual-Wielded.

Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons List: LMGs

LMGs in Black Ops are the standard weapon for covering allies and spraying bullets. They tend to have high numbers of bullets, making reloading a thing of the past. They have high power, but the trade off is their low mobility. Try playing a SMG class fora while then switch to a LMG; it feels like moving in slow motion. You start with the HK21 unlocked, and must buy the others to unlock the Stoner63.


The HK21 is the first LMG and you start with it. High recoil, but no damage drop off at range, it will kill in the same number of bullets from across the map as it would right next to you.

The RPK is unlocked at level 6. Same damage and lack of drop-off as the HK-21, the RPK has less recoil, making it an upgrade.

The M60 is unlocked at level 21. It’s the only real bullet-spam gun, with a huge box of ammo to burn through. It has a slight damage drop off at medium range.

The Stoner63 is the classified gun, unlocked when you buy the other LMGs. It’s the same damage and drop off of the HK and the RPK, but has nearly twice the rate of fire.

Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons List: Sniper Rifles

There’s not much to say about sniper rifles in Black Ops. One high-powered bullet to put somewhere really far away, attached to a high power scope. They aren’t very good in this game; no rifle will get a one-shot kill anywhere other than a headshot, and any gun gets headshot kills easily. There are also only four of them; the Dragunov is unlocked when you start, and you need to buy the other two to unlock the PSG1.


The Dragunov is the starting sniper rifle. It will one-shot a player in the upper-torso or head region, but will always 2-shot with a silencer.

The WA2000 is unlocked at level 10. It has a faster fire rate and more manageable recoil than the Dragunov, but has the same kill areas and 1-2 shots.

The L96A1 is unlocked at level 27. It’s a bolt-action rifle, so one shot at a time. In addition to one-shooting people in the head and upper torso, it will also one-shot a player in the lower torso. All areas are two-shot kills with a silencer.

The PSG1 is the Classified sniper rifle. It’s Semi-Auto again, and has the same kill areas as the first two guns, but higher recoil, making it less useful overall.

Secondary Weapons in Black Ops: Pistols

First of the array of secondary weapons, and by far the most populated, is the Pistols section. The other two, launchers and specials, have fewer between them. Pistols are a varied lot, but for the most part they’re close to mid-range weapons with a small clip. Their strength is in the fact they shoot bullets; this lets you pull them out in Second Chance, or when you’re out of bullets for your main weapon. You must buy all of the pistols to unlock the CZ75. The ASP, M1911, and Makarov are all essentially identical; the only difference is in their attachments.


The ASP has Dual Wield.

The M1911 has Upgraded Iron Sights, Extended Mags, Dual Wield, and a Silencer.

The Makarov has Upgraded Iron Sights, Extended Mags, Dual Wield, and a Silencer.

The Python is unlocked at level 18, and is a six-shot revolver. It has higher damage than the three starting pistols, but obviously less ammo and a higher recoil.

The CZ75 is classified, and unlocks when you buy the other pistols. It has the same damage as the starting pistols, but much less recoil.

Secondary Weapons in Black Ops: Launchers

Launchers are simple; they shoot high explosives and target different things. None of them have attachments, none of them are classified, and each serves a different purpose. There aren’t many in Black Ops, but they serve all their roles.


The M72 LAW is the first Launcher in the game, and you start with it unlocked. It’s the most versatile as well. You can free-fire it at players or turrets or walls, or you can lock on to aircraft. It has a slight curve, not as pronounced as the RPG, but still enough to make precision at long range slightly lacking. It’s only down side is you only get one shot, making anything harder than a Spy Plane impossible to shoot down in one life.

The RPG is unlocked at level 12. It’s free-fire only, no lock on, and has a more pronounced curve in it’s flight; it’s not accurate, it’s made for clearing areas. On the plus side, you get two shots. This can often mean the difference between success or failure in hitting your target.

The Strela-3 is unlocked at level 30, and is this game’s version of the Stinger. Two shots, aircraft lock-on only, as simple as that.

The China Lake is unlocked at level 48. It’s a grenade laucher with two shots, a nifty pump-action reload, and a quick drop time.

Secondary Weapons in Black Ops: Specials

There are only two special weapons in Black Ops, both of which have their roles. Both are unique to this Call of Duty game, and are both entertaining to use. One is for close range and the other is for long – you’ll be able to guess which is which just by looking at them.

Ballistic Knife

The Ballistic Knife - Unlocked at level 15. You get one shot and one reload unless you have Scavenger. The Ballistic knife is a spring-powered throwing knife, essentially, that flies in a straighter arc than the tomahawk does. Using it also increases the speed of your melee, almost to tactical knife levels.

The Crossbow - Unlocked at level 33. Much like the Ballistic Knife, you get one shot and one reload before you have to pull out Scavenger. Think of the crossbow as a mix between a grenade launcher and a semtex. The bolt sticks to walls, floors, and people, and explodes after a couple of seconds. You can stick a player and they only have seconds to live.

Black Ops Grenades and Equipment

In a departure from MW2, Black Ops gives your character three special slots. One for a Lethal grenade, one for a Tactical grenade, and one for a piece of Equipment. The former are thrown using the triggers or shoulder buttons, while the equipment is readied and placed using up on the D-pad.

Lethal Grenades include:


  • Frag Grenades: Explode in a radius, will bounce and roll, and have a set timer. You can cook them in your hands, but watch out; hold it too long and you’ll explode.
  • Semtex: A sticky grenade with a larger blast than the frag, with a distinctive noise and light.
  • Tomahawk: Thrown in a straight arc, this small axe is a one-hit kill on any part of the body. Known to bounce off surfaces.

Tactical Grenades include:

  • Willy Pete: White Phosphorus, does a tiny amount of damage locally and fills the area with thick white smoke.

  • Nova Gas: A yellow cloud of smoke that damages, blurs vision, and slows any enemy or the user who is not wearing Tactical Mask

  • Flashbang: A grenade that explodes in a blinding light, turning the screen white and muting sound for many seconds.

  • Concussion: Similar to the Flashbang, it doesn’t blind totally but darkens the screen, dulls sound, and severely restricts movement.

  • Decoy Grenade: When thrown, for a minute, will rattle off noises that sound like gunfire and appear as enemy dots on enemy maps.


Equipment includes:

  • Camera Spike: a placeable camera that replaces your mini-map with a view from it’s point of view.
  • C4: A pack of explosives that can be thrown and remotely detonated at a later time.
  • Tactical Insertion: A machine that marks your next spawn point, unless it’s destroyed before you die.
  • Jammer: A machine that turns enemy mini-maps to static when they’re near it’s radius; emits a machine-like noise to enemies so they can tell the difference between it and a counter-spy-plane.
  • Motion Sensor: Placable machine that emits waves in a circle and gives quick, local updates on enemy positions nearby.
  • Claymore: Placable directional explosive tripped when an enemy walks into it’s path. Can be flashed or jammed with a jammer.

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