How to Unlock Dead Ops Arcade in Call of Duty: Black Ops

How to Unlock Dead Ops Arcade in Call of Duty: Black Ops
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Black Ops Hidden Games

Did you know there is a hidden game inside of Call of Duty: Black Ops and it’s an overhead zombie shooter called Dead Ops Arcade? In order to get to it, you must first break out of the chair in the main menu, then access a nearby computer terminal. In this article, you’ll learn how to get out of the chair and earn a PS3 trophy for that simple act, then learn how to use the computer terminal to score a couple more trophies. You can even play the classic DOS game called Zork from the terminal.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade

In the main menu of the game, you find yourself strapped into a chair with a couple of screens around you. This is part of the game’s campaign mode where your character is tied down and being interrogated about his past. It’s also a room where you can earn some extra trophies very quickly.


Break Free

Your first task is to break free of the chair, which will earn you the Just Ask Me Nicely PS3 trophy. To break free, look down at your hands and then press the trigger buttons (L2 and R2) back and forth and you’ll see your hands clench and lift. It only takes a couple of times and you’ll then be able to stand up and walk around the small room.

Play Zork

The terminal is located behind the chair, so just walk up to it and press the Square button to get online. You can play around here with some DOS commands and read email or look at photos. You can also earn the Eaten by a Grue PS3 trophy by simply talking ‘zork’ at the command line and it’ll pull up the classic text-based DOS game called Zork.

Dead Ops Arcade

Once you are on the terminal, you can play Dead Ops Arcade by typing ‘doa’ at the command line. This will load up the main menu of the game and it sort of resembles an old arcade machine. Give it a few seconds to load and start pressing buttons on the controller and you’ll earn the Insert Coin PS3 trophy once the game starts. After you have unlocked the Dead Ops Arcade game, it will appear in the Zombies menu on the main game screen.

Playing Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade is an overhead action shooter type game sort of like the PS3 title Zombie Apocalypse but not quite as dark. It’s really cool that Treyarch decided to include this as a bonus because they could have easily sold it in the PlayStation Store as a $4.99 or $9.99 game download and a lot of people would have bought it just because of the Call of Duty association.

The gameplay is pretty basic where you just run around on a small map and shoot zombies until you have cleared the map, then you move on. It’s similar to a lot of the old school Nintendo games, but with PS2-like simplified graphics. There are some neat weapons and power-ups you can pick up while playing, and it is quite challenging.

There is one other PS3 trophy you can earn in Dead Ops Arcade and it’s called Easy Rhino. In order to get this one, you have to use your speed boost to kill at least 20 zombies at one time. It takes many tries, but the idea is to run around enough to get a bunch of them lined up and coming after you, then hit your speed boost at the last possible second and send them flying through the air.

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