Fixing Civilization V Errors and Crashes

Fixing Civilization V Errors and Crashes
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The Civilization series of games has a long history of being one of the best video game franchises. It also has a long history of crashes, bugs and glitches. Every version has had at least some of these problems, but there are a number of solutions that can help considerably in creating a far better gaming experience. Here are a few of the most basic things you can try in order to ensure that the game gives you a better experience.

Updating Civilization V

Assuming your computer is powerful enough to run the game the first thing that you will want to do is make certain it has been updated. Since the game requires steam you should get these updates automatically, but it is still worth checking, because if there are errors that are causing a lot of people problems they will be be fixed in the updates. To make sure your game updates you will want to right click on the game, then choose properties. The second tab on this screen is updates. There is an option to not update the game, but if this isn’t checked it should update automatically and hopefully fix your problem.

In addition to updating your game though you will also want to update your computer. New drivers can often solve a lot of the problems in a video game. This is especially true of graphics drivers as they are the most likely to be problematic for video games. Simply check the website of the video card and get the most recent update.

Finally, you will want to update directX. This is especially important for Civilization V as one of the major glitches people were running into were based on directX problems. Since the version that comes with the game is designed for it that may be worth reloading it from the disk even if you have the same version just to be certain.

Civilization V “Out of Memory” Error

civ v graphics levels

If none of the updates solve the problem the next best choice is to begin to reduce the games cost to your computer memory. One of the major crash bugs seemed to have been solved by many people by reducing the graphics on leaders. If your game is crashing the best choice is likely to reduce the graphics to minimum and then bump them up slowly. While adjusting these graphics do seem to help solve the problem for some it may not be a matter of computer power as it has happened to people with computers well over the minimums.

This can also help with the civilization “Out of Memory” error. If this doesn’t solve the problem and all you are getting is the pop up message there is another more drastic solution to this. Go to your config.ini file. Find HideOutOfVRamWarning and change it from 0 to 1. If you don’t know what this is or how to find the file then you probably shouldn’t be changing this, but if you don’t mind changing it then it might help.

Civilization V Common Errors

One of the most common errors for Civilization V is the -5009 : 0x8000ffff error. In many cases simply clearing out your temp files will solve this problem. If it doesn’t then there are more drastic things which can be done. The easiest of these is to simply reinstall the game.

Another common problem is that the opening movie can freeze for some people. This seems to happen when the game tries to move from the video to the game itself. In order to solve this go to the usersettings.ini file in the instillation folder. You will then want to search for the line SearchIntroVideo and change it from 0 to 1. This will simply stop that video from running and should help solve the problem.

If the computer is powerful enough and the graphics are set in such a way that it cannot be easily run one possibility is to manually put it into windowed mode. In order to do this you will once against want to find the instillation folder. This time look for GraphicsSettingsDX9.ini find the line that says fullscreen mode and change it from 1 to 0. You will then have to go into the game cache and remove all the .db files.

If you get crashes during the game one possibility that can help is simply to reduce the size of the map you are playing on. Larger maps require a lot more ram than others. Still, before you play only on small maps it is worth closing other programs. If you can reduce the cost of other programs on your computer memory you may overcome the crashes without having to reduce game map size.

Fixing Civilization V Game Files

civ v verify integrity of game cashe

If none of this seems to help the final possibility is simply that some of the files of the game are corrupt. Files do occasionally go bad and when they do they will make weird errors that no one else is likely to get. The best choice for this is to either reload the game from the disk, or, even easier, go into steam and find the game. Right click on it and choose properties. From there go to the local files. The third option here is to check the integrity of game cache. This will look at every file in the game and if any of them are not working correctly it will download and replace them. This will often help make the game run considerably better. It can also fix odd glitches such as missing images, missing sound files and more depending on what files were wrong.

Having Civilization V freeze, crash or even create strange errors while you are trying to nuke the Aztec empire can be a real frustration, but in most cases the errors are well known and there are simple solutions which will help you to fix them, so don’t give up yet. Find the best way to make your game work better and return to enjoying it once again.


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